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Damned (1969): The dramatic collapse of the wealthy and industrialist Von Essenbeck family during the reign of the Third Reich. Towards the beginning of the film the family is summoned to a dinner party in which different family members entertain. The spoiled and sheltered Martin (Helmut Berger) does his Marlene Dietrich impersonation. Later a celebration at army barracks has a few of the soldiers doing a chorus line in bra's and slips. AKA: Caduta Degli Dei. TR:4.2

Dangerous Living: Coming Out In The Developed World (20nn): Jeanine Garafolo narrates this documentary on gay/lesbian struggles in mostly third-world countries. There are a few short TG clips and interviews with transgendered Alyssa Solom. TR:2.5 13Jul10

Dark Knight, The (2008): Batman (Christian Bale), Lieutenant Gordon (Gary Oldman), and DA Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) are making progress in cleaning up the streets of Gotham when chaos is unleashed by a rising criminal mastermind known as the Joker (Heath Ledger). At one point we see the Joker at the hospital dressed as a nurse... but really, I don't think he is (or trying to) fool anyone. TR:1.9

Darling (1965): Diana Scott (Julie Christy) is a self-possessed model who can't decide her direction in life and jumps from husbands to boyfriends and back again. One of her beau's takes her to a party in France where a bunch of couples play the "truth game"... a kind of mix between musical chairs and charades. While they are all dancing around in a circle, they haphazardly switch and mix clothes, lingerie and wigs. TR:1.3

Dawn Of The Dead (2004): Remake of the 1978 George Romero film, which bears little resemblance, if any, to the original. (Of course, I could include the original in the guide as all female zombie stunts were played by two men). Anywho, the survivors of a worldwide plague that is producing the flesh-hungry undead, take refuge in a mega shopping mall. At one point, they are joined at the mall by a small group to include an overweight bloated woman (Ermes Blarasin) brought in by a wheelbarrow. The director stated Ermes got kidded by his friends because he played a zombie woman so well. His transformation is shown and discussed in the special features. Also part of that group was a gay church organist (R.D. Reid) who we find trying on high heels at the shoe store. TR:1.2

Dark Hour (1936): You're not missing much when senior Charles (Hobart Bosworth) stalks around at night in "feminine attire" (skirt, wrap, hat) to investigate his brother's death. TR:0.5

Date Movie (2006): In this spoof of romantic movies, Julia (Alyson Hannigan) and Grant (Adam Campbell) fall in love. Julia asks Grant how he meet his best "man", female Andy (Sophie Monk), and we are treated to a "Pretty Woman" parody with Grant walking down the street in full prostitute attire... thigh high boots, crop top, etc. A car pulls up with Andy dressed like a man and asking what $2K will buy her. One scene also involves Julia getting on a motorbike in her cute pink dress... once seated, she turns into muscled black man wearing the same dress... why? We don't really know. From deleted scenes, I also found out some of dance routines for Alyson were done by dancer Alex "Shorty" Welch. Just a warning for you... this was supposedly from the makers of "Scary Movie" but this movie is absolutely horrible with practically no laughs at all... agreed on with an IMDB user rating of 2.7/10. TR:3.5

Day Of The Locust (1975): Artist Tod (William Atherton) falls in love with a beautiful but flighty actress Faye (Karen Black). In their apartment complex is a snotty little boy Adore (Jackie Haley) who is always wearing a frilly blouse and Lord Fauntleroy suit (and lipstick when he is first introduced). But the real treat is when Tod, Faye and Homer Simpson (Donald Sutherland) go out on the town to a club featuring a drag performer (Paul Jabara). Paul is an accomplished musician and has been in drag many times before... and he looks quite good. TR:4.6

Day Of The Nightmare (1965): A low-budget mystery movie that is kind of like a bad "Dressed To Kill". Jonathan (Cliff Fields) appears to have a normal life and a lovely wife (Beverly Bain), but really is a crossdressing killer due to childhood problems with his father. Confused? It makes even less sense when you see it. TR:2.4

Day Watch (2006): You're not missing much when Anton (Konstantin Khabensky) is *very* briefly seen under a waterfall in a top and skirt when he switches bodies with Olga (Galina Tyunina). TR:1.0

Dead Awake (2001): Desmond Caine (Stephen Baldwin) suffers from insomnia and spends his nights walking the streets. Each night he passes transvestite street hooker Veronica (Conrad Pla). TR:3.9

Dead Man (1995): In this surreal and tedious Western, Johnny Depp plays accountant William Blake who is on the lam for killing a man. He encounters a strange Indian named "Nobody" (Gary Farmer) who prepares him for his journey into the spiritual world. During their journey, they run across three guys. One is dressed in a tattered frontier dress and bonnet and called Sally (Iggy Pop)... just one of many bizarre characters and scenes of this movie that remain unexplained. TR:3.3

Dead One, The (2007): Based on a comic series, Diego (Wilmer Valderrama, of That 70's Show) is resurrected in order to kill an Aztec god that inhabits senior Lady Katrina (Billy Drago, who also plays the Old Indian). It's a bit difficult to follow. TR:1.0

Death Warrant (1990): Louis (Jean-Claude Van Damme) is a cop who goes undercover as a convict. He enlists the help of the "in-the-know" inmate, The Priest (Abdul Salaam El Razzac), who surrounds himself with transvestite convicts that he calls his "ladies". There are at least four, but Jersey (Harry Waters Jr.) plays a slightly bigger role than eye-candy. TR:3.5

Death Wish 5: Face Of Death (1994): Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson) is back at vigilante justice when his fiancee's (Lesley-Anne Down) face is slashed. The attack occured when Freddie (Robert Joy) disguised himself as a woman and cornered her in the ladies room. His impersonation reminded me of Kevin MacDonald's (Kids In The Hall) female characters. TR:3.6

Decline Of The American Empire, The (2007): A French-Canadian film about a group of self-proclaimed intellectuals waxing philosophical about sexual exploits. Remy (Remy Girard) recounts a tale when he was showing around an African visitor and went into town for some prostitutes... the first one they accidentally and briefly proposition is a good-looking transvestite. AKA: Declin De L'Empire Americain. TR:2.5

Defying Gravity (200n): A *very* independent film about people running. Cute Lola (Willam Belli) is a small-town transvestite diner waitress waiting for the opportunity to spread her wings. Willam always looks good, and this is no exception. Check out
Official Site For Everything Willam. TR:4.0

Delta Farce (2007): Three bumbling Army reservist bound for Iraq are accidentally dropped in Mexico and praised by village residents for running off a local gang. After a celebration party, Everett (DJ Qualls) wakes up in a senorita dress and rather likes it! Sgt Kilgore (Keith David) ends up getting lost and picked up by two Mexicans who drive him back to their shack and dress him up in a red babydoll nightgown. Both are "laugh" drag. TR:3.0

Deranged (1974): Based on the Ed Gein case, a deranged rural farmer (Roberts Blossom) becomes a murderer after the death of his mother whom he keeps in his decaying farmhouse. Mary (Micki Moore) enters his house to find him dressed in granny wear in his mother's bedroom among other corpses. No idea why this movie has a good IMDB rating! Also see: Ed Gein. TR:1.0

Devil Times Five (1975): A bizarre movie about a stranded group of psychiatric orphaned kids who go about killing people. At one point, Leif Garrett (at the tender age of 14), crossdresses for the affections of one of the men who took in the kids. He also dresses up at end where the kids are playing around the attic with the corpses of all the adults they killed... no... I'm not making this up! All in all, a good family film. TR:3.5 (for the cute crossdressed Leif)

Diamonds Are Forever (1971): Seventh of the James Bond movies. You're not missing much when Blofeld (Charles Gray) escapes from a casino by dressing as a woman... an unconvincing and unattractive one. TR:2.0

Diary of a Serial Killer (1997): Nelson (Gary Busey) is a journalist who needs a big story. He decides to investigate transvestites and during his initial outing in drag, he befriends Erica (David Shawn Michaels) at the club. Also, draq queens abound in a carnival scene towards the end of the film. David was a semi-regular cast member on the John Larroquette Show as drag queen Teddi. AKA: Rough Draft. TR:4.3

Die Mommie Die! (2003): In this takeoff of silver-screen diva movies, Angela Arden (Charles Busch) kills her husband to be with her young lover (Jason Priestley). However, her daughter and son devise a plan of revenge. A much better film for Charles than Psycho Beach Party and I am absolutely green with envy over his beautiful costumes! TR:4.6

Different For Girls (1996): Karl (Steven Mackintosh) and Paul (Ropert Graves) were best friends in school. But when they meet again in present-day London, things are not the same. Karl had a sex-change and is now Kim, who is trying to forget the past and live an orderly life. Paul has charm, but is a social disaster in a dead-end job. Amid the squabbles, they start to fall in love. One night, Kim invites Paul to a romantic dinner at her flat. Finding the seduction unexpectedly effective, he freaks out and makes a public display out of them both that winds up in court. Steven does a good job in the movie which is worth seeing alone for the excellent prosthetics used in the nude scenes (see frame grabs). TR:5.0
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Dinah East (1970): Dinah East (Jeremy Stockwell) becomes a glamorous movie queen in the 1950's... however upon her death she is found to be a man. An interesting movie (with a soft-porn feel to it) that was inspired by rumors that Mae West was really a man... and subsequently pulled from the market by her lawyers shortly after its release. As an aside, Jeremy was dressed as Mae West for the movie premiere. He is in the Dinah role for the entire movie and looks very good with his small features and thin waist. He reminds me of a cross between Doris Day and Christopher Morley. Just released on DVD. TR:5.0
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Disaster Movie (2008): They picked a good name for this movie which stars many of the MADtv cast. "Sex And The City" Carrie Bradshaw (Jason Boegh) has a fair amount of screen time and a fight scene. Enchanted Princess (Nicole Parker) has a beefy stunt double/dancer (Jerry Randolph) and eventually found out to be a hunky transvestite (Johnny Rock). TR:3.1

Divine Trash (1998): This is a documentary about underground movie pioneer John Waters. Includes archive footage and interviews with many different people to include: John Waters and his family, Divine and his family, Steve Buscemi, Mink Stole, Edith Massey, Paul Morrissey, Channing Wilroy, and many more. A must-see for John Waters and Divine fans. TR:4.0

Dog Day Afternoon (1975): Sonny (Al Pacino) decides to rob a bank to get money for his "wife's", Leon (Chris Sarandon), sex-change operation. The whole movie surrounds the stand-off as Sonny decides his course of action. We never see Leon in more than a ratty old bathrobe (unshaven, no makeup, etc) except for a few seconds when the reporters catch the story and get hold of a b&w picture of Leon in a wedding gown (still unshaven and no makeup). For a few seconds, we also see a TG in the mob of people that surround the bank in support of Sonny. The movie was based on a true story that happened in 1972 and reports that Leon is now living as a woman in New York. TR:1.2

Dogfight (1969): The night before "Birdlace" Eddie (River Phoenix) and his friends are shipped to Vietnam, they hold a cruel contest called "Dogfight" in which each of them try to find the ugliest girl and bring her to their party. As you might imagine, one of the guys brings a transvestite (uncredited). I didn't find the transvestite *that* unattractive though... and he did have a neat 60's outfit! TR:3.5

Dolce Vita, La (1960): Not sure about the point of this artsy movie (surprise, it's written and directed by Federico Fellini), but Marcello (Marcello Mastroiaani) has many lady loves and attends lots of parties. One Bohemian party has two guys (Domino, Carlo Musto) doing the can-can to Jingle Bells and they can be seen in bits throughout the scene. Domino looks very much like a woman. At least one other transvestite is listed in the credits, but your guess is as good as mine. TR:3.3

Domino (2005): Star-studded film loosely-based on the real-life story of female bounty hunter Domino Harvey (Keira Knightley). You're not missing much when Raul (Joseph Nunez) and his female co-workers end up robbing an armed car dressed as the "First Ladies". TR:1.2

Don Juan DeMarco (1995): A man (Johnny Depp) tries to convince a psychiatrist (Marlon Brando) he is Don Juan, the greatest lover in the world. One of his tales involved being sold into Middle East slavery. He is dressed like a harem girl for his liasons with the Sultana... until he is nearly discovered by the Sultan. TR:3.2

Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead (1991): Entertaining comedy starring Christina Applegate. I got this one as part of my Christopher Morley collection, but don't blink or you'll miss him and his female impersonator friends (David Shawn Michaels, Logan Duncan) hijacking a car. TR:1.5 (for duration)

Double Down (2001): This movie is about a group of four guys with bad gambling problems. On "Date Night", Brett (Orien Richman) escorts beautiful blind date Candy Cane (Karen Dior). However, soon the girls and boys start to suspect something unusual about her. AKA: Zigs. TR:3.9

Dr. Goldfoot And The Girl Bombs (1966): Mad scientist Dr. Goldfoot (Vincent Price) plots to take over the world in this Italian curiosity. When authorities suspect Dr. Goldfoot's hideout, he attempts to disguise it as a country school for girls, with his mustached and veiled "pregnant?" self as the headmistress. Two badly inept agents try to escape his lair. One (Ciccio Ingrassia) dresses in a gold bikini as a "girl bomb"... and maybe the only funny line in the movie delivered by Goldfoot, "that's the day I forgot to oil the machine!" AKA: Le Spie Vengono Dal Semifreddo. TR:2.5 11Dec10

Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde (1995): Sean Young, Timothy Daly

Dr. Wai In 'The Scripture With No Words' (1996): Writer Chow Si-Kit (Jet Li) is trying to find inspiration to finish his latest Dr. Wai, King Of Adventurers serial. The novel is played out with Si-Kit as Dr. Wai and his friend Shing (Takeshi Kaneshiro) as his trusty sidekick. To gain access to a safe, they attend a society function disguised as two ladies. I think they look pretty good. AKA: Mo Him Wong. TR:4.5 Dress Code (2000): Bruno (Alex Linz) is a young boy who has two strikes against him, he's very smart and considered a sissy. Angela (Stacey Halprin) Helen (Shirley MacLaine) AKA: Bruno. TR:

Dressed To Kill (1980): Psychiatrist Robert Elliott (Michael Caine) tries to find his serial-killing transsexual patient Bobbi. *Spoiler Alert* Bobbi ends up being one of Dr. Elliott's multiple personalities. However, director Brian De Palma reveals that every scene in which we see Bobbi (except the finale in Elliott's office) was played by a woman (Susanna Clemm... who also played Detective Luce). Hmmm... I always wondered why "she" looked different in the unmasking scene. Also, the background clip on television is Phil Donahue interviewing transsexual Nancy Hunt. TR:3.0

Dry Cleaning (1997):

Dukes Of Hazzard: The Beginning (2007): A made-for-TV movie about how Bo (Jonathan Bennett) and Luke (Randy Wayne) became the Dukes of Hazzard. The boys go undercover as girls to get some information and even though this is laugh drag, it's quite clear these boys *could* easily be transformed into hotties. You'll want to see this movie *only* for the drag. TR:4.0

Duplicate (1998): Manu (Shahrukh Khan) has escaped prison to a town where he has a duplicate. His old associates are unwilling to give him his share of money, so he decides to kill them. As a "master of disguise", he gets past the bodyguards of the first baddie (Sharat Saxena) by disguising himself as a female prostitute and doing a seductive dance before offing him. His girl voice is dubbed, but he does look pretty good! TR:4.2

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982): Of course, everyone knows this cute movie (and it's quite interesting to see Drew Barrymore so young!). Elliott (Henry Thomas) comes home and discovers Drew has dressed E.T. up as a girl... complete with blonde wig and jewelry. The 20th anniversary addition has a reunion special with the original actors chatting about their experiences and there is a short clip where director Steven Spielberg appeared on the original set dressed like an old lady! TR:2.0

Easy Money (1983): To inherit his mother-in-law's fortune, Monty (Rodney Dangerfield) must clean up his unhealthy ways. In the beginning of the film, we find Monty in his daughters wedding dress while his wife makes alterations. And no, it's not a pretty sight. TR:1.0 Ed Gein (2000): Ed Gein was America's first famous serial killer and the real-life inspiration for Psycho. One evening, Ed Gein (Steve Railsback) runs outside wearing the face and torso skin of one of his female victims, beats a drum, screams, and goes back inside... Ugh! Also see: Deranged. TR:0.3

Ed Wood (1994): Tim Burton's documentary (shot in glorious b&w) about the life of Ed Wood who was once voted "Worst Director Of All Time"! It lovingly chronicles his life from the filming of "Glen Or Glenda" through the premiere of "Plan Nine". Johnny Depp does a great job of fleshing out the energetic, quirky, angora-obsessed director... and is cuter in drag than the original Ed Wood! Not to miss is his equally cartoonish set of friends including Bela Lugosi (expertly played by Martin Landau), Bunny Breckinridge (Bill Murray), Vampira (Lisa Marie), and Tor (George Steele). TR:4.0

Ed Wood - Look Back In Angora (1994): This is a fun little documentary that talks all about Ed Wood's life and career. It also has clips from some unfinished films and a never-aired TV western pilot that Ed Wood wrote and directed. A must-see for Ed Wood fans. TR:4.0

Edge Of Seventeen (1998): Eric (Chris Stafford) deals with parents and friends as he discovers he is gay. When he goes to the local gay club, he is introduced to drag queen Ruby Rogers (Stevie Reese Desmond). At the club, we also find Anita Mann (Dominic Carrion) and misc drag queen (Edd Martin). TR:3.5 EDtv (1999): Video store clerk Ed (Matthew McConaughey) agrees to have his life broadcasted 24 hours a day for a tv network. It becomes an extremely popular channel and various tv personalities comment on its success... to include a few snippets with drag queen RuPaul (Rupaul Charles). Watch it for more than the short RuPaul clips, because overall it's really a good comedy. TR:1.5

Efkarliyim Abiler (1966):

El Transsexual (1977): Eva Robins

Elizabeth (1998): Elizabeth (Cate Blanchett) has just become Queen of England and must bring peace to her lands by marrying a duke (Vincent Cassel). During a welcoming ceremony, she wishes to present him with a ring when she's informed that he's sick. She proceeds to his room anyway and finds an orgy taking place and the duke in the back of the room dressed up as a woman. The duke immediately claims that there is nothing wrong with his dressing up. It's a short scene. TR:3.8

Eraser (1996): Nice action flick. John Kruger (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a U.S. Marshal working for the Witness Protection Agency. While protecting Lee (Vanessa Williams), he enters a drag club to enlist help from a past informant (Robert Pastorelli). We see glimpses on three drag queens on stage and several transgendered patrons throughout the club. TR:4.0

Erasure - Abbaesque (1992): The musical group Erasure (Andy Bell, Vince Clarke) create videos and sing the following ABBA songs: Lay Your Love On Me, S.O.S., Take a Chance On Me, and Voulez Vous. It's worth it to see the two in drag for the entire video "Take A Chance On Me", with plenty of split screen shots of the "four". They don't look too bad in drag, especially Vince! TR:4.0
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Ernest Scared Stupid (1991): Ernest (Jim Varney) unleases an evil troll on Halloween. Twice he goes through quick character montages where two of the characters are females... definitely "laugh drag". Also briefly seen is an adult Halloweener wearing a blonde wig up in pigtails. Errand Boy, The (1961): Paramutual Pictures hires an idiot (Jerry Lewis) to unknowingly be a spy. The movie opening explains how Hollywood is fake and a very small scene shows a blonde "movie siren" (Mike Mazurki) being slapped. This movie is not funny, lingers on too long and becomes VERY boring... I fell asleep half a dozen times trying to get through it. TR:1.0 29Jun11

Escape From New York (1981): Snake (Kurt Russell) needs to rescue the U.S. President from New York, which is now a maximum security prison. While searching the city, he runs into a theater where some guys are doing a drag show on stage. It's a very short clip and all happening in the background. TR:2.0(for duration)

Eva-Man (1980): I don't speak Italian, but it's an interesting film starring the beautiful Eva Robins. Its starts (and ends) with Eva dancing around a sunken living room while various couples watch. Scientists observe while she has sex with two post-ops and then frolics in the pool before being kidnapped by the jealous meanies. She is tied up in a barn and about to have a sex-change with an axe, before injecting herself with her super-power ring. She then proceeds to kick everyones butt (while naked, mind you) before going back to the pool to have sex with the remaining cast. Yep... it's a foreign film! AKA: Evaman, La Maquina Del Amor. TR:4.0 (For Eva)

Even Cowgirls Get The Blues (1993): Wow... this is a bizarre movie, and not in a good way. You're not missing much when John Hurt plays the Countess... basically an effeminate man who wears makeup. TR:1.0

Event, The (2003): Depressing and slow-moving movie about a New York City district attorney Nick (Parker Posey) investigating a suicide-like death in the gay community. Everlasting Secret Family, The (1988): The plot description tries to sell this movie as "political intrigue"... however, it's just as excuse for a disjointed smut film about the relationship between a senator (Arthur Dignam) and his ambitious boy lover (Mark Lee). Their relationship changes when the senator gets married. The boy goes through depression which involves a small scene of him crossdressing, and a leftover drag queen (Ritchie Finger/Cindy Pastel) after a night of partying. There is another drag queen (Johnny H... credited via IMDB, not the movie) which I think can be seen in a wild blonde wig at an earlier house-warming party. TR:3.5 29Jun11

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex (1972): Woody Allen brings us seven unrelated "sketches" about sex-related topics based on a book by David Reuben. One of the segments is "Are Transvestites Homosexuals?" and is about a pudgy mustached man attending a friendly dinner party with his wife. He asks to be excused and goes upstairs to the bathroom... however ends up in the the bedroom of the owner and starts trying on the woman's clothes and prancing around. He eventually finds his way out on the street in the middle of a bunch of turmoil. It's uninspired at best. TR:2.9 (for the cute slip)

Evil Aliens (2005): Sensationalist Weird World reporter Michelle Fox (Emily Booth) films an alien abduction recreation when the real aliens show up. You're not missing anything when the male actor was found doing solo artistic theater in makeup, nail polish, satin tank top and boa before the gig. The first 10 minutes I was gritting my teeth with how bad I was anticipating this movie to be until I got into it and understood its camp and its nods to other sci-fi films. I ended up enjoying it! TR:1.5

Experiment In Terror (1962): You're not missing much when Red Lynch (Ross Martin) dons old-lady drag (wig, hat, coat) to pass information to his victim (Lee Remick). TR:1.5

Extreme Movie (2008): This movie is a collection of (so-called) comedy sketches. Chuck's (Frankie Muniz) girlfriend wants to "go to the next level" which includes a glimpse of Chuck in a baby bonnet, a hairy black man dressed as a nun, and her dressed up as Hitler. Jamie Kennedy also appears as a sickly long-haired androgynous guy with painted fingernails and leopard print bikini underwear. TR:1.0

Eye Of The Killer (1999): After an accident, burned-out cop Mickey Hayden (Kiefer Sutherland) gains the ability to see through the eyes of the person whose object he holds. He uses this gift to track down a notorious killer known as "Jabberwocky". One of Hayden's friends is transvestite hooker Claudette (Alexander Chapman... who appears to play mostly TG roles), and is seen throughout the movie. Watch for many parallels with Alice In Wonderland. AKA: After Alice. TR:3.8

Fabulous Flag Sisters, The (2008): A documentary chronicling the rise of the Flag Sisters (La Sorelle Bandiera)... Tito Le Duc (a Mexican), Mauro Bronchi (an Italian) and Neil Hansen (an Australian). The story is told following Neil (the tall pretty one) as he attempts to reform the group with two new "sisters". TR:3.9 Fahrenheit 451 (1966): You're not missing anything when Fabian (Anton Diffring) dresses as a headmistress to spy on a coworker. That's a bit misleading... it's a millisecond shot with him in a wig, that's it. TR:0.1

Fame (2005): Stories surrounding the students of the New York City High School for the Performing Arts. During drama class, Montgomery (Paul McCrane) reveals he is gay. The next scene has drama students getting made up for some type of costume event and Montgomery is applying lipstick when Ralph (Barry Miller) appears from behind a clothes rack wearing a black teddy, fishneck stockings and makeup... in order to "tease" Montgomery. Another scene takes place in a theater playing Rocky Horror and there are several Frank-N-Furter's in the audience. TR:3.5

Fanci's Persuasion (1995): This is a pretty bizarre movie. Fanci (Jessica Patton) needs to persuade both her female lover to marry her and convince their parents to attend the wedding. Her mother is played by female impersonator Kiki DuRane (Justin Bond) who plays it way over-the-top! There are also some TG's attending the wedding ceremony at the end. TR:3.8

FAQs (2005): Drag queen porn director Destiny (Allan Louis) takes in homosexuals off the street... including three gay guys and a butch (kind of) lesbian to form their own unique family. But really the movie is just an exercise in bashing straights and Christians. TR:3.1

Farewell My Concubine (1993): Two young Chinese boys (Leslie Cheung, Fengyi Zhang) go to opera school together and become big stars. Due to his small size, Leslie is forced to play the girl parts and develops a crush on his opposite male lead. This film is a bit hard to watch in places as the characters go from one depressing situation into another. AKA: Ba Wang Bie Ji. TR:3.7

Fearless Hyena (1979): Shing (Jackie Chan) lives with and is taught Kung-Fu by his Grandfather (James Tien), but forbidden to use it in public. He eventually gives in when he needs a job, but uses disguises to hide his identity. One disguise is that of a beautiful Asian girl whose great attraction lies in her breasts. Jackie doesn't look half bad as a chick! TR:4.6

Fellini Satyricon (1969): Wow... where to begin with this surreal and artsy film directed by Federico Fellini. The film is set in first century Rome and loosely follows the adventures of Encolpio (Martin Potter) and his sexual boy slave Gitone (Max Born). The narrarator explains that Gitone was raised as a girl and he looks pretty androgynous throughout. At one point, Encolpio is captured into slavery and brought aboard a ship to fight the strong captain with a gimpy eye. The captain defeats him, but spares his life because of Encolpio's beautiful eyes, at which point the captain gets dressed as a woman to wed Encolpio. Encolpio also helps a man kidnap a hermaphrodite demi-god boy (Luigi Battaglia?) who is shown to have both sets of genitalia. Of course, everyone is wearing robes and lots of makeup... so it is difficult to tell who is what... but overall, it's not going to make much sense either way. TR:4.0

Female Impersonator Pageant (1985): What do you have when 30 drag queens battle it out for the crown of Miss Female Impersonator of the Year? A fun pageant! Actually, it's very tame and just like watching any other pageant. It's even hosted by Ruth Buzzi and Lyle Waggoner! Features some of your favorite impersonators such as Michael Andrews, Naomi Simms, and Roxanne Russell (Logan Carter). AKA: Dream Boys Revue. TR:5.0

Female Trouble (1974): The life and times of Dawn Davenport (Divine/Glen Milstead). If you like Divine, then you will love this movie as it is custom-made for her. This is true camp guys, right down to the bad-acting. TR:3.3

Fetishes (1996): In this documentary, Nick Broomfield spends two weeks at Pandora's of NY, an up-scale house of bondage. There are several bondage/transvestism crossovers to include Jeff the housemaid and infantilism (man dressed as a baby girl). We also catch glimpses of a guy in a black corset being suran-wrapped, a guy hanging in a princess dress and another in a maid's costume. TR:3.5

Filth & Wisdom (2008): Arsty movie directed and written by Madonna (if that gives you any idea). Ukrainian Gypsy A.K. (Eugene Hutz) does odd jobs and provides philosophical comments on his life and friends. One of his jobs is a fetish dom and a brief scene has him wearing a blue skirt suit and white bow blouse... but with his hairy face and bushy mustache... ugh. TR:2.0

Find The Lady (1976): John Candy plays a cop investigating a kidnapping plot in this silly parody. The lady being kidnapped works as a dancer at a club that has a lead act by a drag character, Bruce La Rousse (Richard Monette), and we see him in several scenes... and he doesn't look too bad. A movie best watched with your brain turned off. TR:3.9

Finding Neverland (2004): The story of J.M. Barrie's (Johnny Depp) creation of Peter Pan, inspired by his friendship with a woman (Kate Winslet) and her four sons. At one point her sons put on a play for Barrie and the youngest, Michael (Luke Spill), plays the part of Lady Ursula in a blonde mop wig and green kimono. TR:0.5 (for TG content only)

First A Girl (1935): This British musical is a remake of the German "Viktor Und Viktoria" (1933) and precedes the classic "Victor Victoria" (1982). Victor (Sonnie Hale) is an actor but gets Elizabeth (Jessie Matthews) to fill in for his female impersonation act when he loses his voice. Finally, a reporter catches on and reports it to the authorities so we get to see Victor doing his impersonation number to throw them off, but mainly the drag is for laughs. TR:3.9

First Sunday (2008): Durell (Ice Cube) and LeeJohn (Tracy Morgan) are friends that need money so they attempt to rob a local church. They initially try to get a loan from Mordecai (Martell Robinson), the owner of a massage parlor who likes to give massages dressed as a female. The church is having a finance committee meeting the night they attempt the robbery... and one of the members is Bernice (played by comedian Rickey Smiley). TR:3.6

Fisher King (1991): Another quirky film brought to us by director Terry Gilliam about DJ Jack Lucas (Jeff Bridges) searching for redemption. At one point he enlists the services of a homeless cabaret singer (Michael Jeter) to deliver a singing telegram dressed as a woman. He has all the right clothes and underwear, but unshaven and mustached. TR:3.7

Fit For A King (1937): Virgil Jones (Joe E. Brown) finally gets his break as a reporter when he is asked to uncover a plot to murder a visiting ArchDuke (Harry Davenport). To wander around the duke's mansion unhampered, he bribes one of the maids for an extra uniform. Of course, in real-life he wouldn't fool anyone, but no one takes notice to include being hit-on by a rival newspaper reporter (Paul Kelly). TR:3.5

Five Senses (1999): Interconnected stories examine situations involving the five senses. One of the stories involves a masseuse's strange daughter, Rachel (Nadia Litz), meeting a boy, Rupert (Brendan Fletcher), who likes to crossdress. The topic really comes out of "left field", but nonetheless, there it is for you. TR:3.5

Flaming Creatures (1963): Words cannot adequately describe how bizarre and amateurish this "movie" is... and I'm being very kind here. It's filmed in black and white, all done with a handheld camera, no dialogue, and mismatched scratchy song fragments. We have a group putting on lipstick for 10 minutes, then they have an orgy, then close-ups of the set props (they really like the vase), then a blonde wakes everyone up, and then they all dance. Don't waste 42 minutes of your life on this. I am only bother with a rating because we get to see a glimpses of Mario Montez as the Spanish Dancing girl. TR:0.2
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Flashdance (1983): Alex (Jennifer Beals) is a welder by day and exotic dancer at night, but dreams of getting into ballet school. I usually don't list things this small but I found it interesting that two women (Marine Jahan, Sharon Shapiro) and a man ("Crazy Legs" Richard Colon, who did the breakdance moves) were her body doubles for the ballet audition at the end of film.

Flawless (1999): Walt (Robert DeNiro) suffers a stroke and reluctantly enlists the aid of his next door neighbor (and drag queen) Rusty (Philip Hoffman) to help in his speech therapy. I thought the plot was a bit too improbable, but the film was more entertaining than I expected. TR:3.5

Fled (1996): Two convicts (Laurence Fishburne, Stephen Baldwin) are chained together and on the run. RuPaul (Rupaul Charles) has a short cameo as herself when her car is "borrowed"... just don't bring it back on "E"! TR:3.4

Flesh Gorden (1974): Soft-porn parody of the Flash Gordon serials. Flesh (Jason Williams), Dale (Cindy Hopkins) and Dr. Jerkoff (Joseph Hudgins) set off for the planet Porno to stop Emperor Wang's (William Hunt) "Sex Ray" that he has turned on Earth (pun intended). The Emperor, of course, falls in love with Dale so he forces her to be his bride; however, he is the one in the wedding gown. Queen Amora (Mycle Brandy) falls for Flesh, but after they are shot down on orders from the Emperor, Flesh escapes the shipwreck only finding the Queen's gown and headdress to wear. Flesh also has to fight with she-male cat creatures in the "trial of the ordeal". Who made this stuff up? This movie has a little bit of everything... from underground Amazon women to to some really good stop-motion animation creatures. Silly... yes, but also fun. TR:2.0

Fletch Lives (1989): Fletch (Chevy Chase) is a reporter who briefly goes undercover as a maid to get some information. No, he wouldn't fool anyone, but he does a good job with the padding. TR:3.2

Flintstones In Viva Rock Vegas (2000): The second of the Flintstone movies. Fred Flintstone (Mark Addy) and Barney Rubble (Stephen Baldwin) dress up as Vegas showgirls to escape detection from hotel security. TR:2.8

Fluffer (2001): A story set in the world of adult entertainment. The band at a promotional porn party consists of drag queens Chi-Chi La Rue, Karen Dior (Geoffrey Gann), and Bradley Picklesimer... playing themselves. TR:3.7

For Da Love Of Money (2002): Everyone is looking for stolen money from an armored truck robbery. One of the neighborhood residents is effeminate Boom (Maurice Patton) who everyone refers to as a girl. When Dre (Pierre Edwards) is being seduced by Ms. Anderson (Tanya Boyd), his guilt causes him to see flashes of her son Tone (Hasani Ali) and Boom in her place (and dressed like her)... very short sequences. TR:2.5

For Me And My Gal (1942): This vaudeville musical stars Judy Garland in top singing (and dancing) form teamed with Gene Kelly (in his first film). To me, the movie plays like a patriotic WWI propaganda film in which it leans heavily in the second half. Towards the end of the movie, there is a part with short snippets of Gene and his partner (Sid Simms) performing for the troops... one with Sid dressed up as a can-can girl (though it's only a few seconds long). TR:3.2

For Pete's Sake (1974): Henrietta (Barbra Steisand) undercover cop (Wil Albert).

Forces Of Nature (1999): Romantic comedy starring Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock. Don't blink or you'll miss a transvestite at the gay bar. TR:0.1

Freaks (1932): At a traveling circus, Cleopatra (Olga Baclanova) marries midget Hans (Harry Earles) for his money and then attempts to kill him... all while she has an affair with Hercules (Henry Victor). The sideshow "freaks" find out and teach her a lesson about how freaks protect their own. There's no CGI here, the freaks here are actual sideshow performers and amazing to gawk at, no disrespect meant. The transgendered here are half-woman/man Josephine Joseph (hermaphrodite), the transvestite pinhead Schlitze (microcephaly), and the Bearded Lady Olga Roderick. The DVD issue has been digitally remastered and includes an hour special about the production. TR:4.0

Freebie & the Bean (1974): Alan Arkin and James Caan star in this politically-incorrect, yet classic drag/cop movie. What makes it stand out is Christopher Morley (in this, his first film) who is simply striking as the cute blonde transvestite in the floral dress. Few realize that he actually appears earlier in the film (en drab) in a bathtub scene. TR:4.9
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Freedom Deep (1998):

Friends & Family (2001): This is a cute movie! Gay couple Stephen and Danny (Greg Lauren, Christopher Gartin) work in the mafia. Stephen's parents drop in for a surprise visit... they know he's gay, but not that he works for the mafia. He must decide to either tell them the truth or continue the lie that they own a catering business. He decides on the latter and throws a lavish catered party! His Mom wants to see drag queens perform, so they round up three (Ralph Cole Jr, Kevin Rennard, Jesse Volt). Looking at their filmographies, it appears they are actual female impersonators. TR:3.9

Fun With Dick And Jane (1966): Dick (George Segal) and Jane (Jane Fonda) go on a crime spree to help mounting bills when Dick loses his job. You're not missing much when a femme, but hairy-chested transsexual (Christian Erickson) seeks help at the unemployment office. TR:2.4

Fun With Dick And Jane (2005): Dick (Jim Carrey) and Jane (Tea Leoni) go on a crime spree to help mounting bills when Dick loses his job. In the special features, a reporter asked Jim what his favorite "disguise" was during the film and he said the one with him dressed as Cher (Tea dressed as Sonny)! TR:2.6

Funeral Parade Of Roses (1969): Eddie (Shinnosuke "Peter" Ikehata) works as a "gay boy queen" at the "Genet" club in Toyko, Japan. He falls into a love triangle with the club's Madame Leda (Osamu Ogasawaro) and her boyfriend (and club owner) Gonda (Yoshio Tsuchiya). This is one of those "artistic" films and as it jumps around in time, some might find it difficult to follow. Basically, it's the Japanese version of the Oedipus legend. Peter was 16 years-old in this, his first film. He is quite a well-known singer and performer in Japan and still acting in films. BTW, he is also a complete babe! :) AKA: Bara No Soretsu. TR:4.7

Funny Man (1994): Max Taylor (Benny Young) wins the ancestral home of Callum Chance (Christopher Lee) in a game of Poker. However, when Max's family and a van full of his brother's friends arrive, they are picked off one by one by a mysterious Joker (Tim James). One guy is lured into a "magical" strip-club and offered a drink by the joker dressed as a barmaid and finally entertained by the joker dressed as a stripper. No, it's not a pretty picture. TR:3.4

Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, A (1966): I won't go into the plot here, but the Roman Army Captain has purchased a wife and has taken over a house until she is delivered. His wife-to-be is in love with another, so they fake her death by dressing up the house slave (Jack Gilford) as her. Of course, he is relunctant at first, but eventually really gets into it. Another scene shows Marcus (Phil Silvers) needing to enter the house and get past the guards... so he dresses up as the "captain's entertainment". As you guessed, this is all "laugh" drag. TR:3.2

Fur: An Imaginary Portrait Of Diane Arbus (2006): Diane Arbus (Nicole Kidman) wrecks her safe marriage via her fascination with "freaks". She falls in love with wookie Lionel (Robert Downey Jr) who introduces her to many of his fringe friends... to include some seniors in drag (George McGrath, Xavier O'Connor, etc). TR:2.2

Futurama: Bender's Game (2008): Futurama's "Dungeons & Dragons" and "Lord of the Rings" spoof. When the Planet Express crew gets trapped in a fantasy world, Hermes (voice Phil LaMarr) appears as an hermaphrodite centaur. Yeah, it's a drawing. TR:2.0

FX2 (1991): Special effects movie guy Rollie (Bryan Brown) helps catch a killer. In the opening scene we find a cyborg (James Stacy) dressed up like a hooker for no apparent reason. In order to snare the criminal, policeman Mike (Tom Mason) asks Rollie to help him dress up like a woman exiting a shower (prosthetic torso and robe)... this also for no apparent reason. But still, not a bad movie. TR:3.7