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3 Men And A Little Lady (1990): In this sequel, Sylvia's (Nancy Travis) work increasingly takes her away from the three men who help bring up her 5 year old daughter Mary (Robin Weisman). One of the men, actor Jack Holden (Ted Danson), is having trouble finding a gig, so he agrees on doing a commercial dressed like Carmen Miranda. It's a small scene. TR:2.6

7 Faces Of Dr. Lao (1964): A mysterious circus run by a quirky Chinese man, Dr. Lao, comes to a small western town. Tony Randall plays the doctor and six other characters to include the snake-haired Lady Medusa. TR:3.5

8 1/2 Women (1999): This is a really "artsy" film where a father (John Standing) and son (Matthew Delamere) explore their sexuality by opening a brothel. One of the females, who is yearning to become more "female", is turned on by female impersonators and one night puts each of them in kabuki attire. Hey... I told you it was artsy! It's a pretty short clip though. Earlier in the film they also attend a Kabuki performance. TR:1.3
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9 Souls (2003): Japanese comedy/action/drama film. A motley crew of nine prisoners escape, steal a van, and search for a treasure revealed by a fellow convict. Towards the beginning of their adventure, the crew gets all dragged up to eat at a restaurant. Why? You might think as a disguise, but they don't attempt to hide the fact they are guys in drag. Torakichi (Yoshio Harada), the somewhat gruff leader, remains in drag quite a while after the meal and long after all the others have changed. Michiru Kaneko (Ryuhei Matsuda) is quite cute in drag and uses his disguise again when he drops in to see his brother. It's a rather bizarre movie that doesn't quite fit together right. TR:4.0

10 Attitudes (2001): Josh (Jason Stuart) is a gay man who is looking for love via a dating marathon. Although this movie is a train wreck, I totally missed dating attitude #10's date (Maximilliana). She had me totally fooled and scratching my head why I watched this movie when, by chance, I glanced at the credits and saw her name. Totally natural look and a good voice... you'll just want to fast forward to her part. TR:3.9

20 Centimeters (2005): Narcoleptic transsexual Marieta (Monica Cervera) is saving for her sex-change and dreams up elaborate musical numbers in which she's the star. It appears that the star and every other transsexual in the movie is a female... hmmm... what's up with that? TR:n/a

24 Hour Woman (1999): Cute movie about Rosie Perez juggling a career and a family. She works for a morning television show and her boyfriend, Eddie (Deigo Serrano), is the anchor. At one point, they have a reversal theme show where the whole staff comes in crossdressed, to include the backstage and camera operators! Deigo appears in a red business skirt suit... and looks pretty good! TR:3.9
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40-Year-Old Virgin (2005): Andy (Steve Carell) works at a Tech Store (ala Circuit City), collects vintage toys, and plays video games. When his friends at the store find out he is 40 years old and still a virgin, they make it their mission to get him laid. In a classic move, the set him up with a prostitute (Jazzmun) who turns out to be a transvestite. Check out the deleted scenes for the extended version with Jazzmun. This is a really funny movie and a cute love story to boot. I highly recommend. TR:3.5

50 First Dates (2004): You're not missing much when Ula (Rob Schneider) dresses up in coconuts and a wig to play the part of Henry's (Adam Sandler) girlfriend in a re-enactment video. TR:1.0

100 Girls (2000): Jonathan Tucker stars in this "Teen" movie. In order to relate (and confide) in the girls around him, he finds it easier to portray one (and he looks quite cute in drag). The initial dressing scene is fun when he is trying on a bra and skirt and enjoying it! TR:4.7
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2001: A Space Travesty (2000): You're not missing much when Pasquale (Ezio Greggio) does a quick change into a woman (about a second long). I usually don't mention things this short, but thought it only fair I warn everyone how bad this movie is... I think it was supposed to be comedy, but it didn't seem to contain anything funny. This film really *is* a travesty. TR:0.2

Abroad With Two Yanks (1944): Two American G.I.'s (William Bendix, Dennis O'Keefe) fight for the affections of the same woman (Helen Walker), but they are confined to the army base. They find a chance to sneak away when they sign up for the "Marine Follies" as Chorus Girls. They spend the last 20 minutes of the movie running around in evening gowns! TR:4.4
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Adam & Eve (2005): You're not missing much when a guy is seen at a college party wearing a red dress... only a few seconds and no wig, makeup, etc. TR:0.4

Adam & Steve (2005): Adam (Craig Chester) had a bad relationship experience in his younger Goth days, but falls in love again when he meets Steve (Malcolm Gets). At one point they get dressed up as cowboys and try some gay two-stepping with music provided by drag queen Jackie Beat (Kent Fuher) wearing a cute gingham dress. Deleted scenes include Jackie Beat playing fugly "Rebecca" who is attending a help group and whining about troubles with her boyfriend. TR:2.6

Addams Family Values (1993): The Addams family have a new baby and its a boy (he has a mustache). Wednesday (Christina Ricci) and Pugsley (Jimmy Workman) want to guillotine the new baby so they dress him up like Marie Antoinette. The baby is played by female twins Kaitlyn/Kristen Hooper. Charles Busch also makes a brief appearance as Countess Aphasia at the wedding party. BTW, I just *love* the outfits that Debbie (Joan Cusack) gets to wear... and wow, she should stick with the blonde hair! TR:2.0

Adventures of Huck Finn (1993): True (but watered down) to the novel, Huck (Elijah Wood) uses the disguise of a girl to get some information, food, and other items for his raft trip with Jim. Where else do you get to see Frodo Baggins in drag? TR:2.3

Adventures of Sebastian Cole (1998): A directionless youth, Sebastian (Adrian Grenier), tries to experience life while living with his transsexual stepfather, Hank (Clark Gregg), who is now living as Henrietta. I think you will agree, Henrietta needs a few sessions with a vocal coach. TR:3.6
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Aerosmith: Big Ones You Can Look At (1994): Stories and scenerios setup this video collection. Including backstage and full video "Living On The Edge" featuring a sexy substitute school teacher (David Shawn Michaels). "Dude Looks Like A Lady" video has two brief glimpses of Steven Tyler in drag and a bearded fat guy (John David Kalodner) in a wedding dress. TR:3.8

Agnes & His Brothers (2004): German film dealing with lives of the Tschirner brothers... Hans-Jorg (Moritz Bleibtreu) is a sex-addicted librarian, Werner (Herbert Knaup) is a politician in a dysfunctional family, and Agnes (Martin Weib) is a transsexual nightclub dancer. True to its German origin, it's fairly depressing throughout (although a somewhat hopeful ending) but aggravating in the fact that Agnes is the least focused on with no story on her history, motivations, or where she is heading. TR:3.1

Aishite Imasu (Mahal Kita) 1941 (2004): Ignacio (Dennis Trillo) is a very effeminate gay boy who has the demeanor and voice of a girl. When the feature singer for a local Filipino celebration is absent, family and friends dress him up like a girl and put him on stage. He is so convincing that they ask him to masquerade full-time as "Inya" and become the girlfriend/lover of the local Japanese commander Ichiru (Jay Manalo) to spy for the resistance. Dennis is quite pretty and I absolutely love the vintage outfits and he wears a good many! One of his best friends, Edna (Marco Alcaraz), is a M->F transsexual and we see her throughout the movie as well. I would recommend checking out the deleted scenes on this one. TR:5.0

Ali Baba Goes To Town (1937): Al (Eddie Cantor) falls asleep on a film set and dreams of being Ali Baba. At one point he needs to escape from town, so he dresses up as a harem girl to get past the guards. He then takes a horse and rides off, interestingly enough: side saddle. He ends up wandering into a camp and becomes the love interest for the prince (Douglass Dumbrille). Eddie looks really good, but unfortunately, they only concentrated on his eyes for the comedic effect with his face veil. Also see: Palmy Days. TR:4.0

All About My Mother (1999): This film enjoys an extremely high IMDB rating... but that is because of the emotional content (read here... "chick flick"). It features a M->F transsexual (Antonia San Juan), and a transitioned M->F Lola (Toni Canto) in two short clips towards the end of the movie. AKA: Todo Sobre Mi Madre. TR:2.5
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All American Co-ed (1941): An amazingly overlooked film where the opening credits roll over Rockette-style kicking-line legs that are eventually revealed to be those of an all-male musical production number. The film stars Johnny Downs who has to infiltrate an all girls school to save face for his school and frat brothers. Just under an hour running time. I must say Johnny looks great! TR:5.0
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All Men Are Liars (1995): Mick (David Price) needs money to recover a family heirloom, but the only job in town is a guitar player for an all-girl band! During his stint with the band, he and the lead singer Angela (Toni Pearen) fall in love. It's a quirky little Australian movie, but definitely has its appeal... and David looks quite cute in drag... I only wished he would have smiled more! TR:4.4

All Of Me (1991): Orlanda (Georgette Dee), a successful transvestite singer, decides to get married to his female friend Elisabeth (Mechthild Grossmann). However, Orlanda starts seeing Hubert (Maroslaw Baka). Crushed, Elisabeth seduces Hubert into an affair. Complicating matters further, Orlanda's translator (Anna Romantowska) announces she is in love with Orlanda. Now it's time for all of them to sort out their relationships. TR:3.5

All The Queen's Men (2001): This film stars Matt LeBlanc (from Friends) and Eddie Izzard. British Special Service agents led by an American must infiltrate, in disguise, a female-run Enigma factory in Berlin and bring back a decoding device. In my opinion, none of the agents could pass to save their life (to include Eddie) except maybe the mousy translator (David Birkin). TR:3.8
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Almost Angels (1962): A working-class Austrian boy joins the Vienna Boys Choir in another classic that Disney refuses to release from its "vault". The boys perform a costumed musical where Friedel (Denis Gilmore) is dressed as "Mitzi" and several scenes where a large group of boys play town maidens... first in dirndl-type dresses and later cute polka-dot dresses. TR:4.8

Almost Myself (200): Documentary. Transsexuals talk about their life experiences. Included is Josef/Judy Kirchner, an interesting case about a boy who transitions into a curvy woman, then later changes back during the time period of the film. TR:3.8

Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela, The (2008): The true story of Raquela (Raquela Rios), a promiscuous ladyboy transsexual prostitute who dreams of escaping the streets of Cebu, Philippines. She is not the prettiest of her friends and her falsetto voice is a little annoying, but she is likable and with her vibrant personality, her story is engaging. TR:4.0 American Crude (2008): The paths of several eccentric and troubled strangers cross one night... one being "transsexual" prostitute Gigi (played by actress Missi Pyle). TR:n/a

American Heart (1992): Jack (Jeff Bridges) is now out of jail and found by his adolescent son, Nick (Edward Furlong). Nick starts hanging out on the streets with prostitutes and a transvestite. TR:2.0

American Pie: Band Camp (2005): Stifler (Tad Hilgenbrink) is trapped in the girls dorm without his clothes so the next scene we find him in a pink "Daddy's Girl" tank top, short shorts, and flowered flip flops. He also wears a short plaid kilt when sporting his skill with the bagpipes. TR:1.0

American Wedding (2003): Jim (Jason Biggs) is getting married to Michelle (Alyson Hannigan). He and his friends set off to find Michelle's dream wedding dress designer. During the search, Stifler (Seann William Scott) accidentally ends up in a gay bar and gets hit on by a drag queen (Willam Belli) and the other patrons. TR:1.4

Amorous Mis-Adventures Of Casanova (1977): The famous romancer Casanova (Tony Curtis) escapes prison and romances every woman he meets... as does his look-alike (also played by Tony). Yep, this almost soft-porn film has Tony in drag again... this time as a chamber maid. It was originally Italian and the English overdubbing is annoying... but you're not going to notice much with all the topless and nude women. AKA: Casanova & Co. AKA: Some Like It Cool. TR:3.5

...And Justice For All (1979): Ethical lawyer Arthur (Al Pacino) is blackmailed into defending a judge (John Forsythe) he despises in a rape trial. During his investigation he runs across some bondage pictures with the judge, a prostitute, and the leader of an ethics group (Darrell Zwerling) who is wearing a black bra, panties, and stockings. At the same time he is defending black crossdressing client Ralph (Robert Christian) who we see in small snippets throughout the movie. TR:2.7

Angel (1982): Angelo (Michalis Maniatis) is a young gay guy living in Greece who just got drafted into the army. His Mother and Grandmother are ex-prostitutes, his Dad is an alcoholic deadbeat, and his sister is a mute invalid, yet... his life takes a downhill turn when his current lover coerces him into a group of transvestite and transsexual prostitutes. It's all pretty dark and depressing stuff. AKA: Angelos. TR:3.4
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Anger Management (2003): A slightly bizarre comedy starring Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler. Jack ends up teaching Adam how to control his growing anger. For one lesson, they take to the streets and meet Galaxia (Woody Harrelson), a transvestite prostitute. It's a short clip. TR:1.5(for duration)

Animal Factory (2000): A young man (Edward Furlong) goes to prison and an experienced older convict (Willem Dafoe) takes him under his wing as a mentor. You're not missing much when Mickey Rourke plays transsexual convict "Jan the Actress" in red bra and makeup. There is an interesting interview with him in the special features where talks about his sympathetic feelings towards the transgendered and his preparations for the role. TR:1.3

Another Gay Movie (2006): This movie follows four gay boys as they try to get some "butt action". One of the boys is Nico (Jonah Blechman) who we always see in makeup and fingernail polish. Another is Griff (Mitch Morris) who has a short dream of being at his prom wearing a floor-length pink prom gown. The sequence has him in a long red wig with light makeup and he looks fairly natural. Griff and Jarod check out a club that includes at least three big drag queens to include Dragzilla (Snatch) and Diamonelle. Lastly, Andy's Mom is played by Lypsinka (John Epperson) in cool 60's housewife wear. I was worried about this movie, but it actually has a good many laughs. TR:4.7

Another Woman (20nn): Transsexual Nico (Nathalie Mann) has successfully transitioned and selling pharmaceutical contracts. However, her past is about to come crashing down when she is sent to her home city of Paris and urged by her best friend transsexual Joy (Morgan Perez) to reunite with her family. Nathalie has a deep voice, tall, and some manly features, but from what I can tell is female. The movie is very good and she does a fine job with the role. AKA: Une Autre Femme. TR:4.0 13Jul11

Apartment Zero (1988): The story is centered around the residents of an apartment building and Adrian's (Colin Firth) mysterious new roommate Jack (Hart Bochner). One of the apartment residents is a tragic crossdresser named Vanessa (James Telfer), and we see her throughout the movie. TR:3.6

Apna Sapna Money Money (2006): This comedy is mainly about who will find and keep a stolen cache of diamonds. Everyone seems to be looking for Kishan (Ritesh Deshmukh) until he finds the perfect disguise (with the help of a bald woman)... that of beautiful Sania, and he certainly is lovely. He spends the last half of the movie in drag to include a dance number and almost getting married to a guy. No details of his costume were overlooked with perfect makeup, painted fingernails and toenails, and shapely body. In an interview, Ritesh said he drove the director and his fellow actors crazy by staying in female character both on and off camera. A minor role is that of Bobby, a young man always seen in full makeup. The movie is so-so with annoying sound effects, but Ritesh gets my full rating! TR:5.0

Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again (1979): Theodore (Don Knotts) and Amos (Tim Conway) are two bumbling outlaws down on their luck. Late in the movie they get cornered, so they dress up as saloon girls to make their escape. They get out, but there is no time to change before catching the train out of Dodge. Yep, it's hairy laugh drag. TR:3.6

Arabian Nights, The (1942): You're not missing much when chubby Ahmad (Billy Gilbert) is elected to shave his beard and dress up as a woman to fool some guards. TR:1.9

Around The World In 80 Days (2004): We can always count on Disney for some crossdressing bits, but you're not missing much when Lau Xing (Jackie Chan) and Phileas Fogg (Steve Coogan) dress in women's clothing (sans wig and makeup) to escape from the Indian Police. TR:2.0

Associate (1996): Tired of being passed on promotions, Laurel (Whoopi Goldberg) quits her job and attempts to open her own investment firm. However, she learns she has to create a fictitious male partner to be taken seriously. Things go well until this partner is forced to appear in the flesh, so Laurel enlists the help of her drag queen friend Charlie (Kenny Kerr) in creating a disguise. Standard drag situations apply. Kenny Kerr is the creator and star of "Boylesque", a well-known Vegas female impersonator show. TR:4.0
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At War With the Army (1950): Jerry Lewis is a hapless private and Dean Martin is the bossy First Sergeant of a slipshod platoon at a stateside training base. At one point, Jerry needs to relay some information but needs a disguise... who knew a costume van would be parked right outside? TR:2.5
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Attack From Mars (1988): This movie is basically a parody of all the other space attack movies. Although, it's less about the movie and more about the patrons and things going on in and around the theater. One of the patrons is an obese woman (drag queen credited as Charity Case) and her skinny frazzled husband who has to fetch food for her throughout the movie. AKA: Midnight Movie Massacre. TR:2.0
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Auntie (1973): Jack (Mark Jones) inherits a brothel when his Aunt dies. Upon visiting, he falls in the love with its star attraction (Sue Longhurst). She did not hear of the death, so he appears at the house as his aunt to run the business. And if that's not your thing, there's plenty of female nudity! AKA: Keep It Up, Jack. TR:3.8
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Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery (1997): In the beginning of the movie, Austin Powers (Mike Myers) shows that a waitress at a dance club (Patricia Tallman) is really a man (Brazil Grisaffi). Also the Japanese U.N. member looks very much like a man in Kabuki drag. TR:1.1
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Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999): Lots of little drag clips in this movie. The opening music montage features Austin Powers (Mike Myers) in a one-piece pink swimsuit/bathing cap that matches the other female swimmers. Mini-Me (Vern Troyer) dresses up in a frilly white baby dress for an assassination. A dance number reveals a British Royal Guard is wearing a black bra and panties under his uniform. Finally when arriving on the beach front of Dr. Evil's secret island hideout, Felicity (shagadelic Heather Graham) and Austin are wearing identical two-piece white bikini's. TR:3.6
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Austin Powers 3: Goldmember (2002): The third and less inspired of the films. Austin Powers (Mike Myers) appears in a tiara and tutu (on top of his suit) in a very short dance routine. Later at a prison, two cons appear in blonde mop wigs and makeup. Surprisingly, the two best TG moments appear in deleted scenes. The first one involves Austin doing a mirror trick and ends up in a blue velvet bodysuit, stockings, and heels. The second occurs during a musical number that flashes to Number Two (Robert Wagner) in makeup, blonde wig, and a yellow/blue polka-dot dress! TR:1.3

Avenging Angel (1985): A police officer helped Angel (Betsy Russell) out of her street life of prostitution. Upon hearing of his murder, she returns to the streets to track down the killer. I got this as part of my Michael Andrews collection. He and his drag queen friend Pat (Tracy Robert Austin) are two of the bevy of strange characters that help Angel in her quest. Silly, but entertaining. TR:3.7
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Baazi (1995): Entertaining (and sometimes gory) crime drama. Police inspector Amar (Aamir Khan) tricks the meanies into going to the Kit Kat Club where he ends up disguising himself as Julie, the top act for that night. Great little song and dance number starting with a black sequin dress and then changing into a ruffled red fiesta number. After the act, Julie is taken to the hideout so "she" can meet the main meanie (and of course, be seduced by him. LOL) TR:5.0
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Baby Geniuses (1999): Scientists are investigating the theory that babies are born with infinite knowledge until they turn two... yeah, it's supposed to be cute. One of the toddler's, Sly (one of the Fitzgerald triplet brothers), escapes the experiment. He needs a disguise, so he exchanges clothes with a girl and ends up in a cute pink floral dress/hat, white tights, frilly socks, and matching pink shoes. He heads to the mall, but the first thing on his mind is the video arcade, not the boys clothing store. TR:3.6

Babykram Ist Mannersache (2001): Uncouth Arne and Malte (Matthias Koeberlin, Matthias Schweighofer) find a baby in a phone booth and decide to care for it while searching for the Mother, Belinda (Marek Harloff). They find her, become attracted to her, and scheme to get her back with her baby by giving her a job as the nanny. They find an interesting piece of information at her workplace when they meet cute drag queen Louise (Stefan Merki). How much will change when they learn that Belinda is transgendered? Despite the need for beard cover, Marek looks really good as Belinda with his thin body, femme features, and sexy wardrobe. Why they did the last third of the movie sans wig is beyond me. Perusing IMDB credits, it appears that neither Marek nor Stefan are drag performers. Translation: Baby Business is a Man's Thing. TR:5.0

Back Stage (1919): This is a 21 minute short. When the acting troupe quits, it's up to the stage hands (Buster Keaton, Fatty Arbuckle, Molly Malone) to put on a show. In the first skit, Buster comically plays a Queen. TR:3.4

Babes In Toyland (1934): Evil Barnaby (Henry Brandon) wants to marry innocent Little Bo-Peep (Charlotte Henry), but he's too old for her and she despises him. Unfortunately, he owns the mortgage to her shoe house and is blackmailing her. Dee (Oliver Hardy) and Dum (Stan Laurel) devise a plan to foil his wedding plans by dressing up Dum up as the bride. Yep... I fast-forwarded through most of this. AKA: March of the Wooden Soldiers. TR:2.4
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Babes On Broadway (1941): Tommy (Mickey Rooney) and Penny (Judy Garland) put on a show to send orphaned children on a country holiday. At one point in the show, Tommy comes out in Carmen Miranda drag for a little song and dance routine... and he looks pretty good! Since I'm reviewing, Penny also does a less than PC drag number in blackface for the minstrel scene. TR:4.2

Bachelor, The (1999): To inherit $100 million, Jimmie (Chris O'Donnell) must marry and start a family... yeah, the plot has been done to pieces. Look closely at the end when he is being chased by gaggles of brides and you will see some of them are male extra's in drag. TR: 1.0

Bachelor Party (1984): I got this movie as part of my Christopher Morley collection. It's your basic "party guy" comedy. During a guy's (Tom Hanks) bachelor party, one of his friends has a sexual experience with his dream girl, but little does he know it's female impersonator Tim (Christopher Morley). Also during the party dancing, there is a guy wearing a bra. TR:3.7(for duration)
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Back Fire! (1995): Jeremy (Josh Mosby) wants to become the first male firewoman in New York, following in his late mothers footsteps. At one point he has to attend the mayor's party in his firewoman dress uniform which includes skirt, hose, and heels. This is a silly 'Airplane'-style "fire movie" parody that stars Kathy Ireland as his love interest. With an IMDB user rating of 3/10... I won't say much more! TR:2.3
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Back To The Future Part II (1989): Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) is taken to the future so he can change the fate of his future kids. Michael plays multiple roles to include his present self, future self, his son, and his daughter! And I must say that he looks *very* cute in drag! TR:4.6
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Back Woods (2001): This is an independent movie that has been selling on EBay for quite a while now... at last check for $1. I personally rate it *the* worst movie I have ever seen... right below "Carnivore". It's basically about a deranged man (David Hayes) running around the woods killing people while dressed as his dead mother (Jim Edberg). TR:0.5
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Bad Education (2004): I don't want to spoil the plot here, because this is really an intriguing and well-written story. I will say that it involves Angel/Juan/Zahara (expertly played by Gael Bernal) who is obsessed with revenge for the sexual abuse of his transsexual brother (Francisco Boira) under Father Manolo (Daniel Cacho). With his physique and angular facial features, it's hard to believe that Gael would make a good-looking woman, but he does a good job with the role. Highly recommended. AKA: Mala Educacion. TR:4.8

Badge (2002): Small town sheriff Darl (Billy Bob Thornton) investigates the murder of a transsexual, Mona (played by Playboy cover model Cindy Roubal). Mona's wife (Patricia Arquette) shows up in town and encourages Darl to "truly" investigate the crime in their hometown of New Orleans and at the drag club in which they both worked. TR:3.8
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Baseketball (1998): Three childhood friends create a national sport craze called BASEketball. One of the friends, Kenny (Dian Bachar), falls in love with fan Heather (Micah McCain), a person that his friend swears is a man! Micah has a website ( and several drag projects with the most well-known being Bridgette of Madison County. TR:3.8

Battlestar Galactica: Caprica (2009): Set 58 years prior to the events of Battlestar Galactica (2003), this prequel explores the origin of the cylons. Daniel Graystone (Eric Stoltz) enters a virtual dance club right next to a drag queen. Hmmm... why not just choose a female avatar? TR:1.5

Be Kind Rewind (2008): This is a cute movie, but the drag is quite dismal. VHS rental store clerk Mike (Mos Def) and friend Jerry (Jack Black) have to refilm movies when every tape in the store gets accidentally erased. You're not missing anything when Wilson (Irv Gooch) plays "Rush Hour" Assassinette and "Ghostbusters" GateKeeper and Jack Black plays Daisy in "Driving Miss Daisy". TR:0.3

Beautiful Boxer (2003): Based on the real life story of Nong Toom/Parinaya Charoemphol who underwent a sex-change operation to become a woman. Nong Toom (Asanee Suwan/Sarawuth Tangchit/Natee Pongsopol) is an effeminate boy who finds he has a natural skill for Muaythai kickboxing. As a gimmick, he starts wearing make-up into the ring and slowly evolving his feminine self (and makes an interesting point about becoming a better boxer because his opponents hit harder when he was wearing makeup). His career takes an unfortunate turn when he is coerced by a transsexual beautician (Parinya Kiatbusaba) into female hormones which causes him to start losing his strength. He is more or less forced into spectacle matches to continue earning money for his operation, but is eventually successful and is now a famous actress and model living in Bangkok. Asanee does a great job (in this his only movie) and not only is he quite pretty but has been a professional kickboxer since the age of 12. TR:4.8

Beautiful Thing (1996): A tender love blossoms when Jamie (Glen Berry) and Ste (Scott Neal) start a relationship. In order to spend time together, they go to a gay bar and are entertained by the drag performer (Dave Lynn). Looking at Dave's filmography, he has only been doing drag roles. TR:4.0

Beauty And The Beast (1991): A wonderful animated Disney musical about a beast (really an enchanted Prince) trying to love and be loved by another. At one point the village attacks the beast's castle, and the enchanted servants fight back. A male villager gets captured by the wardrobe cabinet, but gets released in full drag. It's a very short clip. TR:2.0

Beauty Queen Butcher (1991): The popular girls humiliate overweight Phyliss (Rhona Brody) via the high school's beauty pageant. It's a low-budget indie movie, but cute and quirky enough to keep you watching. True to its camp nature, pageant director Betty is played by a man (Joe Boggess). TR:3.9

Because I Said So (2007): Fun little comedy. Daphne (Diane Keaton) is interviewing possible dates for her daughter Milly (Mandy Moore) and briefly (second long clip) encounters a transvestite (Willam Belli). TR:1.0

Bedazzled (2001): I won't go into the movie plot, but there is one very short clip with Brendan Fraser in "pimp"-like drag. Also, one of the sequences includes a gay lover dressed in silk PJ's and makeup (see frame grabs). But on the fashion side, Elizabeth Hurley has some great outfits! TR:1.1
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Before Night Falls (2000): Biographical look at the gay Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas (Javier Bardem). Johnny Depp plays Bon Bon, a drag queen convict who has a knack for smuggling out objects by hiding them, err... up his bum! Other drag queen convicts can be seen in the background in Bon Bon's scene. Bon Bon looks good, I only wished he would have shaved the facial hair. Depp also plays another character, Lt. Victor, one of the Cuban guards. TR:3.8

Being John Malkovich (1999): Interesting film in which Craig (John Cusack) finds a portal that leads into John Malkovich's head. He and a business partner Maxine (Catherine Keener) capitalize on the portal as 15-minute trip for $200 a pop. After his wife's (Cameron Diaz) first trip, she realizes she is a transsexual and in love with Maxine. Spoiler: John Malkovich himself finally discovers this portal and goes into his own head... inside he finds himself in a dining room where everyone has his face... to include his busty dinner date and all the female patrons. TR:3.5
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Belle Epoque: Age of Beauty (1992): Army deserter Fernando (Jorge Sanz) befriends local artist Manolo (Fernando Gomez). He is about to leave when Manolo's four beautiful daughters arrive in town... so he decides to stay. On the day of the local carnival, the girls force Fernando into a maid's costume. While in his feminine guise, the lesbian daughter Violeta (Ariadna Gil), falls in short-lived lust with him. While she applies his makeup she comments on how pretty he is... yeah, I agree. TR:4.5

Belles of St. Trinian's (1954): This is the first of the "St. Trinian" movies. Headmistress Fritton (Alastair Sim) tries to keep her school afloat that's filled with misfit girls. They are abetted by her brother Clarence (also played by Alastair). There are some split screens with Fritton and Clarence which are very well-done for the time period (see frame grab #1). Also see: Blue Murder At St. Trinians. TR:3.0
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Belles On Their Toes (1952): The continuing story of the Gilbreth family (Cheaper By The Dozen). One of the daughters falls in love with a college boy (who wears fur coats), but his uncouth behavior puts off the rest of the family. So, four of the brothers devise a plan to scare him off which includes Frank (Robert Arthur) dressing up in his sisters clothes. He looks good, but it's a really short clip. TR:1.3 (for duration)
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Belly Of The Beast (2003): Ok, hard to believe I have two Steven Seagal movies in here, but it's true! Here we are introduced to Lena (unconfirmed ?Nick Cheung?), the female meanie who takes care of the dirty business. At least we think that she is female, until the unveiling at the end of the movie when she fights Seagal's character... in high heels... now *there* is a tough character! I think he looks really good though... with just a hint to know that something is amiss. TR:4.6
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Bent (2003): A film about two guys (Clive Owen, Lothaire Bluteau) in a concentration camp who move rocks from one pile to another. However, in the beginning they enjoy a gay club that has a number of drag patrons including the feature act, Greta (Mick Jagger). TR:3.9

Best In Show (2000): Mockumentary surrounding the Mayflower Dog Show. One of the participants is a gay couple, Stefan and Scott. When they are interviewed about how they met, we see a photograph of Scott (John Higgins) in drag. The DVD also includes some deleted scenes with a transvestite hair dresser (Patrick Stark) in the background. This film must be for "Dog Show" people, because I didn't really like the movie... which has the same writers/actors as Mighty Wind... which I loved. TR:1.0

Best Way To Walk (1976): Phil (Patrick Bouchitey) and Marc (Patrick Dewaere) are camp counsellors. Phil is rather reserved and teaches theatre and music while Marc is more athletic and leads the kids in sports. One night, Marc enters Phil's room and finds him dressed as a woman. Marc doesn't tell anyone, but ends up being a big bully. In a rather bizarre scene, they have an end of camp costume party where Phil shows up in drag. His girlfriend (cutie Christine Pascal) also shows up as a mustached cavalier, but Phil spends all of his time trying to seduce bullfighter Marc. Huh? Additionally, it's a boys-only camp, but Phil's play needs a princess so Jean-Paul (uncredited) fills the role. AKA: Meilleure Facon De Marcher. TR:3.5

Between Love & Goodbye (2008): Kyle (Simon Miller) and Marcel (Justin Tensen) work through their relationship. Causing trouble is Marcel's bitchy and troublemaking sister April (Rob Harmon) who used to be his brother Cole. She has been having doubts about her decision and transitions back to Cole about halfway through the movie. April is quite natural, pretty, and has an appropriate voice, so I was really surprised the actor Rob is not transgendered (although he is gay). In bonus features he states he really wanted the role and based April after some "trannie's" he knew, but she is much more like a drag queen than transgendered (i.e. if she can't have big breast/implants, she might as well go back to living as a boy... ummm, a little research please). Although this movie is a "downer", I would recommend checking it out. TR:4.6 Between Your Legs (1999): Javier (Javier Bardem) and Miranda (Victoria Abril) meet at a therapy group for sex-addicts, but end up starting a steamy affair. Things get complicated when Javier finds out that his phone-sex trysts have been secretly taped and being distributed all over Madrid. *Spoiler Alert* The beautiful lady who taped their sex trysts, Azucena, turns out to be a man (Victor Rueda) who scripts Javier turned down earlier. I realized the possibility of "her" voice was being dubbed (yes, Natalia Dicenta provides this), but even with my seasoned eyes for TG's, I totally missed this one... all I saw was an attractive woman! AKA: Entre Las Piernas. TR:5.0

Better Than Chocolate (1999): This movie mostly revolves around the relationship between two lesbians, but has a subplot of their transsexual friend Judy (Peter Outerbridge) who is learning to stand up for her lifestyle and choices. TR:3.8
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Betty Blue (1986): A French film about the relationship between handyman/writer Zorg (Jean-Hugues Anglade) and psychotic Betty (Beatrice Dalle). Towards the end of the film and out of "left field", Zorg commits an armed robbery to be able to give Betty anything that she wants. As a disguise, he dresses up like a woman. He's not much to look at, but he does a great job with the padding. He also uses the same disguise to get past guards when Betty is hospitalized. AKA: 37.2 Le Matin. TR:4.0

Beverly Hillbillies (1993): The Clampett's strike it rich and move to Beverly Hills where Jed (Jim Varney) looks for a wife and mother for his daughter Elly May (Erika Eleniak). They bring back the Jethro/Jethrine gimmick as Jethrine (Diedrich Bader) and Aunt Pearl (Linda Carlson) fly to California for the wedding ceremony. TR:4.0

Beverly Hills Brats (1989): Rich young Scooter (Peter Billingsley) arranges to be kidnapped so he'll get more attention from his parents and siblings. Shortly after being kidnapped, he dresses up in his frilly Bo-Peep costume as a disguise (complete with blonde ringlet wig and big pink bow) and continues to wear it most of the movie... although he's not very convincing. The whole movie is boring and predictable. TR:3.0

Beverly Hills Ninja (1997): Haru (Chris Farley) was found in a shipwreck by a clan of Ninja's. He wants to prove himself so he heads off to the states to help a mysterious woman (Nicolette Sheridan). Worried, his Sensei secretly sends Gobei (Robin Shou) to look after him. During a restaurant scene, we find Gobie undercover dressed as woman in a red skirt suit... looking really good! Anywho, a fight ensues and someone whips off his wig, only to reveal his longer hair underneath (*giggle*). TR:4.6
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Beverly Kills (2005): Absurd drag queen Beverly (Gary Kelley) wants to start a cult... at least that's the most I could gleam from this plotless (or dare I say pointless) movie. I can usually forgive if we have a cute drag queen... but we are denied that as well. TR:2.0

Big Brass Ring, The (1999): This highbrow drama revolves around the true identity of Blake Pellarin (William Hurt) who is running for political office. After damaging photos are delivered my a mysterious maid (Jazzmun), his presence is requested at a local gay showboat... at which several drag and androgynous characters are seen dancing and performing. TR:4.0

Big City Blues (1999): This "Pulp Fiction" wannabe stars Burt Reynolds. You know, a bunch of different characters attempt to exchange witty dialogue and then all meet at the end. Well, two of the characters are queens... Georgie (Giancarlo Esposito) who is fretting about his sex-change and Babs (Arye Gross) who just wears makeup. Through their "witty" dialogue and dream sequences, we find out that Amazonian Tree Frogs can change sex at will. We also get to meet their drag queen friends chatting in the bathroom... Donovan (Donovan Leitch), Cristophe (Danilo Torre), and Julie (David Marvel). BTW, you're not missing anything if you want to fast forward to just the parts with drag. TR:4.2

Big Momma's House (2000): FBI agent Malcolm (Martin Lawrence) disguises himself as Big Momma (Ella Mitchell) to get the goods on a bank robber. He really does look like her... they used latex prosthetics on both to make them look more like each other. Standard drag situations apply. TR:3.8

Big Momma's House 2 (2006): Malcolm (Martin Lawrence) is now "married with children" and has moved to a safer PR position within the FBI. However, when his first partner is killed, he pulls out the Big Momma persona to get a Nanny's job to spy on the guy who is under investigation. TR:3.8

Big Tease (1999): Crawford (Craig Ferguson) desperately tries to get into an international hairdresser competition. He uses a car service to get around and the driver's "wife" is a bald-headed lady (might be Cynthia Basinet) who looks and sounds like a man... but completely dresses as a woman. At one point they go out to a club in L.A. which includes several transvestites and drag queens. TR:3.4

Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (1991): I won't go into the inane plot here, but Bill (Alex Winter), Ted (Keanu Reeves), and the Grim Reaper (William Sadler) steal clothes to get into Heaven and ask for God's help. However, the Grim Reaper ends up in a frilly apron and hat. During a fantasy sequence Alex plays Bill's Granny (see frame grab # 2). There also appears to be a few crossdressers in Heaven as seen in frame grab #3. TR:1.9
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Billboard Girl (1932): It was a fluke that I ran across this excellent 20 minute short starring Bing Crosby. Bing's character falls in love with a girl on a billboard and starts writing her love letters. The girl's brother intercepts the letters and responds. They decide to meet and the brother keeps up the charade by dressing as her. He's almost undetectable in drag and spends the last half of the film in drag. TR:5.0
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Billy Elliot (2000): Billy (Jamie Bell) has a knack for ballet dancing. His friend Michael (Stuart Wells) likes to play "dress-up" in his sisters clothes and reveals that his Dad secretly enjoys the same hobby. Michael keeps asking Billy about tutu's, so one night they get together in the gym where Billy brings one for Michael to wear. Several years later, after Billy is accepted into the Royal Ballet School, we find Michael (Marryn Owen, looking rather androgynous) with his male date attending Billy's dancing premier. The fact that Michael is transgendered really has nothing to do the plot, but I guess it was an interesting twist. Billy's ballet teacher is played by Julie Walters, who appears in several other movies with TG themes... Just Like A Woman and Personal Services. TR:3.8
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Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss (1998): I was disappointed when I found the film's star, Sean Hayes (from Will & Grace) doesn't do any drag in the film... because I am sure that is him in drag on the movie box cover. Anywho, the film is sprinkled with a good amount of drag queens throughout. TR:3.7
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Bird With The Crystal Plumage (1970): During a police lineup of male "perverts" (their words, not mine), transvestite Ursula (uncredited) is accidentally strolled in with the rest. Short hair withstanding, he looks pretty good from afar. Then the investigator begins yelling at the cop who was doing the line-up, "Alphonso, how many times to I have to tell you Ursula belongs in with the transvestites, not the perverts". It's a very short scene. AKA: Uccello Dalle Piume Di Cristallo. TR:2.2

Birdcage (1996): Per La Cage Aux Folles, Armand (Robin Williams) and drag queen Albert (Nathan Lane) are a gay couple who own a drag club. Armand's son wants to get married to the senator's (Gene Hackman) daughter (Calista Flockhart), so they must play it straight when they have them over for dinner. As you can imagine, all sorts of scenes with varying degrees of drag to include the Goldman Girls (Luis Camacho, Andre Fuentes, Anthony Gonzalez, Dante Henderson, Scott Kaske, Kevin Stea), their butler/maid (Hank Azaria) and even Gene Hackman (yow, that's scary!) If you can tune out Nathan's yelps and screams, it's not a bad movie. TR:3.9
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Black Adder Back and Forth (1999): This Millennium Dome short has a bunch of composite photos in the opening to include one of Black Adder (Rowan Atkinson) in a corseted gown. In the beginning of the film, his sidekick Balderick (Tony Robinson) appears from the kitchen in a rubber maids apron... it's backless with big breasts! Silly. TR:0.8
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Black Angel 2 (1999): The Black Angel, Mayo (Yuki Amami), has orders from cross-dressing Mama (Shingo Tsurumi) to kill a powerful Yakuza syndicate leader. Mama is usually just a voice on the telephone, but shows up at Mayo's apartment (in full drag) to help her out when she gets injured on a hit. Shingo doesn't look too bad in drag, but it is quite clear that he is uncomfortable... he has trouble walking in heels, unsure how to hold his hands with long nails, etc... maybe he should have spent more rehearsal time in drag? AKA: Kuro No Tenshi Vol 2. TR:4.0

Black Lizard (1968): The Black Lizard (Akihiro Maruyama) is a jewel thief who kidnaps Sanaye (Kikko Matsuoka), the daughter of a wealthy jeweler, in exchange for the "Star Of Egypt" diamond. Akihiro Maruyama is one of Japan's most well-known Kabuki theater transvestite actors. AKA: Kurotokage. Also see: Black Rose Mansion. TR:3.6
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Black Rose Mansion (1969): Ryuko (Akihiro Maruyama) is a mysterious nightclub singer at the Black Rose Mansion who seems to turn every mans head. She always carries a black rose that she believes will turn red when she finds true love. All sorts of men show up at the club claiming to have a past with her and want to get back together, but she eventually falls for the club owner Kyohei (Eitaro Ozawa). [BTW, Kyohei is married and his wife (and everyone) knows about his relationship with Ryuko, but no one seems to care!?]. However, when Kyohei's prodigal son Wataru (Masakazu Tamura) returns to town, he falls madly in love with Ryuko and wants her to run away with him. Oh my, who will she choose? Great costumes. This is sometimes referred to as a sequel to Black Lizard, but they are totally unrelated except for Akihiro. AKA: Mansion Of The Black Rose. AKA: Kuro Bara No Yakata. Also see: Black Lizard. TR:4.5
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Blade In The Dark, A (1993): A rather formulaic "Dressed To Kill" horror movie. We see glimpses throughout the movie of our female killer (painted nails, legs in heels, and various other parts) until the last few minutes of the movie. *Spoiler* Yes, the killer is a guy... and wait until you hear the bizarre psychobabble explanation at the end! The director said he had a hard time finding an actor with the right look until one day he took a good look at his assistant director (Michele Soavi) and said... "you're it!". I'll also mention the "tortured" little boy (Giovanni Frezza) who was being called a "female" if he didn't retrieve a tennis ball from a dark basement... he returns in full drag wearing pigtailed wig. Hmmm... I guess there was a box of girls clothes in the basement corner and he wanted to check the sizes. AKA: Casa Con La Scala Nel Buio. TR:3.9

Blondie Goes Latin (1941): Eighth of the Dagwood & Blondie films. This actually had more laughs than I expected. For a much needed vacation, Dagwood (Arthur Lake) and Blondie are going on a cruise courtesy of his boss. Before the ship sets sail, some urgent business arises, so the boss sends Dagwood to take care of it. He misses getting off the boat, and to keep from being seen, he ends up landing a job as the female drummer for the ships band. Hey... I didn't say it was a believable plot! TR:3.3
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Bloody Mallory (2002): Underworld agent Mallory (Olivia Bonamy) battles evil to save the kidnapped Pope. Her fellow agent is black drag queen Vena Cava (Jeffrey Ribier) wearing thigh-high boots, purple PVC bustier, and blue hair. Vena slightly reminds me of RuPaul. TR:3.6

Blue In The Face (1995): Follow-up movie to "Smoke", representing the diverse ethnicity present in Brooklyn and centered around a cigar store. RuPaul (Rupaul Charles) briefly appears teaching local residents how to dance. There are also a few snippets from an older lady who sounds exactly like a man... but I doubt she is. Quite a diversity of stars to include Madonna, Rosanne Barr, Lou Reed, and Michael J. Fox. TR:1.5

Blue Murder At St. Trinians (1957): The St Trinian girls oust their latest headmistress, but need one for their trip to Rome. The father (Lionel Jeffries) of a student needs a place to hide while laying low from his latest jewelry heist. Guess who fills in for the headmistress? Early in the film, the police are trying to bring order to the school when the chief is ejected wearing the St Trinian schoolgirl uniform. The school returns to order when Miss Fritton (Alastair Sim) returns from the first movie with her lady assistants (also played by men). A lot of drag, although none of it is exceptionally impressive. Also see: Belles of St. Trinian's. TR:3.7
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Boat Trip (2002): Straight guys Jerry (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and Nick (Horatio Sanz) mistakenly end up on a gay cruise. They get to know their fellow passengers to include crossdresser Tom (Ken Campbell) and effeminate Hector (Maurice Godin). Hector first appears wearing a Spanish fiesta girl costume. There is a trio of drag performers at a dance party with a few others in drag on the floor. The final Follies cruise show is advertised as a drag show, but there is surprising little (or none) except Jerry filling in for the lead performer... in makeup and "sort of" drag. TR:3.4

Bollywood/Hollywood (2002): Rahul (Rahul Khanna) asks Sue (Lisa Ray) to pose as his fiancee, but eventually they both fall in love with each other. Sue discovers his chauffeur Rocky (Ranjit Chowdhry) is a drag queen. Rocky does have his own song/dance number with another three drag queens dancing backup and he also does the closing credits. TR:3.8 30Jan12

Bollywood And Vine (2004): This is a unique movie. Indian Bhuvan Bannerji (Jamey Schrick) has a one-stop tour business directed at his favorite reclusive b-movie star Delilah Leigh (Skye Aubrey). One day he finally catches her outside and finds she is a fresh and lovely as she ever was. What he found was Delilah's gay son Devin (J.R. Jones) dressed up as her! Delilah thinks they are a perfect match (even though Bhuvan is not gay) and schemes to get the two together. Unfortunately, this story is skewed for us drag lovers... when they are locked-up in the attic together, the "enchantress" dies and he spends the rest of the movie en drab. It's too bad... he was quite cute! TR:4.6

Boondock Saints (1999): Gay FBI Agent (Willem Dafoe) arrives in Boston to investigate some unusual and "deserved" murders. Towards the end of the movie, he disguises himself as a woman to gain access to the meanies house. He's not much to look at, but he does get into the part by kissing the door guy smack on the lips and then heading to the bathroom for some action! TR:4.0
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Borstal Boy (2000): Loosely based on a true story, Brendan Behan (Shawn Hatosy) is a sixteen year old on a mission for the Irish Republican Army, but is apprehended and sent to reform school. He has a crush on the warden's daughter Liz (Eva Birthistle) and gets the boys to put on a play by her favorite author Oscar Wilde, "The Importance Of Being Ernest". Brendan wonders aloud who will play the girls, when the school's librarian (Arthur Riordan) says he was "born to play great ladies" and volunteers for Lady Bracknell. Gwendolen and Cecily end up roles for Charlie (Danny Dyer) and Albert (Owen Sharpe). One must wonder where they got such elaborate costumes for a boy's school. TR:4.3

Bowser Makes A Movie (2005): Bowser (Nick Lewis) goes about his dream of making an adult movie. He also helps out Helen Belami (Mimi Marks) by teaching her the secrets of great oral sex. Helen is on the quest of greater rewards by driving her husband crazy in bed. Mimi is a well-known female impersonator and is totally gorgeous. She plays a straight female role, however in the deleted scenes she has a hot scene with a delivery boy and hints around the subject of sex-changes. The movie is a bit tedious, you might want to just fast-forward to the parts with Mimi. Just to be complete, there is an ugly drag queen MCing at a gay club. TR:4.6

Boy! What A Girl (1947): A film with an all-black cast about a couple of theatrical producers trying to get backing for their musical show. Bumpsie (Tim Moore) is one of the band members and has a drag act. Tim spends the whole film in drag, however, he is about the ugliest woman I have ever seen! Yet...i everyone in the film believes he is a woman and he is wooed by several men. TR:1.0
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Boys From Brazil (1993): Documentary. This is the story of a new twist on the oldest profession. The film follows a group of Brazilian prostitutes over two years as they work not only the streets of Rio, but those of Paris, Rome and Milan. The twist is that these prostitutes are Transvesti, which can best be described as non-op transsexuals. TR:4.0
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Brain Candy (): Kids In The Hall movie. TR:

Brain Donors (1992): A silly comedy from the Zucker Brothers that has a Marx Brothers feel to it. Three guys (John Turturro, Bob Nelson, Mel Smith) wreck a ballet company, and then save it. The first occurrence has Bob in a dressing gown after a bathroom scene. The second has him in a full ballet costume on stage during a performance. TR:3.0
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Brand Of The Devil (1944): Texas Rangers track down cattle-rustlers. You're not missing much when Wilburn (Budd Buster) dresses up like a female rancher (well... split leg skirt, plaid shirt and vest) to throw off some witnesses. TR:1.0

Breakfast On Pluto (2005): Patrick "Kitten" Braden (Cillian Murphy) is an Irish orphan who embarks on a quest to find his mother. Kitten is also a tranvestite and equally on a quest to find herself. It is a little "rough" to watch in places, but Kitten somehow manages to keep an upbeat demeanor. The whole cast is great and Cillian does a wonderful job... starting with an androgynous disco look and then finally evolving into a more glamorous stylized persona. The peep-show is a must see, he looks great in a baby-doll nightie! TR:5.0

Breakout (1975): A bush pilot (Charles Bronson) is hired to free an innocent man from a Mexican prison. His first scheme involves a "whore" making a conjugal visit to the prisoner, but Hawk (Randy Quaid) has to fill-in when he can't get a woman (Sheree North) to agree. With his bun-wig, head scarf, and long blue dress, don't expect too much. TR:2.3

Breathing Fire (1991): This is a badly-acted and funny (probably most unintentional) martial arts film. You're not missing much when one of the meanies (Bolo Yeung) gets in drag for a bank heist. TR:0.5

Bridge On The River Kwai (1957): British WW2 prisoners of war are given the task, by their Japanese captors, of building a railway bridge in the harsh Asian jungle. After completion of the bridge, the soldiers put on a show... to include a grass skirt can-can number and a romantic duet. TR:3.0
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Bringing Up Baby (1938): David (Cary Grant)

Britannia Hospital (1982): When the British Queen makes a trip to a hospital to inaugurate a new wing, its up to her staff to prepare for her visit. One of the staff is Lady Felicity (John Bett), and is played as just a normal female role. Mark Hamill also has a role for those Star Wars fans. TR:3.0
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Britney, Baby, One More Time (2002): An independent filmmaker discovers Robert Stephens (AKA Angel Benton), a young, gay Britney Spears impersonator. They take off for New Orleans with Stephens, promising him a chance to meet his teen idol, all the while taking film of Stephens' cross-country exploits and pawning them off as footage of the real deal. Angel is in drag the whole movie and looks adorable as Britney. Funnier than the movie is something found in the special features where Angel tells the "real" story in his own words. TR:4.7
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Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001): A very good movie, but not a whole lot of TG content. At the start of the film, we find some soldiers dressed up as peasant women in order to lure "the beast"... a creature they are hunting. TR:1.5
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Bruno (2009): Sacha Cohen has done another awful Borat movie... this time as Bruno, a gay Austrian fashion reporter who seeks to become famous. In one scene, they prank a few ministers into believing that Bruno wants to marry his assistant Lutz (Gustaf Hammarsten)... so he appears in a wedding gown... all hairy and disgusting. Keep the veil down, please! Ugh, who actually pays to make and/or see these movies? TR:2.0 22Sep11

Brute, The (1977): British sexploitation film about an abusive husband. After glamour model Diane Shepherd (Sarah Douglas) urges her husband Teddy (Julian Glover) to see a psychiatrist to save their marriage, he proves how sane he is by dressing up in one of her dresses, wig, and makeup and chases her out of the house. TR:3.0

Bubble Boy (2001): This comedy involves the bubble boy (Jake Gyllenhaal) exploring the outside world while trying to find his girlfriend. At one point, he bounces aboard a train run by Dr Phreak (Mini-Me himself, Verne Troyer). The doctor runs a traveling freak show to include Siamese Twins with one half a Jewish Rabbi (Jason Sklar) and the other half a big-boned woman (Randy Sklar). This character suddenly disappears the second half of the movie. TR:1.2
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Buffalo Bill In Tomahawk Territory (1952): In the beginning of the movie we find the cavalry presents an easy target to draw out the indians who are attacking settlers... a wagon train composed soley of women. Or more accurately, composed solely of male soldiers dressed as women! Basically, just bonnets and dresses worn over their uniform. TR:1.0

Bugis Street (1994): The story about a young girl (Hiep Thi Le) learning about life through the people and events at the Sin Sin Hotel on Bugis Street, a location apparently well-known for transsexual escorts. AKA: Yao Jie Huang Hou. TR:4.0
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Bulldog Drummond's Revenge (1937): Chesterson Drummond (John Howard... who looks and sounds like William Powell) tracks down powerful explosives. The explosives are being sold to foreign agent Nogais (Frank Puglia) who is traveling disguised as a woman. I recognized "him" immediately, but you've got to love the period skirt suit. TR:3.3

Bulgarian Lovers (2003): This Spanish movie is of the comedy genre with dream sequences and talking to the camera. Daniel (Fernando Guillen Cuervo) is having an affair with an "almost" married man. After a few weeks, he has a dream sequence where he says he feels like a mistress or a gangsters moll. The camera slowly pans over with him wearing full makeup, long fingernails, and a sequined top. Unfortunately, it's only a headshot and just a few seconds long. AKA: Novios Bulgaros. TR:1.0

Busy Day, A (1914): A woman (Charlie Chaplin) is jealous over her husband's interest in another woman. She gets in the way of a cameraman, knocks over a director and a policeman, gets thrown into a crowd of spectators at a military parade, attacks her husband, and gets thrown off the pier. Yep, sounds pretty busy to me! TR:3.0
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Butcher Boy, The (1917): This is a 24 minute short. Roscoe (Fatty Arbuckle) dresses as a girl to be with his girlfriend (Josephine Stevens) who's at a boarding school. However, Slim (Al St. John) is also in love with her and enters the school as a girl to kidnap her. It all hits the fan and becomes unraveled when Slim is dewigged! Buster Keaton is also present in this, his first film. TR:4.0

Butcher Boy, The (1997): A depressing and non-entertaining movie about bully Francie Brady's (Eamonn Owens) life. When his Mother (Aisling O'Sullivan) gets institutionalized with a nervous breakdown, he wears her apron around the house while doing chores. He is sent to Irish Catholic school where it is intimated he is molested by a priest with Francie wearing a bonnet and being feed chocolates. His drunken Dad is played by Crying Game's Stephen Rea. TR:0.8

Cabaret (1972): Liza Minnelli stars in this film as an entertainer in a Berlin girlie club. One of her fellow performers is a drag queen named Elke (Ricky Renee) and you see her throughout the film... although we never really get any information on her. The Master Of Ceremonies (Joel Grey) wears makeup with a tux throughout the show. During one dance number, the chorus girls come out in purple teddies and we find out that he is one of them. After the reveal, he rightly steals the rest of the number. TR:4.2
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Caffeine (2006): A day in the life of a quirky London cafe. One of the stories is about married man David (Mark Dymond) who tells his wife he is a crossdresser. She is aghast at the revelation and has a few short visions of him vacuuming in lingerie (and another of him in a wedding gown). She escapes to the bathroom and told that if all she has to worry about is his cleaning up around the house in her lingerie... she should count her blessings! TR:3.0

Cake (1979): Travel writer Pippa (shagadelic Heather Graham) begrudgingly assumes control of her father's wedding magazine; however, she doesn't believe in true love or marriage. Her new assistant is effeminate Frank (Keram Malicki-Sanchez, who has quite a lengthy filmography including drag roles). Pippa dares her new love-interest Ian (David Sutcliffe) to dance with a drag queen (Jonathan Jeyarajah), who appears to be a real-life drag performer (a shapely and natural-looking one). Jonathan is sitting with two other friends... one definitely a DQ, the other I'm not sure. TR:3.6

Calendar Girls (1979): You're not missing much when a bearded biker dude is seen at a festival dancing around in a pink little girls dress. Overall though, the movie is recommended. TR:0.3

Caligula (1979):

Calamity Jane (1953): Doris Day is on full-tilt throughout this delightful western-comedy-musical, playing Calamity Jane to Howard Keel's solid-but-stolid Wild Bill Hickok in the little town of Deadwood. There is a nice little drag scene where a booking error causes the traveling performer, Francis (Dick Wesson), to dress in drag when the all-male audience is expecting a female song and dance act. TR:4.2
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Calvaire: The Ordeal (2004): French movie that is a bizarre cross between Deliverance and Misery. When singer Marc Stevens (Laurent Lucas) van breaks down in the deep woods, he finds the lonely inn owner Bartel (Jackie Berroyer) is intent on him staying. When the jig is up, Bartel knocks out Marc and keeps him trapped and dressed up as his dead wife. It's a nice floral dress but he wears a red coat over it with his bloody shaven head... yuck, not a pretty picture. TR:1.3

Camp (2003): This musical centers around the relationships between young performers at Camp Ovation. One of the campers, Michael (Robin de Jesus), is a transvestite. He is in drab for most of the movie except for three clips, a snippet from him entering his prom in drag, his birthday surprise party at the camp where the boys dressed as girls and vice-versa, and the final musical number where he is dressed (cute sequin outfit) and dancing through the song. Robin looks great in drag and the musical numbers are quite good. TR:4.3

Candy (1968): Young Candy (Ewa Aulin) is on a quest for truth and meaning in life; however, the variety of kookie characters she meets are just looking for sex! Towards the end of the film, she finds herself at a theater with a magician performing. The cops raid the place and as the patrons flee, we find the entire audience is made up of guys in drag... to include the "female" magician... and some of them look pretty good! TR:4.4

Cannonball Run II (1984): Original characters return for another race. J.J., Victor, and Morris (Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLuiss, Sammy Davis Jr.) create a distraction as harem girls when the racers save the kidnapped sheik and the winner's booty. Don't expect much here... it's definitely unshaven laugh drag. TR:3.4

Cape Fear (1991): Convicted rapist Max Cady (Robert De Niro) stalks the family of the lawyer (Nick Nolte) who defended him. The lawyers daughter Danny (Juliette Lewis) is found in her room watching the music video "Jane's Addiction: Been Caught Stealing" featuring an ugly "pregnant" transvestite sticking a pineapple up his dress. One night, Max enters the lawyers house, kills the cleaning lady and puts on her dress and sweater... but he's not winning any beauty contests. TR:2.3

Caprice (1967): Patricia (Doris Day) is an industrial fragrance engineer (and secret agent) who has been tasked with stealing a formula for water resistant hairspray. To get close enough to knab her, Clancy (Ray Walston) dresses up like a peasant maid. TR:3.0

Car Wash (1976): You're not missing anything with effeminate car-washer Lindy (Antonio Fargas). TR:0.2

Carandiru (2003): Based on real-life experiences inside the Carandiru Brazilian state penitentiary. One story involves two of the convicts, Lady Di (Rodrigo Santoro) and No Way (Gero Camilo), who fall in love and want to get married. They plan a ceremony which is arranged and attended by all the drag queens and transgendered convicts... some of which look quite good. Lady Di also looks fairly good except for the lack of beardcover. TR:4.0

Career Opportunities (1991): Frank (Jim Dodge) has a hard time holding a job, but manages to get night janitor at a large department store. During the night, his overactive imagination runs wild and at one point he dresses up in drag for a quick glance in the mirror. Then while roller skating through the isles in a wedding veil, he runs into Josie (gorgeous Jennifer Connelly) who's hiding out in the store. TR:2.2
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Casanova's Big Night (1954): Tailor Pippo (Bob Hope) is coerced into impersonating Casanova. Needing a disguise, he and his girlfriend (Joan Fontaine) go to a ball dressed as each other, although Pippo has to find a much bigger woman for his ballgown size! TR:3.9

Casebook Of Sherlock Holmes: Master Blackmailer (1992): Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett) attempts to break the grip of a ruthless blackmailer from his clients. In the beginning, a female impersonator (Simon Fogg) has given the blackmailer love letters written to him by Colonel Dorking (David Mallinson)... who in turn is threatened with the letters being sent to his upcoming wife (Sarah McVicar). After Simon's act, we also see a trio of female imperonators on stage... very reminiscent of Inconvenient Woman. TR:3.7

Cast A Deadly Spell (1991): Private detective H.P. Lovecraft (Fred Ward) is hired to find the missing Necronomicon in magic-laden 1948 Los Angeles. His first clue is crossdresser Larry/Lilly (Lee Tergesen) who is skipping town with his boyfriend. Experienced "radar" knows the deal, but Lilly looks great in the long blonde hair and roaring 20's speakeasy fashions. Also see: Witch Hunt. TR:4.6

Cat In The Hat (19xx):

Catfish In Black Bean Sauce (1999): A lot going on in the plot here, but one of the secondary characters is dating Samantha (Wing Chen) who is found out to be a transvestite named Sam Woo. During a fantasy wedding sequence, Samantha has invited her "female" friends to the wedding to include a girl with a heavy five o'clock shadow, listed in the credits as transvestite (Vien Hong). Apparently, Wing Chen (more popularly known as Kandy Chen) is an actual female and quite popular in Asia. TR:3.7
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Catherine's Grove (1997): This is a rather strange movie plagued with many problems, one of which is trying to find a theme. There's moonlighting gay cops investigating transvestite murders, a missing person case, and a mentally-impaired crossdresser Thomas (Jeffrey Donovan) who really misses his sister. I must also mention that during flashbacks, we find young Thomas (Nick Corirossi) dressing up as his sister. Jeffrey does have a nice look and don't miss the shower/makeup scene that opens the movie! TR:3.8
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Caught In The Can (Year unknown, probably 1960's): A bizarre and blatantly contrived softporn short (26 minutes). To relieve boredom, two guys get dressed up as Alice (Gerald Broule) and Jackie (Ron Darby) and head into town (if you call a lamppost "town") to pick up some sailors. They get arrested for prostitution and with no search and the police clueless, place them among the other females where Jackie procedes to have sex with another inmate. Jackie is basically a guy in a bad wig and dress, while Alice looks a little better with bra, padding, pantyhose and more natural looking wig. TR:3.0

Cement Garden (1993): A family consisting of two boys and two girls try to keep together after the death of their parents. The youngest boy Tom (Ned Birkin) starts dressing up as a girl with the encouragement and help of his two sisters and has a schoolmate (Gareth Brown) that he enjoys playing "house" with. While the oldest Jack (Andrew Robertson) starts a incestuous relationship with his sister Julie (Charlotte Gainsbourg). This is what one would call an artistic film that disregards prejudices and leaves us stranded in an isolated stone house on an urbanized island. AKA: Der Zementgarten. TR:4.7
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Chachi 420 (1998): This is the Indian version of Mrs. Doubtfire... and it follows pretty closely. Jaiprakash (Kamal Hassan) is cut off from seeing his daughter so he ends up landing a job as the family nanny. He is dressed in his matronly traditional India female attire for a large portion of the movie. Despite the "market kung fu" scene, I liked this better than Mrs. Doubtfire. TR:4.6

Chairman Of The Board (1998): Surfer Edison (Scott "Carrot Top" Thompson) inherits a widget factory. He is invited to the country club for tennis and appears in a tennis skirt (until he is told to change). The head of research for the company (Jack McGee) comes up with an invention so guys can experience motherhood, a milk bra. In the special features, Carrot Top is interviewed and does a little costume spot wearing what looks like the top part of a prom gown and says, "What about ChairWOman Of The Board?". TR:1.5

Chameli (2003): Aman (Rahul Bose) relunctantly gets involved with prostitute Chameli (Kareena Kapoor) when his car breaks down on a rainy night. He also gets propositioned by transvestite Haseena (Kabir Sadanand). I found the movie rather tedious. TR:3.0

Charley's Aunt (1925): Fancourt Babberly (Syd Chaplin) has two roommates, Jack and Charley, who are inviting their lady friends over, but they must first secure a proper escort. When Charley's Aunt (Eulalie Jensen) is detained, Jack and Charley coerce Babbs, who had dressed up as an old lady for a school play, to pose as the absent aunt. Standard drag situations apply. The 1941 version with Jack Benny is the most well known, while this one is silent and stars Charlie Chaplin's half-brother, Syd. TR:4.0

Charley's Aunt (1941): Fancourt Babberly (Jack Benny) has two roommates, Jack and Charley, who are inviting their lady friends over, but they must first secure a proper escort. When Charley's Aunt (Kay Francis) is detained, Jack and Charley coerce Babbs, who had dressed up as an old lady for a school play, to pose as the absent aunt. Standard drag situations apply. TR:4.0
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Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (2005): A young boy (Freddie Highmore) wins a tour through the most magnificent chocolate factory in the world. All the Oompa Loompa's are played by one guy (Deep Roy) and there two short clips in drag. The first we see him in a pink dress suit as an admin clerk and the second in a music clip as on old lady (ala, Psycho). TR:1.0
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Choose Me (1984): You're not missing much when a transvestite prostitute (uncredited), basically a man in a dress and wig, propositions lounge owner Eve (lovely Lesley Ann Warren). It's only a few seconds and totally comes out of nowhere! TR:1.0

Chupacabra: Dark Seas (2005): You're not missing much when McGraw (David Millbern) wears a dress and wig when trying to escape a cruise ship with some stolen cash. TR:0.6

Christine Jorgensen Story (1970): This movie is based on the true story of the first male to female sex-change operation. George/Christine Jorgensen is played by John Hansen. John looks good in his transformation, but there is no resemblance and his acting is far too wooden to match the bubbling personality of the real Miss Jorgensen. I would be amiss if I didn't mention Trent Lehman, who has some drag scenes as the young George. TR:4.5

City Hunter (1993): Silly comedy keeps with its comic book roots. Private Investigator Ryu "City Hunter" Saeba (Jackie Chan) finds himself on a cruise ship being hijacked. When fighting the main henchmen (kick-boxing champion Gary Daniels), Ryu smashes into a video fight game and gets turned into a female ninja to finish the fight. AKA: Sing Si Lip Yan. TR:3.7

Clancy Street Boys (1943): Mugs McGinnis's (Leo Gorcey) Father bragged to a friend (Noah Beery) over the years that he had seven kids when he only had one. When the friend comes to visit, it's up to Mugs to come up with seven kids to include Glimpy (Huntz Hall) playing his "sister" Annabelle. TR:3.5

Class (1983): Skip (Rob Lowe) is a prankster at a classy prep-school and persuades his new roommate Jonathan (Andrew McCarthy) to get into a black bra and panties as a school joke. However, he locks Jonathan outside the dormitory and he has to climb the trellis back into the room at the jeers of his fellow schoolmates. TR:2.2

Clifford (1994): 44 year old Martin Short plays a 10 year old boy who wreaks havoc on all those around him. For a practical joke, he replaces his uncle's chapstick with red lipstick at a dinner party which causes all the guests to shriek in horror when he applies it. Totally out of left field James "Gypsy" Haake appears with his beautiful transvestite friend looking for their dog in the rain. Ugh! Avoid. TR:3.7

Close Your Eyes And Hold Me (1996): A Japanese drama with action and a plot that plays like a hard-core porn film... if you know what I mean! Amane (Kazuya Takahashi) falls in love with (sort of) transsexual performer Hanabusa (female hottie Kumiko Takeda) and drops his girlfriend Juri (Natsue Yoshimura). You're not missing anything when Hanabusa dresses up Amane (just a wig and slip) so she can feel masculine. Kazuya has a very feminine voice, so it's interesting in the English dubbed track they gave her a "manly" female voice... kind of like Kathleen Turner. AKA: Me Wo Tojite Daite. TR:0.4

Cockettes (2002): Documentary about the gender-bending performance group that became popular in San Francisco. The group consisted mainly of gay males and a few females who ad-libbed a play (or something) on a stage while high on drugs. Yes, the 1970's were a weird time in San Francisco. The surprising part is that many survived and are interviewed in the film! If you are interested in the origin and history of the group, this is the film for you. TR:3.6

Come Dance With Me (1959): Herve (Henri Vidal) and his wife Virginie (Brigitte Bardot) try to clear his name when he is falsely accused of murder. One of the suspects is Daniel (Philippe Nicaud)... who happens to be a transvestite and performs at a local fetish club. AKA: Voulez-Vous Danser Avec Moi? TR:3.9
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Coming Out (1989): Phillip (Matthias Freihof) comes to terms with his being homosexual (reportedly the first film to deal with gay issues in East Germany). One night, he stumbles upon a gay bar that is having a costume party with lots of crossdressed guys... some quite pretty. Another time the bar is hosting a drag show (with another very attractive performer who dewigs). The club's bartender is played by Charlotte von Mahlsdork (subject of "I Am My Own Woman"). It's a fair film, although I feel the film has no beginning or ending. TR:4.0

Coming To America (1988): Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) comes to America in search of a bride. One of the girls he meets at a club is played by Arsenio Hall. It's only a few seconds and done for laughs. TR:2.4

Company Business (1991): Rogue CIA agent Sam Boyd (Gene Hackman) is called back by the "Company" to do a hostage trade. After the deal spoils, Sam checks back in from a West Berlin drag club. A fair number of drag queens are at the club and the main performer (uncredited) looks pretty good... my, how those Germans love the Marlene Dietrich schtick. TR:4.0

Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) (2000): The Reduced Shakespeare Company consists of three guys (Adam Long, Reed Martin, Austin Tichenor) who compress and attempt to act out the complete works of Shakespeare in about 1:40. It's all very humorous, so don't expect the quick-change female characters to be more than a wig and a pull-on skirt! TR:1.5

Con Air (1997): A newly paroled ex-convict (Nicolas Cage) finds himself trapped in a prisoner transport plane that is taken over by a varied group of deranged convicts. Ramon (Renoly Santiago) is one of those convicts and also a crossdresser. Finding a stray suitcase, he joins in fighting off the police in a floral chemise. Amazingly, he doesn't look too bad in just a dress with no wig, makeup, padding, etc. TR:2.5

Coney Island (1917): This is a 26 minute short. Roscoe (Fatty Arbuckle) and a girl (Alice Mann) rent swimsuits to go to the beach, however they don't have any big enough for Fatty. A large woman arrives so he decides to "borrow" her swimsuit... along with her hat and parasol (oh, and a wig from Alice)... and stays dressed for the rest of the short. Standard drag situations apply. TR:3.5

Connie and Carla (2004): Nia Vardalos and Toni Collette follow along the heels of "Some Like It Hot" as Connie and Carla. After witnessing a mob hit, the two go on the lam and hide out as two drag queens performing at a gay club in L.A. Using their own voices (and they are not bad), they are an instant success, so they add backup queens: Peaches, N'Cream, Brianna, and Paul (Stephen Spinella, Alec Mapa, Chris Logan, and Robert Kaiser). Interesting enough, each of these actors seem to have an affinity for drag roles. Many real-life, I gather from the special features, drag queens abound in the club and includes a brief snippet by the Groove Thing Queens (Paddy Ma, Jay Williams, Todd Oberg). Overall, an entertaining and funny movie that I recommend. TR:4.8

Copacabana (1947): Lionel (Groucho Marx) books his girlfriend Carmen (Carmen Miranda) as two different acts at the same nightclub. You're not missing anything when Lionel puts a Copa Girl outfit over his male clothes in an attempt to escape the police. TR:1.2 Corazon De Bombon (2001): Luis (Javier Martin) is having an affair with a married woman. During a stayover one night, the husband returns unexpectedly, so the wife dresses him up in her clothes as their decorator Luisa. On "Luisa's" way home, he runs across a woman, Virginia (Valeria Marini), and they form a female friendship that slowly turns into more. The DVD special features mention that they wanted "Luisa" to be real as possible, and not just a comedic caricature of women. Javier does look pretty good as Luisa and he does a good job with the voice as well. TR:4.5

Corky Romano (2001): You're not missing much when Corky (Chris Kattan) goes undercover for the FBI and disguises himself as a Girl Scout. TR:1.1

Corndog Man (1999): A foul-mouthed boat salesman (Noble Willingham) is targeted for never-ending telephone terrorism by a mysterious man claiming to be his son. As the story slowly progresses, we discover he is dating a black transvestite hair-dresser (Africa Bryan Seabrook) who will be drawn into the intrigue for blackmail purposes. An interesting and offbeat film. TR:3.5

Cowards Bend The Knee (2003): This awful "artsy" film is done in silent-film era style and somehow is supposed to be autobiograhical for writer and director Guy Maddin (Darcy Fehr). Dr Fusi (Louis Negin) performs several operations while wearing just a corset. I can't believe crap like this gets filmed and distributed. AKA: Blue Hands. TR:0.1

Crank (2006): This movie is a trip! Chev (Jason Statham) has to keep his adrenaline levels high to stay alive. You're not missing much when his effeminate friend Kaylo (Efren Ramirez) gets dressed (sort of) for a night out at the club. TR:1.1

Crazy As Hell (2002): A psychiatrist (Michael Beach) tests his "no drug" approach on patients in an insane asylum. His first introduction to the patients included a guy in a wedding gown. Arriving later to check himself in is a guy (Eric La Salle) claiming to be Satan. He marks both male and female on his application and is seen one day wearing a black sheer dress with long skirt and jewelry. Later we see him trying to escape dressed as his mother. TR:1.9

Creature (1999): Creature is a documentary that follows the amazing transformation of cute boy Kyle Dean into the stunningly beautiful creature Stacey Dean. Includes many interviews with her father (who begrudgingly accepts but does not support her), mother, lovers, and friends. One of her best friends is Barbarella (Filberto Ascencio, once featured in Transformation magazine) who permanently abandons his female persona during the several year span of this film. TR:4.2

Crimes Of Passion (1984): Joanna Crane (Kathleen Turner) is a successful sportswear designer by day and exotic street hooker China Blue by night. Two men fall for China, an eccentric street preacher (Anthony Perkins) wants to save her soul, while all-American Bobby (John Laughlin) wants to leave his wife and kids for her. Spoiler: In the last few minutes of the film, things come to a dangerous head when the preacher traps Joanna and says that the only way to "save" her is for one of them to die. The climax has the two with swapped clothes as we glimpse the preacher dressed like China (in her blue princess dress, heels, and blonde wig) and somehow Joanna dressed like the preacher. A great performance by Kathleen and an interesting storyline. TR:2.0

Crimson Pirate (1952): Burt Lancaster plays a pirate with a taste for intrigue and acrobatics who involves himself in the goings on of a revolution in the Caribbean in the late 1700s. TR:
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Crocodile Dundee (1986): The bar sequence with transvestite "Gwendoline" in this movie is a often referenced when discussing TG themes, but the part was actually played by a female named Anne Carlisle. From her previous credits, this is not the first time she has crossed gender lines. TR:n/a

Crocodile Dundee [3] in Los Angeles (2001): There is a very short sequence when Dundee (Paul Hogan) is showing his Australian friend around Los Angeles when they come across what they think is a Texas Bar because of the cow"girl" (Carey Embry) out front welcoming patrons in. However, we never even see inside as they immediately retreat when they find out its a "puff" (gay) bar. Although, his naive friend is still confused why a cowgirl is hanging out front. Carey is listed on IMDB as a female, but I am fairly sure its a guy. TR:2.3

Crooks Anonymous (1962): Is an organization of reformed crooks who set up a program and help group for other crooks wanting to go straight. They are given tests before returning to society and one involves Widdowes (master of disguise, Stanley Baxter) dressing up as a society dame. We also briefly see him at the end of the film dressed as an Indian lady. TR:3.6

Cruising (1980): A cop (Al Pacino) goes undercover in the New York gay S&M scene. In the beginning of the film, we see two cops having a bad day and take it out on two transvestite street walkers. One of those (Gene Davis, who looks very much like David Shawn Michaels) is a police informer who see in two other scenes. TR:3.8

Crying Game (1992): An unlikely friendship develops between Fergus, an Irish Republican Army volunteer, and Jody, a kidnapped British soldier. When trouble ensues, Fergus is able to escape and heads to London, where he seeks out Jody's lover, a hairdresser named Dil (Jaye Davidson). If you're reading this, I suppose it's not of a spoiler to say that Dil is found out to be a pre-op transsexual... and does a great job. TR:4.7

Cuba Crossing (1980): Adventurer Hud (Robert Vaughn) and boat captain Tony (Stuart Whitman) get caught up in a plot to kill Fidel Castro. They conduct business at a bar that had a female impersonator (Gordon Ross) entertaining... and he doesn't look that bad. AKA: Sweet Diry Tony. AKA: Assignment: Kill Castro. TR:3.8

Curiosity Of Chance, The (2006): Eccentric teenager Chance Marquis (Tad Hilgenbrink) enters a drag queen contest with the help of sarcastic Twyla (Aldevina Da Silva), school photographer Hank (Pieter Van Nieuwenhuyze) and drag queen Claire Vuoyant (Danny Calander). Drag queens abound at the drag club including Passion Pink (Dirk Calander), Lily Pad (Stefan Van Haarlem), Olivia Luna (Olivier Antoine), Daisy Divine (Davy Beyens), Miss L (Raphael Breens), Poca (Nico Degroodt), Vanessa Dupond (James De Middelaer), Star (Nic Hopstaken), Lily Fricontine (Jimmy Leten), Yvanka (Yves Longueville) and Jana (Jan Vandegoor). Cute movie! TR:4.6

Curse Of The Queer Wolf (1988): Larry (Michael Palazzolo) gets bit by a Queer Wolf and starts turning into one himself. Apparently, The "Queer Wolf" disease makes one want to crossdress and instills a desire to infect others. This is a really a silly movie and most definitely "non-shaven" laugh drag. TR:0.9

Cut Sleeve Boys (2006): Two British Chinese gay men re-examine their lives after the death of a friend. Effeminate and campy Ashley (Chowee Leow) decides the best way of getting a boyfriend is to become a tranny and land a chaser. He does look *very* cute in drag and quite a treat to watch. Little does Ashley know but his manly new boyfriend Ross (Neil Collie) is also trangenderedly gifted. Seen throughout is unlikely black Diane/Dan (John Campbell) as he transitions from TV to TS. You'll also find many real-life crossdressers at the tranny bar (such as the trannie club cashier David Cary). Not to be missed is in the special features where Chowee talks about his tribulations in dressing as a woman and where they found the real-life crossdressers. TR:5.0