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Gamers: Dorkness Rising (2008): A group of friends try to get through and win a role-playing D&D type game. Gary (Christian Doyle) elects to play a female character, sorceress Luster (her alignment is chaotic neutral, not evil), and is constantly switching back and forth with a real female version (Jennifer Page). Cute film, especially for D&D gamers. TR:1.5

Gangs Of New York (2002): Gritty drama movie noting class distinctions in New York City during the Civil War. There are two very short scenes showing the "He/She's"... first a quick glance when Bill (Daniel Day-Lewis) is showing the different groups existing within the seamier side of New York. They resurface later when choosing dance partners at a community function. TR:3.6

Gaudi Afternoon (2001): Preop transsexual Frankie (Marcia Gay Harden) enlists the help of translator Cassie (Judy Davis) to help find her female "husband" butch Ben (not a stretch for Lili Taylor). They are staying with Hamilton (Christopher Bowen), a performer at a drag club. TR:

Gay Deceivers, The (1969): Danny and Elliot (Kevin Coughlin, Lawrence Casey) dodge the Vietnam draft by pretending to be gay and renting a house together in a gay neighborhood. Effeminate Malcolm (Michael Greer) invites them to a "gay" costume party where Elliot notices a cute blonde (Harry Sodoni) in the corner and makes a beeline to chat her up... only to realize it's a guy when he coerces "her" into the bedroom. Other guys attending the party are a pregnant Myra Brokenbridge, Cleopatra, Judy Streisand, and I counted three other unnamed "ladies". TR:4.6

George B. (1997): This quirky film stars David Morse as the simple-minded George. In the beginning of the film he is heading to Reno for some gambling, but side-tracked by a woman (Andre Todd) strolling through the park (in a pink dress and high heels? Hmmm). He follows her into the female restroom to ask her if she would like to join him in Reno, but it ends up being a guy in drag and a ruse to steal George's gambling money. TR:3.4

Get Well Soon (2001): You're not missing much when Mark (Tate Donovan) dances around his apartment in makeup, red bra, and black PVC boy shorts while singing into a dildo. Avoid the movie for this reason and many others... ugh! TR:1.9

Get Your Stuff (2000): A gay couple cope with raising two foster boys. You're not missing much seeing drag queen Momma (Worthie Meacham) at one of their pool parties. TR:1.1

Ginger & Fred (1986): A surprisingly normal film for director Federico Fellini! Amelia and Pippo (Giulietta Masina, Marcello Mastroianni) who dance as Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, are reunited decades later for a Christmas variety show. Another act that night involves a tall, shapely, and attractive transvestite (Augusto Poderosi) who we see throughout the film. TR:4.6 27Dec11

Girl Happy (1965): Chicago mobster (Harold Stone) hires rock and roll singer Rusty Wells (Elvis Presley) and his band to keep an eye on his daughter (Shelley Fabares) during Spring Break. However, she does get arrested and Rusty breaks into the women's jail cell "en homme", but the girls dress him up when they are released. Don't expect much, it's a real quick change and you might want to close your ears when he tries his girl voice. TR:3.5

Girl In 3D (2004): The story of a burned-out punk rock star (Francis Coyote Shivers) who tries to gain inspiration by torturing innocent girls. His latest victim is Vicky (Bevin Tucker). This is a *really* a bad movie. Yes, it tries, but fails on so many different levels. In the beginning of the movie we see the beautiful Bijoux Deluxe as a transvestite prostitute who helps Vicky hide from a guy that she just ripped off. TR:3.7

Girl King (2002): This movie is basically about three boring lesbian pirates talking about butches and femmes and recovering the queen's "koilos". However, they do run across one of the king's men (Jonathan Sutton) who likes to wear black lacy lingerie under his sailor uniform. Ugh... shiver me timbers and avoid this movie! TR:2.0

Girl Like Me: Gwen Araujo Story (2006): Lifetime movie based on the true story of Gwen/Eddie Araujo (J.D. Pardo, young Michael Dillman) who was killed after finding out she was a boy living as a girl. The movie was very well done with two great performances by Pardo and Mercedes Ruehl who plays Gwen's mother... I highly recommend watching it. TR:4.6

Girls Will Be Girls (2003): Three actresses at various places on the Hollywood food chain navigate the minefield of love, aging, and ambition. Oh, and they're all played by men! Another interesting twist in this movie is that there are no females... waitresses, party guests, etc are all played by men (don't worry, I won't tell the union... ha ha). A cute camp and entertaining film with a favorite of mine, the lovely Coco Peru (Clinton Leupp). Also starring Evie (Jack Plotnick) and Varla Jean Merman (Jeffery Roberson). TR:5.0

Glass Bottom Boat (1966): Jennifer (Doris Day) has been working at a NASA research facility. As she starts dating her boss (Rod Taylor), she is suspected of being a spy when "company secrets" are leaked. There is a big formal gala at the end of the film where a whacky, overzealous security guard (Paul Lynde) dresses up as a woman (full length satin gown and blonde beehive wig) so he can spy on Jennifer in the ladies lavatory... where of course, is where she makes all her secret spy calls. It's a good-natured comedy where Doris is a cross between zany, brainy, and sexy. However, they forgot to write an ending... they build up all these problems between Doris and Rod, then without resolving *any* of them, they speed off in a boat as newlyweds... geez! TR:4.0

Glen Or Glenda? (1953): Ed Wood seeks to teach us about the world of crossdressers, but it's almost too campy and painful to watch. An interesting film though, and certainly bold for the time. AKA: I Changed My Sex. AKA: I Led 2 Lives. TR:4.0 (for the time period and for angora)
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Go For Broke (2002): Two friends (Pras, Michael Goorjian) purchase a winning lottery ticket, only to have it stolen by a woman robbing the cafe where they are having lunch. The woman is caught and sent to prison. What are the guys to do but become Jackie and Romie, commit a felony, and get sent to the womens prison to retrieve the ticket. Yeah... no one said it was going to be believable! TR:3.6

Go For Broke 2 (2005): Needing money, two guys Darnell (Jared Day) and John (John Jean) agree to dress up as women and go on dates in order to steal the priceless Zulu diamond. To help the transformation process, they enlist the aid of drag queen hairdressers Delishia (Reasure Jacobs) and Goldilocks (Jess Wells). It's painful to watch and even though the guys are not believable, they don't look *too* bad. TR:3.5

Go West (1925): An out-of-work man (Buster Keaton) tries his luck as a cowboy. One scene involves a stampede through Los Angeles where he ducks into a ladies clothing store to round up some stray cattle. The rather large lady in the store is a cameo by Fatty Arbuckle. TR:2.0

Go West (2005): A homosexual couple, Muslim cellist Kenan (Mario Drmac) and Serb Milan (Tarik Filipovic), attempt to escape Yugoslavia. Witnessing the brutality of Serb forces and their hatred towards Muslims, Milan desperately improvises: he disguises Kenan as a woman and begins to present him as his bride Milena... a predicament in which Kenan doesn't seem to object much. It's pretty depressing, but Mario looks very natural as a woman and spends the majority of the film as such. TR:4.8

Going Overboard (1989): Schecky (Adam Sandler) is food service aboard a cruise ship, but dreams of being a standup comedian. I suffered through this horrible movie to report his best friend Bob (Tom Hodges) appears as his mother in a small dream sequence. TR:3.0 Gold Diggers, National Lampoon's (2003): Calvin (Will Friedle) and Leonard (Chris Owen) attempt to rob two older sisters (Louise Lasser, Renee Taylor) with Calvin disguised as a Jewish rabbi and Leonard as a nun. They end up marrying the sisters with each hoping to get rich off the other. It's a short scene, but check out the DVD special features for an extended cut. AKA: Lady Killers. TR:2.0

Good Shepherd (2006): Edward (Matt Damon) is inducted into a secret society with ties to federal government intelligence agencies. He recalls the night he was asked to join... he was playing a female part in the Yale student musical H.M.S. Pinafore. He looks fairly good too. It's an okay movie, but it jumps around in time a little too much for my taste. TR:3.8

Good Night, Nurse (1918): This is a 21 minute short. It starts with Roscoe (Fatty Arbuckle) trying to light a cigarette in the rain with no help from a woman with an umbrella (Buster Keaton). At the sanitarium, Fatty steals a nurses uniform, and for some unknown reason, starts flirting with the doctor (also Buster Keaton). TR:3.4

Goodbye Gemini (1970): I had been waiting for quite a while to see this released to DVD because the fabulous Ricky Renee has a bit part. Now, I can see why it took so long... it's pretty bad. Unnaturally close (incest) twin siblings (Judy Geeson who also provides DVD commentary and Martin Potter) check out the London scene and murder a few people. Clive (Alexis Kanner) blackmails the brother by having his picture taken in a tryst with female impersonator Myra (Ricky Renee) and her friend Audrey (Barry Scott). We do see Myra early in the film entertaining at a club. TR:4.3 01Aug11

Gran Slalom (1996): In this Spanish comedy, Manuel (Juanjo Puigcorbe) is about to have an affair with Vicky (Laura Del Sol) when her husband returns early with business associate Pepe (Jose Maria Pou). Manuel escapes their room by dressing up (badly) as a woman, but has been reported missing and is locked out of his room. He decides to return to Vicky's room to try to get one of her husband's suits. However, Pepe becomes enamoured with Manuel and the four of them go out to dinner. The plot becomes a bit more involved as he gets attacked by a homophobe and meets two slightly more convincing transvestites (Fernando Cuervo, Enrique Francisco). He stays in drag for about 85% of the movie until he finally recovers his baggage toward the end of the movie. An interesting point is that with each scene, he works harder at his femme image and becomes slightly more convincing each time. I will also point out that this movie has a negative slant towards both the gay and transgendered communities. TR:3.9

Grand Illusion (1937): Even though this movie is known for it's filming artistry, societal metaphors, period realism, statement on class distinctions, and "war is bad" sentiments, let's just say it's a story about French soldiers in a German concentration camp during WWI. These weren't your concentration camps of recent. The captors provided costumes, wigs, etc when the prisoners wanted to put on a show. Little drag scenes here and there to include a great can-can number. AKA: La Grande Illusion. TR:4.4
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Greatest Show On Earth (1952): This film is part drama, part circus documentary, and part advertisement for Ringling Brothers. It stars Charlton Heston and Betty Hutton. At one point the ringmaster announces the smallest trick horse rider (Alberto Zoppe) in the world who comes out in a pink sequin leotard, tutu, red satin panties, and curly blonde wig. During his riding acrobatics he loses the wig while continuing his act. Also several of the clowns wear female costumes with one guy who specializes in female clowns. TR:3.7
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Grito En El Cielo, El (1998): Miranda Vega (Maria Chonchita Alonso) hosts her own variety show but her ratings are falling and the producer wants more outrageous guests. They decide to hold a viewer contest for a new co-host and end up with a prostitute, living statues, a butch lesbian, and a lip-synching taxi-driver. One of the variety acts on contest night is a pair of hairy female impersonators. The show receptionist is also played by M->F transsexual Antonia San Juan. AKA: Shout Out. TR:3.3

Guinevere (1999): An uninspired love story chocked full of big names and starring Sarah Polley and Stephen Rea. Scott Kaske (Newlydeads and Birdcage) is listed in the cast as "Transsexual Babe", but there was no tip-off in the film. There is a girl in red at a surprise birthday party that sneaks a dance with Stephen Rea... but I'm doubtful. If anyone knows... let me know. TR:n/a

Guns (1990): An Andy Sidaris "Babes, Bullets, Bombs" movie. And as with all Sidaris films, the plot is nowhere to be found... but I guess that is inconsequential. Juan (Erik Estrada) is a South American gunrunner and hires two assassins (Chu Chu Malave, Richard Cansino) to take care of his dirty business. It just so happens the two are also transvestites (they are called she-males in the movie, but they certainly are not) and do all their "hits" in drag (badly, I might add). At one point the good guys (2 GG's and a guy) track the assassin to a bar where the guy (Michael Shane) gets in drag, and looking just as bad and tarty as the assassins. TR:2.4

Guys & Balls (2004): This lighthearted German film is about a soccer team that dismisses their talented goalie Ecki (Maximilian Bruckner) when they discover he's gay. Ecki attempts to assemble his own gay soccer team to challenge his former teammates. You're not missing much when transvestite Veronika (Sascha Herzogenrath) shows up for tryouts. Short clip. AKA: Manner Wie Wir. TR:2.8

Hackers (1995): A yawning techno thriller. There are at least two transgendered characters (one in a white dress dancing next to one in a chandelier headdress) at a dance party where Kate (Angelina Jolie) is looking for help from a couple of (rather femme) Asian hacking experts. She also has a contest with a boyfriend and the loser has to wear a dress on their next date. TR:0.9

Hairspray (1988): Edna Turnblad (Divine/Glen Milstead) is mom to portly teen Tracy (Ricki Lake), who dreams of dancing on the popular "Corny Collins Show." When fantasy becomes reality, Tracy is thrust into the spotlight and must use her newfound status to conquer the reigning teen queen, win the affections of the hunky heartthrob and integrate a TV network - all the while maintaining her "do"!. TR:

Hairspray (2007): Edna Turnblad (John Travolta) is mom to portly teen Tracy (Nikki Blonsky), who dreams of dancing on the popular "Corny Collins Show." When fantasy becomes reality, Tracy is thrust into the spotlight and must use her newfound status to conquer the reigning teen queen, win the affections of the hunky heartthrob and integrate a TV network - all the while maintaining her "do"! Also, her Dad (Christopher Walken) dons Tracy drag to help divert television security. It's quite interesting seeing hunky Travolta in full drag and completely covered in prosthetics... let alone, dancing in heels and getting in touch with his feminine side! TR:5.0

Half Ticket (1962): Vijay (Kishore Kumar) is planted with a stolen diamond by "Uncle"... and spends the rest of the movie adopting different disguises to elude him. You're not missing much when he picks the costume of a dancing woman for a little musical number. I will admit that he does a good job singing both male and female parts... something he insisted on. TR:1.8

Hamlet (1948): William Shakespeare's tale of tragedy starring Laurence Olivier (who also directs). The boy playing the Queen in the traveling actor troupe is Tony Tarver in his one and only credit... and he's very cute! TR:4.0

Hanger (2009): There are really no words to describe how bad and dreadful this "movie" is. The s-called plot... an aborted baby lives to kill the aborter. Lloyd Kaufman (of Troma films) has a short appearance as "Melvina the Tranny"... ugh... avoid like the plague. TR:0.4 Happy New Year (1987): Small-time crooks Nick (Peter Falk) and Charlie (Charles Durning) plan and execute a jewelry heist. While staking out the "joint", Nick uses several costumes to include that of a wealthy older lady. "She" gets three appearances and two outfits... not too shabby! TR:4.0

Hard Ticket To Hawaii (1987): An Andy Sidaris "Babes, Bullets, Bombs" movie. Two babes Donna (Dona Speir) and Taryn (Hope Marie Carlton) stumble into a diamond-theft ring and release a contaminated toxic snake. Nope, not related and not that it matters. The bad guys insert their spy Michael (Michael Andrews) at the local hotspot as Michele the bartender. Funny, the bad guys use appropriate name and pronouns even when talking privately with him. It's a shame he used so much makeup... you know immediately it's a guy. Also see: Malibu Express. TR:3.6

Hard Time (1998): Logan McQueen (Burt Reynolds) and Charlie Duffy (Charles Durning) are cops investigating a robbery. Tough guy Logan is blamed for a shooting and thrown in jail where he becomes friends with transvestite Ron (John Allsopp). Despite a hairy chest, Ron doesn't look too bad. TR:3.3

Hart's War (2002): This is a good WWII POW flick. Lieutenant Hart (Colin Farrell) is ordered to defend a black officer falsely accused of murder. The prisoners have a theater in their camp and are seen rehearsing for a play that contains two soldiers dressed like "Swiss Miss" girls. TR:1.6

Harvard Here I Come (1941): Max 'Slapsie Maxie' Rosenbloom decides he needs to become more educated and attempts to get into Harvard. During fraternity hazing, he is required to perform various stunts all while dressed up in a little girl's dress, bonnet, and makeup. No, it's not a pretty sight. TR:3.2

Harvest, The (1993): You're not missing much when George Clooney is seen in drag at a gay bar in a gold lame bra and shorts. Bizarre... the whole scene is about two seconds and the character is never seen again. TR:1.0

Haunted Honeymoon (1986): Larry (Gene Wilder) and Vickie (Gilda Radner) are voices on the radio murder mystery "Haunted Honeymoon". They travel to Aunt Kate's (Dom DeLuise) spooky mansion for their marriage where family members are gathering... including his crossdressing cousin Francis (Roger Ashton-Griffiths) who likes to impersonate Aunt Kate. Fat guys in drag... ehhh. It's a silly comedy, but it does have a certain charm. TR:3.5

Head (1968): A plotless movie starring the Monkee's (Davy Jones, Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith). In three clips, they are at a restaurant that is run by a man (legendary TC Jones) dressed up as a waitress. There is also a clip at the end where Peter is rescuing the rest of the Monkee's that are tied to a conveyer belt heading for a slicer. When he arrives there is just one person tied there, an individual wearing a waitress uniform with long blonde hair (possibly one of the guys in drag). He carries her out to the car and takes off. In the next scene, she is gone, but all the Monkee's are in the car. TR:3.0

Head On (1998): This film follows Ari (Alex Dimitriades), a jobless aimless Greek gay guy, while he searches the alleys for his next sexual encounter. One of his friends is Johnny (Paul Capsis, cult rock musician) who is an out crossdresser that stands up for his principles. We are teased with glimpses of him until we see him in full drag for a night out on the town with Ari. TR:4.0

Head Over Heels (2001): This is a cute love story starring Freddie Prince Jr. and the beautiful Monica Potter. Amanda (Monica), moves in with a group of models and they bribe the crossdressing building super (John Bivens) with clothing in exchange for access to certain parts of the building. There is only one scene where we see him dancing around his disco-decorated room wearing Roxana's (Ivana Milicevic) leopard print dress. Unfortunately, it's hairy, laugh drag. TR:1.7

Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things (2004): Asia Argento directs and stars in this film as Sarah, a drug-addicted prostitute who pulls her son out of a loving foster home into a living hell. In one bizarre scene, her son (played by twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse) observes her putting on makeup. She calls him over and starts applying it to him, curls his hair, and chanting that he should have been born a girl. The next scene we see him all done up in a baby doll nightgown dancing very seductively. Then we see Sarah in the same outfit prancing around and seducing her latest beau, however the beau keeps asking why the boy is dressed and acting like this. This mechanism is used to imply the boy is doing this and pretending that he is Sarah. The conclusion comes when Sarah suddenly arrives home and throws a fit when she sees what is going on... leaving us a little puzzled about who initiated what. All in all, a rather disturbing film. TR:3.9

Heat And Dust (1983): Anne (Julie Christie) investigates the life of her great-aunt Olivia (Greta Scacchi) who lived in the culture of India. At one point, they decide to introduce the Hijra sect (Indian transsexuals) to Olivia... but it's a short scene. TR:2.0

Heaven (1998): Heaven (Danny Edwards) is a transsexual stripper who has amazingly accurate visions of future events. Through some harrowing experiences, her life becomes entangled with a struggling architect (Martin Donovan) who is fighting for custody of his son. The story is unwound in a very neat way... through brief flashbacks that tie-in with Heaven's visions. It's a little dark, but I found it to be quite an enthralling thriller. TR:4.5

Hedwig & the Angry Inch (2001): A rock musical in which Hedwig (John Cameron Mitchell) tells us the story about how he escapes East Berlin by becoming the "wife" on an American GI and afterwards how she stalks an ex-boyfriend/bandmate (Michael Pitt) who stole her songs. TR:4.6

Hell Squad (1987): Vegas showgirls train to become commando's and rescue the kidnapped son of a diplomat. Wow, this movie is really bad... in sort of a good way. Spoiler: The girls discover the secretary, Ann (Jennifer West), is really an undercover spy (Mark Brandon). Even though the character is played by a woman, Mark does appear in drag for the short "unmasking" scene at the end. TR:3.0

Hellbent (2004): Four gay guys attend a Halloween carnival while being stalked and murdered by a masked serial killer. Tobey (Matt Phillips) surprises his friends by going in drag (big curly blonde wig, sequin dress, and killer high heels). You'll also find plenty of drag queens (Kris Andersson, Danny Seckel, Nick Collins) on the streets, at the carnival, and at the bar. It's a gay slasher film, but interesting to note that all the gay roles are played by straight guys. TR:4.3

Help! I'm A Boy (2002): Emma (Sarah Hannemann) and Mickey (Nick Seidensticker) switch bodies when they run across a wizard's magic book. There is a little bit of physical crossdressing when the bodies are switched and Mickey wakes up in Emma's nightgown and changes into one of her shirts and girly jeans. When they switch back he ends up in her swimsuit. AKA: Hilfe, Ich Bin Ein Junge. TR:2.2

Henry V: The Chronicle History (1944): The film depicts Henry V's (Laurence Olivier) leadership in recapturing the throne of France for England. It starts off as if we are watching the play by the Royal Shakespeare Company and we see the actors busy backstage. Since all parts were played by males, we see a boy in a corset top being helped into a wig by a man dressed as a matron with shaving cream on his face. However, every woman that appears on stage and thereafter is an actual female... I'm sure for the comfort level of present day actors and audience. The last scene is the wedding of Henry and as the camera pans away, we see all the females previously on-stage are replaced by males... curtain falls. TR:3.2

He's a Woman, She's a Man (1994): Also see: Who's the Woman, Who's the Man. TR:

He's My Girl (1987): What happens when Bryan (David Hallyday) wins a getaway contest for him and his girlfriend, and he doesn't have a girlfriend? Of course, he takes his best friend Reggie (T.K. Carter) in drag! Standard drag situations apply. TR:4.0

He's My Girl (2011): AKA: La Folle histoire d'amour de Simon Eskenazy, translation: The Insane history and love of Simon Eskenazy. TR:5.0 High Heels (1991): AKA: Tacones Lejanos. TR:5.0

High School High (1996): Richard (Jon Lovitz) elects to become a teacher at the run-down, ghetto Marion Barry High School. One of the teachers (Tia Carrere) remarks he looks like his father, but a picture reveals he looks much more like his Mother (him dressed up). His "Mother" also briefly appears in person at the end of the movie at the graduation ceremony. TR:3.2

High Time (1960): Bing Crosby appears quite frequently here in the TG Movie Guide (hmmm...), but now it's his turn in drag. Harvey (Bing) decides to go back to college at the tender age of 51. As part of his fraternity initiation, he is dressed up as a southern belle to attend a formal gala. TR:4.6
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High Wind In Jamaica, A (1965): Chavez (Anthony Quinn) and Zac (James Coburn) are pirates on the high seas until they take on some unlikely passengers... a group of small children. They lure unsuspecting ships in by simulating they are on fire and requesting to come aboard with their wives... however the "wives" are the pirates in drag! Entertainment is provided on long nights by drinking and dancing while wearing their skirts. TR:3.9

His Secret Life (2001): A woman (Margherita Buy) discovers her husband's secret life after his accidental death and that it involved his intimate relationship with a gay man Michele (Stefano Accorsi) and his friends in their communal living arrangement. One of those friends is transsexual Mara (Lucrezia Valia) who is bemoaning her trip back home for the first time as a woman. Hers is a very minor role though. AKA: Fate Ignoranti. AKA: Ignorant Fairies. TR:2.0

His Wedding Night (1917): This is a 19 minute short. At a drugstore, Roscoe (Fatty Arbuckle) and Al (Al St. John) are rivals for Alice (Alice Mann). The delivery boy (Buster Keaton) delivers her wedding gown and she asks to see how it looks. It's logical that he be one that models it for her (hey, the heels fit too!). Al mistakes Buster for Alice, kidnaps "her", and brings her to the Justice Of The Peace. Roscoe finds out and sets off for a rescue. TR:4.0

Hitman (2007): A hitman (Timothy Olyphant) must uncover the leaders of a conspiracy and protect a girl (Olga Kurylenko) while being hunted by Interpol, Russian police, and other assassins. While having dinner, he is asked how observant he is and recognizes the lady in the red silk dress behind him is really a man (uncredited)... although, that is not an incredible feat. TR:3.7
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Holcroft Covenant (1985): The son of a German General, Noel Holcroft (Michael Caine), becomes part of a conspiracy to access hidden Nazi funds. Noel and Helden (Victoria Tennant) step into the streets of Berlin and run into a street festival being run by a guy in a red corset and fishnet stockings (Jorg Trees). While walking along the floats, Helden is confronted and kidnapped by a man wearing a gold dress and makeup. TR:3.4

Holiday Heart ():

Hollywood Harry (1986): I got this movie as part of my Christopher Morley collection. It's your basic "gum-shoe" private detective movie. He plays the part of a Claudia, an informer/roommate character. Not a big part, but still looking great as ever. TR:3.5
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Hollywood Homicide (2003): Two LAPD detectives Joe (Harrison Ford) and K.C. (Josh Hartnett) investigate the murder of an up-and-coming rap group. During the investigation, Joe gets some information from a police officer (Lou Diamond Phillips) who is undercover as a female prostitute. You will also find an uncredited transvestite in a red dress at the police station. TR:3.6

Hollywood Je T'aime (2009): Gay Frenchman Jerome (Eric Debets) is broken up over his boyfriend, so he runs off to Hollywood to become a star (in two weeks). He runs into a group of tranny's and meets Kaleesha (Diarra Kilpatrick, yes, another GG playing a tranny) who is quite taken with him and suggests her drag queen friend Norma Desire (Michael Airington, Dame Ester Goldberg) might offer her guest room. Anywho, it's all rather tedious and really boring. Norma is en drab for most the movie and when she's not... she's flat-chested and needs a shave. TR:2.9 27Jan12

Hollywood Vice Squad (1986): Rather jumpy action/comedy/drama movie that is based, as it states in the beginning of the film, on real stories. The first clip involves a transvestite hooker (Logan Carter) being picked up by the police and the ensuing chase into a swimming pool. He is dragged to jail and thrown in with the other TV hookers. Another story involves a crime lord and his secretary, Charlene, is played by Sandie Crisp/Johnnie Baima (goddess Bunny). For Star Wars fans, a mostly unused Carrie Fisher has top billing. TR:3.6

Honey (2003): Honey (Jessica Alba) is a sexy, tough music video choreographer who struggles with opening her own dance studio. Your not missing anything when she has a business meeting at a gay club and "vogueing" can be seen on stage. TR:1.5

Hot Chick (2002): Through magic earrings, Clive (Rob Schneider) trades bodies with a "hot" teenager, Jessica (Rachel McAdams). It's actually funnier than I expected and I found myself laughing out loud at parts. Throughout the movie Rob is wearing the clothes of his teenage counterpart, but as intended, it's for laughs. There is a very minor subplot that is never really explored that involves Jessica's little brother (Matt Weinberg) being an "out" crossdresser (see frame grabs). Rounding out the cast is Anna Faris (an absolute doll) as one of Jessica's teenage friends. TR:2.6

House Bunny (1962): Playboy Bunny Shelley (Anna Faris) is kicked out of the Playboy mansion and is arrested for living out of her car. She ends up giving various fashion tips to the female convicts, including to "tone down" the makeup for a transvestite (Jonathan Loughran). I must admit I was wary of this one, but it ended up being really cute and quite funny! And it doesn't hurt that Anna is a hottie! TR: 1.4

House On Bare Mountain (1962): Granny Good (Bob Cresse) runs a school for women in a secluded house on a mountain, but really it's a front for her bootlegging business. Actually, the entire film is just a front for a lot of women going around topless! Bob is lovable in his Granny role... and seems to be a cross between Jonathan Winters (who he looks and sounds like) and Benny Hill. Don't expect a good plot or talented acting in this one. TR:2.4

Homo Heights (1998): Gay guru and fading icon Malcolm (Quentin Crisp) wants to escape from the town Homo Heights, which is ruled by the drag queen leader of the gay mafia, Maria Callous (Stephen Sorrentino). I won't attempt to further describe this confusing movie which is filled with lesbian and drag queen characters. TR:2.9

Homicidal (1961): In this Psycho rip-off, we find that one of the main characters, Emily, is eventually revealed to be Warren. The actor credited for the part is Jean Arless, whos gender ambiguous name still leaves the central question of whether Emily was played by a man or woman unanswered. For many years the identity of Jean Arless was regarded as a mystery. In actuality, Arless was actress Joan Marshall who did a small amount of tv and film work throughout the decade. For this film, director William Castle renamed her as Jean Arless, the only time she would ever appear under the name. TR:n/a.
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Hotel New Hampshire (1984): The film talks about a family that weathers all sorts of disasters and keeps going in spite of it all. When the leader of a group of boys that raped Frannie (Jodie Foster) return to town, her family takes a little revenge. The bizarre scene involves her brothers (Rob Lowe, Paul McCrane) and hotel staff dressing up as female nurses. Also, don't miss Natasha Kinski as the bear! TR:3.6
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How To Frame A Figg (1971): Hollis Figg (Don Knotts) is a civil servant who is framed for misuse of public funds. When an warrant is issued for his arrest, he disguises himself as old lady to gain access to a computer room which has evidence of his innocence. TR:3.4

How To Lose Friends & Alienate People (2008): A British writer (Simon Pegg) struggles to fit in at a high-profile magazine in New York. Transsexual Bobbie (played by female Charlotte Devaney) has a fun role and a very realistic prosethetic! I really like this movie and it stars hotties to include Megan Fox, Gillian Anderson, and Thandie Newton. TR:n/a

Howling VI: The Freaks (1991): I got this movie as part of my Christopher Morley collection. In this one, he plays Carl/Carlotta as part of a traveling carnival freak show that disrupts a small town. Except for the show, he's mostly androgynous here... though with a pretty realistic prosthetic! BTW, don't miss the bearded mermaid! TR:3.6

Hunting Venus (1999): Simon (Martin Clunes) used to be pop star as member of the band "The Venus Hunters", but now he is just a petty thief. He is conned into getting the band back together for a one-time television performance. The band has not been together for 15 years and has severed ties, but it's up to Simon to find and convince them all to participate. The first band member he finds is Charlie (Neil Morrissey) who is now a post-op transsexual and works singing at a small gay club. Neil is in drag the whole movie and though taller than most everyone else (at 6'4), he looks quite good, especially with the excellent breast prosthetics used in the initial scene. TR:4.6
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I Am My Own Woman (1992): The life story of Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, born Lothar Berflede. Miss Charlotte survived the Nazi reign and the repression of the Communists as a transvestite and helped start the German gay liberation movement. Two actors (Jens Taschner, Ichgola Androgyn) play the young and middle-aged Charlotte and she plays herself in the later years. AKA: Ich Bin Meine Eigene Frau. TR:4.0

I Could Go On Singing (1963): Jenny (Judy Garland) is a successful singer who wishes to reunite with her teenage son Matt (Gregory Phillips) who is at boarding school. During their initial meeting, he invites Jenny to their school play that night, H.M.S. Pinafore. In this all-male school, half the cast is playing female parts... the First Lord's sisters and aunts. The boys look extremely cute in their Victorian bustle dresses and I don't know if it was customary for plays of the time to go to the lengths they did here... elaborate costumes, hats, wigs, "breasts", gloves, makeup and even jewelry. The movie shows just a small portion of the play, and then some backstage scenes when the boys gather around the piano (still in costume sans wigs/hats) and sing together with Jenny. TR:4.8
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I Love You, Alice B. Toklas (1968): Harold Fine (Peter Sellers) is a 30-something square who falls in love with hippie Nancy (Leigh Taylor-Young). While Harold is visiting Nancy at her workplace (dress store), a man (Ed Peck) walks in needing assistance in picking out a dress. He tries it on a bright pink mini-dress, but feels that it needs to be shortened. TR:2.3

I Love You Baby (2001): This is a neat film. Marcos (Jorge Sanz) moves to town and falls for Daniel (Santiago Magill). Marcos gets hit in the head with a disco ball that changes his sexual preferences. He drops Daniel and starts dating Marisol (Tiare Scanda). Daniel is still in love with him though and dresses up as a girl to try and win him back... and he doesn't look too bad. TR:4.0
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I Now Prounounce You Chuck & Larry (2007): Chuck (Adam Sandler) and Larry (Kevin James) pretend they are gay domestic partners for the legal benefits. At a gay club, Chuck spots a shapely Playgirl Bunny, but ends up being an unshapely David Spade... who also briefly appears as a sexy (not really) firegirl. Many other transvestites can be seen at the club. TR:3.4

I Shot Andy Warhol (1996): Based on the true events surrounding Valerie Solanas (Lili Taylor) and her murder of Andy Warhol (Jared Harris). The TG content involves the portrayal of many of the transgendered people that Andy hung around with (and used in his movies) like Candy Darling (Stephen Dorff) and Jackie Curtis (Jamie Harrold). TR:3.4
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I Vitelloni (1953): You're not missing much when Alberto (Alberto Sordi) dresses up as a woman for the carnival. TR:2.5

I Wanna Be A Beauty Queen (1985): Divine (Glen Milstead) hosts the "Alternative Miss World" beauty pageant that is presented here in sort of a documentary type style. It definitely has a "local village entertainment" feel to it. The contest is open to all, so about half of the contestants are genetic females. TR:2.2

I Want What I Want (1972): The story of a Roy's (Anne Heywood) transition into womanhood. Similar to "Woman Inside", although I thought this movie was better and more accurate... despite some obvious "time" issues. I was a little disappointed with the ending as it left a lot of things unexplained. Although I really dislike it when they use females in transsexual roles... I thought she was "fairly" believable. Definitely a positive and bold step in 1972. TR:3.7

I Was A Male War Bride (1949): You're not missing much when Henri (Cary Grant) puts on a skirt and mop wig to invoke the "War Bride's Act" to stay with his new bride (Ann Sheridan). TR:1.1

If I Had My Way (1940): This is the last film of the great Julian Eltinge... although there are no TG aspects *now* since many versions have cut a musical number featuring him (or so I have been told). It stars Bing Crosby and Gloria Jean (amazing voice) and is a wholesome fun film. At a party, Gloria is introduced to Julian (playing himself) and she already knows he was a female impersonator like it was just common knowledge. The official "Bing Crosby" DVD release has no special features or the alleged musical number. TR:n/a

If You Only Knew (2000): Parker (Johnathon Schaech) accidentally starts a fire in his apartment so he needs to find a new place. He interviews with a fanatic crossdresser (Blumes Tracy) when looking for a roommate... and "she" looks pretty good. However, he pretends to be gay to room with pretty girl Samantha (cutie Alison Eastwood) and goes out on a date with a guy to keep up the charade. In a bizarre scene... they go to a gay club and on the stage is a boxing ring with two drag queens softly fake boxing. Finally, he does get together with Samantha and they go to a Halloween party with him dressed as Carmen Miranda and Samantha as a mustached guy. TR:4.0

Igby Goes Down (2002): Igby's (Kieran Culkin) peculiar upbringing renders him unable to competently cope with the struggle of growing up. One of his acquaintances is a gay man, Russel (Jarad Harris), who lives with drag queen Peeka (Michael Formica Jones). However, we only see "her" in a very short scene involving Lucky Charms. Since I'm reviewing, we also catch Russel wearing a red fur-trimmed female coat in one scene. Even though it has a very high IMDB rating, I found this movie tedious, incoherently jumping from one scene to the next. TR:2.9

I'm Lady (2002): This is a movie from Thailand. It's about a group of young gay guys going off to college and trying to get on their schools cheerleading squad. After being rejected, they form their own squad called "The Queen". I had to watch this several times to try and figure out who were girls and who were guys dressing as girls. Many of the Asian TG's are almost flawless in their femme appearance... except for the voice. It's interesting that the crossdressing seems to be a moot point... as long as they weren't gay. AKA: Cheerleader Queens. TR4.8

Imaginary Heros (2004): A drama, starring Sigourney Weaver and Jeff Daniels, about a family trying to pull themselves together after the death of a family member. The family attends a Christmas party where entertainment is provided by Kiki DuRane (Justin Bond) and Herb (Kenny Mellman). I saw them in concert and they have a fabulous show that I highly recommend. Also see: Fanci's Persuasion. TR:3.0

Importante E' Non Farsi Notare (1979): This Italian spy comedy (Italian, no subtitles) is a lot of fun. It's fairly formulaic of the spy genre, male spies arrive in disguise, they fall in love with girl spies, a bunch of chase scenes, then guy gets girl. Hey, it's not going to win any awards, but that's not the point. The interest for us is that the male spies (Tito LeDuc, Mauro Bronchi, Neil Hansen... AKA The Bandiera Sisters) arrive in drag and stay in drag for most of the movie... and they look fantastic (well, two out of three ain't bad)! The thing I like about this movie, is that the guys play it sexy and are not afraid to flash their panties more (much more) than the women. The outfits are great too... from lingerie, to swimsuits, to floaty chiffon dresses, to wedding gowns. If that's not enough, you get a bunch of snappy little song and dance routines. I highly recommend this little gem. Translation: Important To Not Attract Attention. TR:5.0
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Imposters (1998): This star-studded tedious comedy involves two out-of-work actors (Oliver Platt, Stanley Tucci) who accidentally stowaway on a cruise ship to hide from a belligerent lead actor who has sworn to kill them... and who of course, also ends up on the ship. They attend the Captain's Ball in disguise, with Oliver in a lace evening gown. Stanley also ends up in drag in the big mistaken-identity wrap up at the end of the movie. TR:3.8

In A Year With 13 Moons (1978): Elvira/Erwin (Volker Spengler) is a divorced gay man who had a sex-change for Anton (Gottfried John). The only problem here is that Anton has no feelings for Elvira. The film tries to understand and ultimately resolve these issues that may be linked to Elvira's past. It is written and directed by Rainer Fassbinder who was working through issues of his lovers suicide at the time, so it is rather dark and depressing... to include a rather brutal real-life view of a slaughter house that is not for the squeamish. AKA: In Einem Jahr Mit 13 Monden. TR:3.7
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In America (2002): An Irish immigrant family moves to New York. There are apparently some transvestites who live in their neighborhood... of who we only get glimpses. TR:0.9

In Dreams (1999): Claire (Annette Bening) has disturbing visions of a killer which leads to her confinement into a mental hospital. A cross-cutting sequence has Claire mimicking the young male killers escape from the same hospital by killing a nurse, disguising himself as her, and flirting with a security guard. He looks fair with his longish hair and young age. TR:4.4

In Like Flint (1967): Derek Flint (James Coburn) is back in action and in danger at the Virgin Islands where the bad guys... are girls! Yes, these women plan to take over the world by brainwashing women through hairdryers... no, I'm not kidding, this is the real plot. Anywho, Head of Intelligence Lloyd (Lee Cobb) disguises himself as a woman (a bad one at that) to get into the resort. It's a short scene. TR:2.4
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Inconvenient Woman, An (1991): I got this movie as part of my Christopher Morley collection. It's an ABC television movie starring the gorgeous Rebecca De Mornay. Christopher Morley appears about halfway into the film as a female impersonator (performing as Marilyn Monroe) at an all-male after-hours club. After he finishes, the next act is a trio of FI's. Too bad it's a short clip. I'll let you watch the movie to find out why Uncle Ernie always wore a strand of pearls underneath his clothing. TR:3.2
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Invitation To The Wedding (1985): Obviously a star vehicle for Susan Brooks disguised as a dismal comedy. A guy mistakenly marries a woman but refuses to get an annullment. The estate's legal team is Clara and Charles Eatwell... both played by Ronald Lacey. Though dressed rather matronly, he does a pretty good job with the role. TR:3.5

Iron Ladies (2000): True story of a Thai male volleyball team that competes in the national championship in 1996. The team consists of mostly gays, transvestites and transsexuals... although they are played "over the top". The movie is done with actors, but we get to see the real Iron Ladies during the closing credits. The actor who played the transsexual cabaret performer Pia (Kokkorn Benjathikoon), is listed by IMDB as a male, but there ain't no way! AKA: Satree Lek. TR:4.0

Iron Ladies 2 (2003): Might have been best to leave the original alone. It's a mess of past and present muddled scenes and stereotypical "gayness" is played to the hilt... unless of course you like flat-chested gay boys with makeup wearing teenage girl's clothing. At least we again see the lovely Pia (Kokkorn Benjathikoon) and get a glimpse of her LadyBoy show. The LadyBoys are also present and cheering at the big volleyball game at the end along with some "regular" crossdressers. AKA: Satree Lek 2. TR:2.5

Is She A He? (1975): Spanish. Susana Gimenez. AKA: Mi Novia El...? AKA: My Fiancee the Transvestite. TR:n/a

Is There Sex After Death? (1971): How to describe this film? A campy 70's sexploitation film masquerading as a mockumentary about the sexual revolution. At the start of her film career, Holly Woodlawn gets top billing even though her interviews are pretty short. Buck Henry gets some funny bits and don't miss Mink Stole's cameo as a dominatrix. TR:1.5

Isle Of Love (1918-1922): Cliff Townsend (Julian Eltinge) and Carlos intend to seize the royal crown of the Isle Of Love with the help of Jacques (Rudolph Valentino). Cliff's part in the little scheme is to "vamp the Duke"... that is to distract/woo the Grand Duke Whoozis (Stanton Heck) by dressing as Madamoiselle Julie. Although Julian looks a bit haggard at times, he gets a fair amount of screen time and gets to wear several nice outfits. The movie has a varied past. As I understand, "Over The Rhine" (1918) was re-edited and released as "An Adventuress" (1920). These were further re-edited to showcase Rudolph Valentino and Virginia Rappe and released as "Isle Of Love" (1922). The latter is the only surviving cut, no doubt because the starpower of Valentino (and his death a few years afterwards). The final edit is a little confusing and incongruent, it would be interesting to see how much the story changed from the original title. Incidentally, Julian has a much less prominent part in an earlier film with a different cast that was also titled "Isle Of Love" (1916)... not much is known about this movie. AKA: Over The Rhine. AKA: An Adventuress. TR:3.9 It's In The Water (1997): A wonderful comedy about a woman, Alex (Keri Jo Chapman), living in the small Texas town of Azalea Springs. Towards the end of the movie, she inquires about the disappearance of one of her childhood friends, Ray Ray (Dion Culberson), and finds he is now performing at an alternative club as a drag queen named Obsession. TR:3.7

Izzy & Moe (1985): Izzy (Jackie Gleason) and Moe (Art Carney) are two retired vaudeville performers who become two of the best prohibition agents in the 1920's. One of their many disguises included that of newlyweds with Art making quite an ugly lady. Loosely based of the exploits of the two real-life agents. TR:3.0

Jaan-E-Mann: Let's Fall In Love... Again (2006): Confident Suhaan (Salmon Khan) helps shy and awkward Agastya (Akshay Kumar) win the heart of his ex-wife (Preity Zinta) by acting as his mouthpiece... sort of a modernized Cyrano de Bergerac. Suhaan has to keep close, so he adopts several disguises as not to be recognized by his ex-wife. When Agastya enters a dance club, Suhaan appears dressed as a woman and ends up dancing (and fighting) in drag. His face is not too bad but he is so muscular that a white halter dress is not his best fashion choice! It's an enjoyable movie. TR:3.7

Jack En Jill (1954): Siblings swap gender roles in this Filipino comedy that follows the antics of a working family. When the father gets ill, tomboy Luisa (Lolita Rodriguez) agrees to stand in. Meanwhile, her effeminate brother Gorio (Dolphy), runs away and gets mistaken for a girl. TR: Date

Jackass Number Two (2006): One of the repeated gags involve Spike Jonze dressed up as Gloria, an old gray-haired lady who "accidentally" exposes her *extremely* saggy boobs. The prosthetics, although disgusting, were quite realistic. TR:2.5

Jacques Brel Is Alive And Well And Living In Paris (1975): An artsy film comprised of 35 songs written by traveling Belgian troubedor Jacques Brel. When the bartender sings about his love, the homely lady sitting at the bar is a man. He is seen again dancing amongst the other patrons. TR:2.6

Jane Doe (1995): Horace (Christopher Peditto) is a writer who meets and falls in love with Jane (Calista Flockhart). Early in the film, we find that Horace's "real" job is working as a bartender at a drag club. Truly a staged scene, we see a few paripatetic drag queens (Alfonse King, Angela Price, Ron Bagden) at the club. AKA: Pictures of Baby Jane Doe. TR:2.0
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Jane White Is Sick & Twisted (2002): Jane White (Kim Little) is obsessed with television and is sure that talk show host Gerry King (David Lander) is her long-lost father. Wanting to meet her father, she dresses as a "closet transvestite prostitute" and starts on her quest to be on his show. While on the streets she meets many interesting characters to include two transvestite prostitutes Candy (Eric Lutes), Desiree (Andrew Lauer), and crossdressing hotel clerk Simone (Dustin Diamond). Super silly. You can turn your brain off when watching this one. TR:3.6

Jitterbugs (1943): Stan Laurel And Oliver Hardy team up with shadey business man Chester (Robert Bailey) to help con some swindlers who conned Susan's (Vivian Blaine) aunt out of $10K. Part of the scam involves Stan dressing up as Vivian's aunt from Boston and he does so for a good portion of the movie. TR:4.4

Jo Jo Dancer (1986): Richard Pryor's autobiographical film and his directorial debut. The show in which he was involved had several different acts... comic (Richard Pryor), Stripper Satin Doll (Paula Kelly), singer, etc. The last "bury the show" had them doing each other's parts... Richard came out dressed like Satin Doll and did her strip act to include gold pasties and sequin bikini underneath the dress! The costume was so complete, when he first came out I thought he *was* Satin Doll. TR:4.5

Johnny Mnemonic (1995): Johnny (Keanu Reeves) is a mnemonic data courier hired to carry information from Beijing to Newark. You're not missing much when he has to fight off crossdressing bodyguard Yomamma (Falconer Abraham). TR:2.5

Journey To The End Of Night (2006): Father (Scott Glenn) and son Paul (in an unusual role for Brendan Fraser) own a brothel in Sao Paulo, but try to score big with a cocaine deal. Anger-prone Paul has a run-in with transvestite prostitute Nazda (Matheus Nachtergaele), but she proves she's a fighter when returning for revenge after having her face cut. TR:3.6

Jubilee (1977): This is really a horrid film about a group of punk girls who go about killing people. One of those they happen to kill is Lounge Lizard (Wayne/Jayne County) who shows us a small (thankfully) bit of his so-called singing while wearing some type of manly chiffon gown. The only good part of this film is when the credits roll. The special feature "Jubilee: A Time Less Golden" has a little better TG content when they talk about the influences and life of director Derek Jarmen and show a small vintage clip in the backroom of a drag club. TR:1.5

Junior (1994): Alex (Arnold Schwarzenneger) is refused FDA approval for his new fertility drug so he uses it on himself and becomes pregnant. Needing to hide from greedy scientists, he disguises himself as a woman and hides out at a pregnancy camp. I know... Arnie dressed up as a woman... can anyone say "East German Female Olympics"? TR:3.9

Just Can't Get Enough: True Story Of The Chippendales' Murders (2001): Spencer (Paul Clark) is a Chippendales dancer and truly can't get enough. He's done it with every type woman except an Indian with a bindi. Spoiler: He finally gets the chance until her wig comes off and it ends up being a guy in drag (Vinny Achutha) who claims, "Hey, how else am I going to be able to see the show. Can't we just finish this while pretending?", and... they do. TR:2.5

Just Like A Woman (1992): Adrian Pasdar, Julie Walters

Just One Of the Girls (1997): Standard drag situations apply when Chris (Corey Haim) hides from the school bully as Chrissie. Corey's been in drag before and he looks pretty good... and I love the cheerleader outfit! Also, towards the end of the movie, his "love interest" (yep, you guessed it, the bully (Cameron Bancroft)) dresses up as a girl to sneak around to see "her". AKA: Anything For Love. TR:4.5

Juwanna Mann (2002): Jamal's (Miguel Nunez) ego has got him thrown out of the national basketball league so what's he to do... how about disguise himself as a woman, join the women's league, and fall in love with the team captain (Vivica Fox)? Yeah, it's formulaic and filled with one inconceivable situation after another, but I must say that Miguel still creates a lovable character and looks quite good as a woman (although the voice is a bit annoying). It's a fun little watch. TR:4.8