Tiffany's TG Movie Guide
Updated: 14 Feb 2012

There are certainly plenty of good TG Movie Guides out there on the internet, but if you are anything like me, then you find yourself spending too much time trying to find the "good" stuff! I care nothing about "allusions" to, non-confirmed reports, or female->male (you don't need to hunt for that, just step outside your front door), and they often lack a description about what the actual TG content is. Just to be forewarned, sometimes I will have to reveal "spoilers" to inform what the TG content is.

I will only be listing ones that have male->female content and only ones that I have personally viewed, therefore they will have an accurate description and a few small frame grabs. I am also going to add my own personal "Tiffany Rating" (1 to 5 stars) based on the appearance, duration, etc of the TG content. With my very limited time, let me know if there are specific movies you would like frame-grabs for.

I am also looking for specific movies (and recommendations) from anyone who reads this and may have them to borrow, donate, trade, or sale. Of course, I gladly will return any borrowed with a free vhs->dvd conversion of the movie. Here is the list of ones I have specific interest in:

Bellifreschi (1987)
Beverly Hills Cowgirl Blues (1985) Christopher Morley
Bronk (1975) TV series Ep1.1 "Open Contract" with Christopher Morley.
Condition: Critical (1992) Christopher Morley
Destiny To Order (1989) Stephen Ouimette as novel character
Liberators (1987) Disney TV movie with Alexander Chapman as southern belle.
Improperly Dressed [Herkulesfurdoi Emlek] (1976)
Madame Sans Jane (1925)
Making Of A Male Model (1983) Christopher Morley
Man from O.R.G.Y (1970) Lynne Carter
Scream, Teen, Scream (1996) Alexis Arquette
Switch (1975) TV Series Ep1.9 "Cruise Ship Murders" Christopher Morley


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