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Kalicharan (1976): After police officer Prabhakar dies, a look-alike criminal, Kalicharan (Shatrughan Sinha), is released from prison to take is place, hunt down his killers, and take care of his children... a boy and a little girl. The girl is played by a little boy (Master Bittoo) who has his own long hair and wears cute dresses throughout the movie. He also played a little girl in Mukti. TR:4.4

Kamenak (2003): I don't speak Czech (and no subtitles on this one) so please forgive incorrect plot points. One knows immediately when you see Mother Superior (Vaclav Glazar) that it's a fat guy in drag... he's an undercover bad guy at the local convent and helps in hiding other meanies (and AWOL soldiers from the nearby base) as nuns. Now the treat: Adam (Libor Landa/Julia Landis) interviews for a teaching job, but is rejected by the womanizing principal. He returns as "Eva" and is immediately hired (and ogled by all the male students)! Later, Eva gets run over by a woman (Jana Paulova) which in turn causes her daughter (Vera Kuchtova) to discover his secret and fall in love with him. After they are caught kissing, he reveals himself to the entire classroom by disrobing (and magically his makeup is gone and he is wearing something totally different underneath). Libor is absolutely gorgeous as you can see from his website:
Libor Landa and works as a female impersonator for the Crazy Goddess show. He also does a performance in the film, but I was unsure if it's the Adam character or a different role. TR:4.8

Kentucky Fried Movie (1977): An 'Airplane'-style movie comprised of a series of sketches (with a surprising amount of nudity). The TG content is a court stenographer (Stephen Stucker) who becomes more femme as the movie progresses and the "Enter The Dragon" sketch where the main character Loo (Evan Kim) wakes up in "The Wizard Of Oz" dressed as Dorothy. TR:3.4
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Kid In Aladdin's Palace (1998): Time-traveling Calvin (Thomas Nicolas) and Ali Baba (Nicholas Irons) appear in this child-oriented adventure film. At one point in the film, the pair dress up as harem girls to see Princess Sheherazade (Rhona Mitra). As you guessed, this is "laugh" drag, not realism. TR:1.5

Kids In The Hall: Brain Candy (1996): A pharmaceutical company creates a pill which cures depression, but releases it before testing. The guys play all the characters with some of the main roles being scientist Alice (Bruce McCulloch), and Scott Thompson as Mother Hurdicure and androgynous scientist Baxter. Kevin McDonald plays wife Doreen and club girl Lacey. Mark McKinney brings back his talk show hostess Nina Bedford (I like the Nina character), schoolgirl Melanie, and a street hooker. Scott Thompson also plays the Queen and supermodel Clemptor. I was disappointed to find the prettiest of the guys, Dave Foley, has no drag roles. TR:4.0

Kill, Baby, Kill (1966): A doctor (Giacomo Rossi-Stuart) is called to a small village where supernatural murders are taking place. Everyone in the village is scared to death of seeing an angelic little girl in a white dress with long blonde hair... a sign meaning their death is imminent. The little girl is played by a little boy (Valerio Valeri). We see "her" throughout the movie but the role consists of nothing more than giggling and then running away. TR:4.0

Kill Your Darlings (2006): A dark and depressing story consisting of three intertwined tales. One involves a hapless mobster, a housewife, and transvestite Geert (Alexander Skarsgard) on their way to Las Vegas to see a celebrity psychiatrist (John Larroquette). Another involves Lola (Lolita Davidovich) giving Erik (Andreas Wilson) painful lessons in writing. She coerces him into a wig and makeup to catch a meal at a lesbian club and later leaves him chained to a shed in a wig and his male underwear. Even though Geert looks good and has lots of screentime, this movie is quite bad. TR:0.5

Killer Condom (1996): In this German movie, gay Detective Mackeroni (Udo Samel) chases down a killer condom at the Hotel Quickie. He is stalked throughout the movie by jilted ex-lover Bob (Leonard Lansink), who is now hairy drag queen Babette. She thinks he is still in love with her and insist they get back together. Hmmm... it takes place in New York City with everyone speaking German... that's funny in itself. AKA: Kondom Des Grauens. TR:3.5

Killer Drag Queens On Dope (2003): Ginger (Alexis Arquette) and Coco (Omar Alexis) are hired assassins.. well, Coco stands around while Ginger does the hit. It's really useless to go much further into the plot than this... can anyone say "home movie"? TR:3.1

Killer Tongue (1996): This is a *bizarre* movie! A meteor turns a woman (hottie Melinda Clarke) into a tongue creature and her four pastel poodles (including David Dale, Kimberly) into drag queens. To go into this any further would be wasting my ti... errr... ruining the plot! AKA: Lengua Asesina. TR:2.1

Killing Spring, A (2002): Joanne Kilbourn (Wendy Crewson) investigates the murder of a colleague. A short scene involves a transvestite hooker (Alexander Chapman) going back to a motel room to retrieve a purse when the dead body is discovered. TR:2.5

Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949): In this comedy/drama of revenge, Alec Guinness plays eight "victims" of the D'Ascoyne family to include Lady Agatha. Where else do you get to see Obi-Wan Kenobi in drag? TR:2.4

King Kong (2005): The classic King Kong tale gets a third retelling in this action-packed blockbuster produced and directed by Peter Jackson. In the beginning we are introduced to Ann Darrow (hottie Naomi Watts) working in vaudeville. She is first shown dressed up like a man while a fellow actor is dressed in matronly attire. At the end of the film we are shown snippets of a play by Jack Driscoll (Adrien Brody) which includes a male actor in drag. Both are done for comedic effect. TR:3.5

King Of Masks (1996) Liang (Zhigang Zhao) is a female impersonator and star at the local opera house. Early on he befriends a street performer known as the King Of Masks and is quite impressed with his talent of quick-change masks. Liang is seen throughout the movie to include snippets from his opera performance. TR:4.2

Kinky Boots (2005): Charlie Price (Joel Edgerton) is struggling to keep his family shoe business afloat until an employee (Jemima Rooper) and London drag queen Lola (versatile Chiwetel Ejiofor) suggests appealing to a niche market... sexy high heel boots for drag queens and the transgendered. We are treated to several of Lola's club performances (with backup drag queens called the Angel Boys) where transgender abound. This fun film is based on a true story... and I recommend. TR:4.6

Kiss Of The Spiderwoman (1985): Luis Molina (William Hurt) and Valentin (Raul Julia) are unlikely cell mates in a Latin American prison. Luis is homosexual (imprisoned for immoral behaviour) and enjoys passing time by acting out scenes from his favorite movies. He prefers the female leads and makes do with his limited prison wardrobe (basically a print robe and his hair wrapped in a towel). He is released and meets his friends at a club where a female impersonator (hairy chest and all) is doing a balloon-pop dance. TR:2.4 Krasota Trebuet (2008): This colorful Russian cartoon-like musical comedy (how's that for a description) centers around the "Best Wife 2008" competition. For some reason (no subtitles), Russia was left out... so in steps relunctant photographer (Luzhina or Kukushkinoy). With his voice and big features he's not convincing as a woman, but quite attractive as one! Translation: Beauty Requires. TR:4.8 Kung Phooey! (2003): This slapstick martial arts spoof has bad guys One Ton (Fred Salvallon) and Lo Fat (Robert Wu) badly dressing up as women to eavesdrop on the good guys. Also, hero Art Chew (Michael Chow Man-Kin) is briefly seen dressed up as Dorothy by his friends when how talks about culture and home. The special features has a few brief "behind the scenes" snippets of Michael modeling his dorothy dress. TR:3.5

Kung Pow! Enter the Fist (2002): This is an *extreme* parody of martial arts films! It mixes new footage, CGI, and redubbed old movies to create a totally silly experience! During an early fight scene, the Chosen One (Steve Oedekerk, from the Thumb movies) fights a meanie and uses his fists of fury to chop up the black outfit the meanie is wearing. When finished, the remaining outfit is a string bikini! TR:1.1

La Cage, An Evening At, Hosted By Milton Berle (19): This is the taping of a portion of the "Evening At La Cage" show hosted by Milton Berle. TR:

La Cage, Girls Night Out (1983): This is the taping of a portion of the "Evening At La Cage" show hosted by James "Gypsy" Haake wearing the most garish costumes. One of the featured performers is Michael Andrews, looking as lovely as ever and doing his Ann-Margaret and Olivia Newton John routines. In attendance is a fair number of well-known celebrities and the whole thing is, oddly enough, directed by Andy Sidaris! This is possibly where Andy met Michael and was impressed enough to ask him to appear in two of his movies. Other impersonators appearing are James Segouia, Busty O'Shea, Kelly Lawrence, Stephan McCall and Bobby Etienne. BTW, James Segouia and Michael Andrews appear together again in Talking Walls. TR:4.5

La Cage Aux Folles (1978). The *original* (and better) Birdcage. Renato (Ugo Tognazzi) and drag queen Albin (Michel Serrault) are a gay couple who own a drag club. Renato's son wants to get married to a politician's daughter, so they must play it straight when they have them over for dinner. This movie definitely made an impression when I first saw it... I was amazed how plain, balding men can turn themselves into such elegant looking ladies... and it still amazes me. Full of laughs. TR:4.7

La Cage Aux Folles II,III (1980,1985):

Ladies Or Gentlemen: Starz Inside (2008): RuPaul hosts a revealing look at Hollywood's greatest gender benders... including Tim Curry, Tony Curtis, Robin Williams, and many others. TR:4.0 Lady In Cement (1968): Tony Rome (Frank Sinatra) is a private detective who is hired to find a missing lady. He seeks information from a cop in drag (Pat Henry) who is staking out a strip club and there with a male date. It's a rather hokey scene. TR:3.7
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Lady In Question Is Charles Busch, The (2005): Mr. Busch's theatrical and biological family (he looks exactly like his sisters) talk with sincere comedy and raw emotion about the tremendous talent that is the Grand Dame of the Stage and talented playwright, Charles Busch. The DVD is loaded with plenty of special features to include "In The Life" and snippets from each of his "Theater In Limbo" productions. TR:4.6

LadyBoys (1995): Documentary

Ladybugs (1992): Chester (Rodney Dangerfield) must take over the company's employee-daughter soccer team. Desperate for success, he enlists the aid of his fiancee's son Matthew (Jonathan Brandis), who joins the team as "Martha". This is a cute comedy and the scene in the girls fitting room is hilarious! However, it's not a pretty sight when Chester needs to get into drag to pick up "Martha" from an after-game party at his boss's house. TR:4.4

Last Dragon (1985): You're not missing much when a transvestite's (Freddie Storble) boyfriend jumps up to help fight a meanie after a challenge in a movie theater. TR:2.5

Last Exit To Brooklyn (1989): A dark drama centered around union workers on the mean streets of 1950's Brooklyn. One of the plots involve the union strike headquarters director falling in love with Regina (Bernard Zette), an effeminate gay male. He meets Regina at an apartment that was hosting a party with other effeminate gay males to include Georgette (Alexis Arquette) and crossdressers Goldie (Robi Martin) and Camille (Julian Alexon). It's pretty dark/violent and the sets are strangely surreal... but what do you expect from a European film with a German director about Brooklyn? Neither Alexis nor Zette are crossdressed in the movie, but Robi looks very good. TR:3.2

Last Of Sheila (1973): Clinton (James Coburn) invites a group of friends (including beautiful Raquel Welch and Dyan Cannon) for a sailing weekend and a game of intrigue. For one clue, we find Clinton wearing full makeup and a red wig. I'll let you watch the movie to find out why. Recommended. TR:1.1

Last Of The Blonde Bombshells (2000): Elizabeth (Judi Dench) tries to reunite her all-girl wartime swing band. They couldn't find a drummer until guy on the run Patrick (Ian Holm/Grant Ibbs) fills the position (in drag). Where else do you get to see Bilbo Baggins in drag? A cute British film I recommend. TR:4.3

Last Samurai (2003): American military advisor Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise) embraces the Samurai culture after being captured in battle. Very good film. You're not missing anything when a village play involves an unknown "female" masked player. TR:0.5

Last Seduction (1994): Bridget (Linda Fiorentino) has stolen a million dollars from her husband (Bull Pullman) and is on the lam. Tired of dealing with his henchmen, she enlists the aid of a naive local Mike (Peter Berg) to kill her husband, but her twisted plan involves Mike's ex-wife (Serena) who she found out used to be a man. From the information I have found, it appears Serena is a female adult film star. TR:n/a

Late Last Night (1999): While Dan (Emilio Estevez) waits for friend Jeff (Steven Weber), he is approached by a transvestite street walker (Keram Malicki-Sanchez), their words. He looks pretty good too! Keram has quite a filmography (over 50 movies) and does not appear to be a drag artist. Here is an interesting twist, the transvestite is picked up by a police officer, John Carroll Lynch, who played a transvestite in the Drew Carey Show! Fair comedy with a neat song/dance number sung by Weber, who has a decent voice. TR:4.5 08Aug11

League Of Gentlemen: Christmas Special (2000): In this dark British television comedy, cast members Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith play innumerable characters who populate a small English village. Lots of female characters in this macabre Christmas special, but none worth mentioning. TR:1.9

Leather Jacket Love Story (1997): Love blossoms between "innocent" Kyle (Sean Tataryn) and leather jacket wearing biker Mike (Christopher Bradley) in this softporn gay film. Drag queens have a lot of screen time in this one from the plump waitress/bartender (Worthie Meacham) to the trio of crime fighters, hottie Amanda (Craig Olsen), Madge (Stephen McCarthy), and Charella (Erin Krystle). There are also drag queens at a few other confusing scenes bothering diner patrons and filling out forms. TR:4.5

Leaving Metropolis (2002): David (Troy Ruptash) is a well-known painter who needs inspiration, so naturally he takes a job as a waiter for a small restaurant owned by a married couple, Matt (Vince Corazza) and Violet (Cherilee Taylor). David is gay and ends up having an affair with Matt. David also has a transsexual friend Shannon (Thom Allison) who is currently looking forward to her sex-change surgery. Shannon is more than a minor character , but has many scenes. Thom is very believable (and cute) as Shannon and the role is written in a realistic fashion, not some bad TS stereotype. Unfortunately, the ending is sad and left unresolved. TR:4.7

Leewaris (1981): Hira (Amitabh Bachchan) is the illegitimate child of a wealthy businessman and beautiful singer (Rakhee Gulzar), but is now grown up and desires to find his parents and marry Mohini (Zeenat Aman). Hira loves to sing and dance and towards the end does so for a friends birthday party. For the majority of the song, he slips into four different female characters... a tall lady, fat lady, thin lady, and a dancing lady. TR:3.8

Legend Of Leigh Bowery (2002): The life of 80's London fashion designer/queer icon Leigh Bowery is explored in this documentary. It has many parallels with Party Monster (2003) and the "club kid" fashion scene going on in New York. Includes interviews with his family, wife, Boy George, members of the Michael Clarke Dance Company (for which he was the costume designer), and many more. TR:3.9

Lemon Drop Kid (1951): Scam artist Sidney (Bob Hope) attempts to start a fake charity so he can steal the money for a previous scam that went bad... yeah, another of those old-time feel-good Christmas movies! Sidney dresses up as an old lady to infiltrate his stolen charity, the Old Dolls Retirement Home. Very reminiscent of Jack Benny in Charley's Aunt. Reported to be the origin of the Christmas classic "Silver Bells!" TR:2.5

Let Me Die A Woman (1978): A quirky and very outdated documentary on sex-changes. Dr Leo Wollman dryly and graphically explains the ins and outs of real-life transsexuals. Leslie, an attractive Puerto Rican trannssexual, has a prominant role discussing her past and her new life as a post-op woman. Also featured is Deborah Harten who first appears in a TS help group. The group scene also has several other "transgendered" who are quickly introduced without names. Transmen do not escape unscathed as the doctor includes two of them in his discussion and on display. The film also graphically includes a little footage on what may be an actual sex-change operation. Additionally, the film has a female porn star and the director/writer/producer, Doris Wishman, has a string of thirteen aliases that she worked under until her death in 2002. TR:3.6

Liberators, The (1987): Yet another movie that Disney keeps locked away in their "vault". John Fairfield (Robert Carradine) and slave Bill (Larry B Scott) go about freeing other slaves. After slave Lilah (Renee Jones) is injured, John helps her, another female slave, and her son (possibly Alexander Chapman) escape on the train disguised as white southern belles. You got to love his puffy pink ruffled gown! TR:4.2

Lilies Les Feluettes (1996): Bishop Bilodeau (Marcel Sabourin) visits a quebecois prison to hear the confession of a boyhood friend jailed for murder 40 years ago. The inmates force the prelate to watch a play depicting what really happened in 1912. It uses a clever plot twist, the inmates acting out the events, to go back and replay the events but with all the past roles (to include the females parts) being played by the various inmates. You'll have to watch this one several times to take it all in. TR:

Lilo & Stitch (2002): Disney animated feature. Agent Wendy Pleakley (voice Kevin McDonald) is a male alien, but he is consistently seen dressing in women's clothing for his enjoyment. This hobby began when he disguised himself as a middle-aged woman so he and Jumba wouldn't be noticed as a vacationing couple. He is shown admiring his wig in a mirror while "off duty". TR:3.5

Little Nicky (2000): Nicky (Adam Sandler) goes on a Earthly mission to save his father, Beezlebub. A running gag throughout the film involves the gatekeeper (Kevin Nealon) who is "punished" with the addition of breasts on his head and wears bra's to conceal them. Also being punished is Hitler (Christopher Carroll) who is forced to wear a complete French Maid's costume and... well, you can watch the movie to see the rest of his punishment. When Nicky is searching apartments for his girlfriend, he runs across a not-so-good looking transvestite (Clint Howard) wearing pink ruffled rhumba panties, crop top, and feather-trimmed robe... who we see in several scenes. It's not that bad of a movie and is jam-packed with stars. TR:4.0

Little Sister (1992): Bobby (Jonathan Silverman) is a college freshman and as part of a fraternity prank, he poses as Roberta and gets pledged into a sorority. There he falls madly in love with Diana (Alyssa Milano). As the game escalates, Bobby finds it increasingly hard to keep his twin identities separate. Standard drag situations apply. Jonathan has done drag before on his own ex-sitcom (The Single Guy) and looks pretty good! TR:4.7

Loaded Weapon 1, National Lampoon's (1993): An 'Airplane'-style spoof of the Lethal Weapon films. Jigsaw (Dr. Frank-N-Furter himself, Tim Curry) dresses as a bearded Wilderness Girl scout, but is it only to sell cookies? Jack Colt (Emilio Estevez) and Destiny (Kathy Ireland) hear a helicopter outside his trailer and go outside to investigate. As they exit, Jack is wearing a red padded bustier, matching panties, black stockings and heels... and she is wearing his t-shirt and boxers. In a kissing scene, another switch occurs at the "feet", he is wearing her heels while she is wearing his boots. TR:3.8

Lola and Billy the Kid (1999): Lola (Gandi Mukli) is a Turkish drag queen who is undecided about having a sex-change and marrying his boyfriend Bilidikid (Erdal Yildiz). I won't ruin the plot, but don't expect a happy ending in this film. AKA: Lola + Bilidikid. TR:3.8

Longest Yard (1974): Paul (Burt Reynolds) is a former pro quarterback who has recently made some bad decisions and finds himself in prison. The sadistic warden (Eddie Albert) wants him to put together a team of inmates to spar with his semi-pro guard team. The last hour of the movie covers the "big game" with entertainment and cheerleaders provided by the "Men From Cellblock C". The entertainment is three black inmates dressed up as the Supremes and they look great... wigs, makeup and matching sexy sequin outfits. You see small clips of them throughout the game to include the inevitable dewigging scene at the end. TR:4.7

Longest Yard (2005): A "Disney" version of the original with Adam Sandler taking the part of Paul and Burt Reynolds returning with the role of Nate Scarborough. The con transvestites (8 total) have more screen time here and are seen throughout the whole movie and lead by Ms Tucker (Tracy Morgan). Unfortunately, they are not quite as attractive as the originals and played more stereotypically "gay". TR:4.4

Looney Tunes: Back In Action (2003): This live-action/animation mix involves DJ (Brandon Fraser) and Daffy Duck hunting for the Blue Monkey Diamond while Kate (Jenna Elfman) and Bugs Bunny follow their trail. At the beginning, Kate tells Bugs he needs a leading lady at which point Bugs says he *is* his own leading lady and turns into quite a shapely blonde one! Another scene has Bugs and Daffy being chased by Elmer into and out of museum paintings... lots of quick changes into costumes there to include a can-can dance. TR:3.8
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Looney Tunes: Reality Check (2003): 21 newly created cartoons... sort of put into a coherent manner. As usual, lots of cartoon drag where Sylvester dons a wedding dress to marry Elmer at a Vegas chapel, Yosemite Sam and Taz dress a girls to get out of a speeding ticket, and girl-next-door Daffy kisses Elmer thanking him for the use of his house. Finally, they gather together for a "Drag Race"! TR:3.7
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Looney Tunes: Stranger Than Fiction (2003):

Lords Of Dogtown (2005): The film follows the surf and skateboarding trend that originated in California during the 1970's. I had to endure two hours of this to get to a scene where a "tranny" (Alexis Arquette) calls Alva a pirate and then stumbles back to a limo... UGH! TR:1.4

Lost In A Harem (1944): Peter (Bud Abbott), Harvey (Lou Costello) and Hazel (gorgeous Marilyn Maxwell) help Prince Ramo regain his kingdom. While running around the palace, Peter and Harvey find themselves in a costume room. When they emerge, Peter is dressed like the Sultan Nimativ and Harvey is dressed like his main wife Teema... and it's a nice dress. While dressed as Teema, he then entertains the real Sultan (Douglass Dumbrille) until he steals his ring and hypnotizes him. Harvey then undresses and has the Sultan dress as Teema! TR:3.9

Lost In The Pershing Point Hotel (2000): This should have been called Depressed In The Pershing Point Hotel. This bizarre story follows gay Storyteller (Leslie Jordan) and his friend Miss Make Do (Erin Chandler) through their dark and drug-related escapades. Contessa (Peter Mohawk) appears sporadically as a quirky wheelchair-bound drag queen hotel resident. Surprising stars appear like John Ritter, Marilu Henner, and Kathy Kinney. TR:0.9

Love Crazy (1941): A great comedy gem that still holds up for laughs despite its age. The TG theme is the classic "dressing for disguise" when Stephen (William Powell) needs a disguise to escape the cops and see his wife (Myrna Loy). TR:4.4
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Love, Honor And Obey (2000): A mobster comedy starring Jonny Miller and Jude Law. The mob boss is getting married so we find three of his underlings (Dominic Anciano, Ray Burdis, William Scully) trying on bridesmaid gowns so the bridal coordinator can "see how the fabrics and colors work in the light". Nope, no wigs, makeup or shaving here. TR:2.0

Love Streams (1984) I got this movie as part of my Christopher Morley collection. I now know why I had a hard time finding this movie... it's awful! There's no beginning or ending, and the middle is as entertaining as watching paint dry for 2 hours and 20 minutes. It's basically about a directionless writer (John Cassavettes) and his psychotic sister (Gena Rowlands). Christopher is listed as "female impersonator" and is somewhere in the background of an all-male after-hours club. Other unseen FI's (*grin*) listed in the cast are Logan Carter and Kelly Lawrence. TR:0.3

Love! Valour! Compassion! (1997) You're not missing much when a group of six gay guys (to include Jason Alexander) rehearse as ballerina's for an Aid's Benefit. TR:2.9

Lucky Break (2001): A lesser known film that was a fun watch. A group of convicts use the prison musical production of "Nelson" to attempt a breakout. Darren (Raymond Waring), the small quiet one of the group, attempts to sneak out dressed as a woman. TR:3.9

Lucky Texan (1934) Jerry (John Wayne) and Jake (George Hayes) strike it rich when they find gold. Jake has to get to the courthouse without being recognized, so he uses his theatrical days "Charley's Aunt" costume. TR:3.5

Luminarias (2000) This movie stars a click of four Latino women and Scott Bakula. These women spend the majority of their time bickering about Latino prejudice but they definitely produce more than they allegedly suffer from. One of them (who happens to be prejudiced against the transgendered) has a brother, Carlos (Geoffrey Rivas), who is a drag queen... or at least a bad stereotype of one. He is a very minor character who we see once in "guy" mode and then at the very end in drag... probably less than a minute total screen time. TR:1.2

Lust In The Dust (1985) In this western spoof, a group of unscrupulous characters seek a buried treasure. Divine (Glen Milstead) plays dancehall girl Rosie Velez in a part that is perfectly tailored for him... either that or he makes it his own! Spoiler Alert: We discover that Rosie is the sister of saloon owner Marguerita (Lainie Kazan) and together they "hold" the key to finding the treasure, but it's Abel Wood (Tab Hunter) who solves the clues! TR:3.9

M Butterfly (1993): During the Cultural Revolution in China, French diplomat Rene Gillimard (Jeremy Irons) falls in love with Beijing opera singer and female impersonator Song Liling (John Lone). Two powerful performances in this story of love and betrayal. TR:5.0
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Mad Executioners (1963): Based on an Edgar Wallace novel, Gabby Pennypacker (Chris Howland) is a reporter and self-proclaimed master of disguise. He likes to help Scotland Yard and the latest case has him disguised as a woman to spy on a secret society that operates outside the law. TR:3.2 AKA: Henker Von London. TR:3.4

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008): Cute computer-animated sequel where NY zoo animals escape from Madagascar, but land in Africa. King Julien (Sacha Baron Cohen) jumps from a cake with coconut breasts and grass skirt and asks his subjects if they find him attractive. TR:2.0

Madame Behave (1925): Jack (Julian Eltinge) is in love with Gwen (Ann Pennington). She is also in love with him, but her father wants her to marry another and forbids her to see him. Jack spends the rent on an engagement ring and climbs up her balcony to see her when the police spot him and think he is a notorious peeping tom. He ends up running back to his apartment building, but it's crawling with police. He very reluctantly disguises himself as a woman using his neighbor's clothing and ends up impersonating a woman his roommate and landlord are looking for. He even enlists the help of his burly man-servant (Tom Wilson) to get into drag to send them on a wild goose-chase. Of course, the plot is more involved than this but suffice it to say, Julian plays his standard reluctant but attractive crossdressed man role... ripping off his wig and throwing it on the floor more times than one can count on a hand... that poor wig! TR:4.3
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Madame Sata (2002) Dark, loosely-inspired movie on outlaw/transvestite Joao Francisco Santos/Madame Sata (Lazaro Ramos) in 1930's Rio de Janeiro. He lives with his makeshift family which includes prostitute Laurita (Marcelia Cartaxo), her baby, and servant Tabu (Flavio Bauraqui). Tabu is an interesting character, always in some stage of drag and constantly tortured by Joao (not getting his cut in schemes, always referring to him as "limp fairy", etc), but he seems happy as it's the only family he has. Joao dreams of being a stage star and eventually starts putting on popular shows for the local community as Jamacy (basicially just makeup, jewelry, and long skirts). It's got a lot of positive attention and a fair IMDB rating, but I personally didn't like it and wouldn't recommend it. TR:1.6

Madea's Class Reunion (2003) This comedy/musical taped stage play is much less about Madea (Tyler Perry) and a reunion, but more about "forgiveness" between various African-American couples... basically pimps, ho's, and adulterers. Tyler first appears in male persona as an intolerable lazy bellboy and later as Madea, an intolerable buttinsky who wears as much makeup on the dress and wig as he does on his face. Yep, Tyler exploits every bad stereotype in the book... and I didn't find it much of a comedy. TR:0.8

Madea's Family Reunion (2006) Once again, Madea uses her own brand of style to take care of problems that arise while planning a family reunion. Tyler Perry plays three roles in the movie... Madea, Madea's pot-smoking farting brother, and her nephew lawyer. I really want to like Tyler, but his ego outweighs any other quality he might have... his name appears no less than five times (director, writer, producer) before the second credit rolls which happens to be Blair Underwood, playing a psycho wife-beater. His stories only vary slightly so if you have seen one misstreated black woman beating the crap out of her mean boyfriend/husband... you've seen them all. I'll leave you with the IMDB rating of 3.5/10.

Magic Christian (1969): This film is a lot like the Monkee's movie "Head", it doesn't really make much sense as it goes from one confusing scene to the next with no coherent binding. Although, I could say the plot deals with the folly of money and plays on the cliche "everyone has a price". Towards the end of the film we are aboard a new cruise ship "The Magic Christian", and are treated to a female cabaret performer singing "Mad About The Boy". At the end of her song, she whips off her wig to reveal that she is really a bald-headed man (uncredited Yul Brynner!). It was surprising to find a large number of well-known actors in the film. TR:4.2

Maitresse (1976) A common thief (Gerard Depardieu) breaks into the house of dominatrix Ariane (Bulle Ogier) and they form a relationship. Her first client (Richard Caron) is seen wearing a long-line corset. Asian crossdresser Bitch is ridden around as a ponygirl and helps Mistress dress. Finally, two other crossdressers are put through a kissing fantasy. TR:2.8

Major Payne (1995) After being discharged from the Marines, Major Payne (Damon Wayans) ends up commanding officer of a local school's ragtag JROTC program. In an effort to get Payne to leave, they dress up a cadet in drag and try to get a picture taken of him in bed with Payne. But it backfires and Payne ends up putting all the cadets in dresses and parading them around the campus. TR:1.7

Making Of A Male Model (1983) Tyler (Jon-Erik Hexum) is enticed to join a modeling agency run by Kay (Joan Collins). At a promotional party, we find all sorts of costumed individuals to include James "Gypsy" Haake and Christopher Morley. Chris is looking good, as usual, and even has a speaking line. Unfortunately, it's a far too quick. TR:3.7

Malibu Express (1985): An Andy Sidaris "Babes, Bullets, Bombs" movie. Cody Abilene (Darby Hinton) is a private detective and is investigating a murder. One of the suspects is Stuart Chamberlain (Michael Andrews) who is secretly sneaking away from his wife to perform at the local female impersonators club. Also see: Hard Ticket To Hawaii. TR:3.4 (for short duration)
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Man Behind The Gun (1953): Major Callicut (Randolph Scott) poses as a disgraced army officer who is sent to work undercover to foil California secession threats. In order to present an easy target for the rebels, union soldiers hide in a covered wagon driven by a two deputies, one (Dick Wesson) disguised (very badly) as the wife. Helpful Tip: Be sure to cover your ears before he talks. TR:2.9

Man From Monterey, The (1933): A cavalry officer (John Wayne) helps save a family's ranch from land grabbers. To infiltrate a wedding party, his comic sidekick Felipe (Luis Albemi) dresses up as an aunt. Although not attractive, he does a good job with role and gets a lot of on-screen drag time. TR:3.8

Man Who Fell To Earth (1976): I really debated listing this one but there are some very short cuts to a Kubuki actor (and David Bowie's character wears light makeup throughout)... but it's a film that parades as artsy by not explaining anything... ugh! I can't believe I wasted two hours of my life watching this. TR:0.3

Manchurian Candidate (1962) You're not missing much when Gaines (Lloyd Corrigan) wears his wife's frilly robe to read in bed. The film revolves around a brainwashing demonstration where American soldier's see foreign nationals as old ladies attending a lecture on hydrangea's, but those parts are played by actual old ladies. TR:1.0

Marci X (200): Jewish American Princess Marci (Lisa Kudrow), is forced to take control of her father's hard-core rap label and attempts to tone down rapper Dr. Snatchcatcher (Damon Wayans). drag queen (Kevin Rennard), Prison Drag Queen (Steven Wishnoff) Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing & Charm School (2005): Star-studded movie about reuniting lost loves. The story unfolds in flashbacks and has a very small clip of a boy (Joshua Horowitz) trying to get thrown out of charm school by wearing a bra under his jacket. TR:1.0

Mariposa (1996): Documentary. AKA: Butterflies on a Scaffold. TR:

Markova: Comfort Gay (2000): The true story of Walter Dempster, also known as Walterina Markova (Dolphy Quizon, Eric Quizon, Jeffrey Quizon). His story is told to reporter Loren Legarda in the form of flashbacks... from his childhood and abusive brother... to the sexual abuse endured by him and his transsexual friends at the hands of the occupying Japanese army. His group of friends include Anita (Ricci Chan), Carmen (Melvin Lee), Minerva (RS Francisco), and Sophie (Andoy Ranay). TR:4.7

Mascara (1987): One of the best lines I've heard for this film... "this is a cult movie waiting to happen!" It's about a police superintendent (Michael Sarrazin) tracking down transvestite murders at a underground (literally) drag club. There is also a rather unnatural attraction between him and his sister (Charlotte Rampling). Rounding off the cast is Romy Haag and the beautiful and shapely Eva Robins who truly shows IT ALL! TR:4.4
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Masquerader (1914): In this entertaining short, a film actor (Charlie Chaplin) messes up several scenes during the filming of a movie and is tossed out. He returns dressed as a lady and charms the director. This is Charlie's first appearance in drag and he looks quite cute and has the mannerisms down pat! It's rumored that Charlie used to escape crowds of fans by dressing as a woman. Also see: Woman and Busy Day. TR:5.0
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Master Of Disguise (2002): I must admit I like Dana Carvey, but this movie is absolutely horrible. I won't go into the inane plot, but there are two short clips of Dana Carvey in "disguise" as a catholic school girl and as Gammy Numnums. Also see a few "unused" female characters while the credits roll. TR:2.7

Matchmaker (1958): Your not missing much when Cornelius (Anthony Perkins) and Barnaby (Robert Morse) borrow their girlfriends coats and hats to escape detection from their boss (Paul Ford). TR:2.1

McKenzie Break (1970): Captain Jack Connor (Brian Keith) is called in to uncover the plot of German POWs at a prison camp in Scotland. The POWs put on a little show which involves a short sketch by one soldier in laugh drag. Hmmm... where did he get the tights and heels? TR:2.0

Meet Me In St. Louis (1944): MGM's majestic love story starring Judy Garland. On Halloween night the two youngest daughters (Joan Carroll, Margaret O'Brien) dress up as boys. They go outside to meet all the neighborhood kids who are throwing things in a big bonfire and we find all the boys are dressed up as girls in Victorian wear. TR:3.5

Men Cry Bullets (1997): A young naive drag queen (Steven Nelson) falls in love with bad-girl Gloria (Honey Lauren) and her good-girl debutant niece Lydia (Jeri Ryan) that creates an interesting love triangle. I was very surprised to see Jeri Ryan in the film which was in the middle of her Voyager stint as Seven of Nine. TR:4.3

Mercy (1995): A lawyer (John Rubinstein) chases telephones after his daughter is kidnapped. Transvestite hooker Flotilla DeBarge (Kevin Joseph) gives him a hard time when he arrives at her street corner. TR:3.0

Midnight Cowboy (1969): Cowboy Joe Buck (Jon Voight) heads to New York to become a hustler. He is introduced to the mean streets by sickly Enrico (Dustin Hoffman). A feminine gay boy (possibly Jonathan Kramer) hangs out at the bar where Joe meets Enrico and is easily mistaken for a girl. Later on, Joe gets invited to a big NY party where there are all sorts of characters, a few transgendered. The cast list shows the party included Paul Jabara (most likely in drag), Ultra Violet, International Velvet, and Paul Morrissey! This film has won tons of awards and has very high ratings, but I didn't like it. It seemed to drag on and on and I found myself not caring about the characters or what happened to them. I guess it did very well at creating a "mood"... a rather depressing one. TR:2.0

Midnight Dancers (1994): Forgettable movie about three brothers in Manilla who work as exotic club dancers and callboys. The club also employs trannsexual dancers including Michelle. She is lustfully involved with one of the brothers, Sonny. Other transsexuals are occasionally seen throughout the club scenes. AKA: Sibak. TR:3.0

Mighty Wind, A (2003): Mockumentary about the reunion of three musical folk groups. This is a nice comedy and the music is pretty catchy. They do wrap-up interviews at the very end of the film and we find that the Folksmen bass (Harry Shearer, who co-wrote the script and songs) decides he was trapped in a woman folksinger's mind. He changes his appearance, but not his voice... there he is playing a bass and singing bass while dressed as a woman... funny stuff. TR:3.5

Miguel/Michelle (1998): Miguel (Romnick Sarmenta) leaves the Philippines for the United States, and when he returns seven years later, his family discovers he has had a sex change operation and is now Michelle. She declares she will stay until her family accepts her. This revelation and her visit causes most everyone in the village to face their own demons in many different ways. Slightly unbelievable, but Michelle is very cute and it's a very good film that gives you a glimpse into the Philippine GLBT subculture. TR:4.7

Million Dollar Baby (1934): The vaudevillian Sweeney family needs a job, so they decide to enter their prankster son Pat (Jimmy Fay) into the "Million Dollar Baby" contest dressed like Shirley Temple. This is just the first of his adventures to be followed by a little girl fashion show, train chases, running away and finally being kidnapped. As you can see from the lobby card I colorized... he looks quite cute dressed as a girl.
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Miracle Mile (1988): Harry (Anthony Edwards) answers a public phone and accidentally hears that a nuclear war will begin in 55 minutes. Is it real or a prank? Diner patrons discuss this issue... one of which is a transvestite (Danny De La Paz). This is a cute movie that I recommend. TR:4.0

Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous (2005): Gracie (Sandra Bullock) is assigned to promote the FBI's image, but gets sidetracked when her friend, Miss USA, is kidnapped. She tracks clues to a Vegas drag club (hosted by Frank Marino) and gains entrance with her female bodyguard (Regina King) dressed as Tina Turner and she and her image consultant Joel (Diedrich Bader) dressed as showgirls! Don't miss Dolly Parton (herself), Dolly Parton (Todd Sherry), Tina Turner (Wendall Jackson), Patti LaBelle (Larry Edwards) and Liza (Alan Luzietti). It actually had a lot of laughs, I recommend. TR:4.6

Miss Fatty's Seaside Lovers (1915): This is a 12 minute short. A wealthy family spends a weekend at a seaside hotel. Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle plays the overweight, yet sought after daughter. They do wind up on the beach, and we get to see how Miss Fatty looks in a 1915 swimsuit. The guys also dress in period swimsuits which at the time consisted of a tank top attached to a mini-skirt. TR:3.4

Missouri Breaks (1976): You're not missing much when Clayton (Marlon Brando) dresses up in frontier attire as Granny (this is what he called himself) and sets fire to the "good guys" house. TR:1.9

Mixed Nuts (1994):

Mob Queen (1998): Two mob hoodlums (David Proval, Dan Moran) try to get recognition by setting up their mob boss with a prostitute (Candis Cayne) who has knack for fantastic oral sex. Everything goes well and the boss even falls in love and starts talking marriage. At that point, the two discover that she is really a he and if that gets discovered, they'll get whacked. Hey, it can't be too bad with the beautiful Candis Cayne! TR:4.6

Moderns, The (1988): Struggling American artist Nick Hart (Keith Carradine) lives in Paris and relunctantly agrees to copy a few paintings. His friend Oiseau (Wallace Shawn) fakes his own death and leaves Paris disguised as a woman... "Inconceivable!!!". TR:3.9

Moliere (2007): Set in 1658 France, Moliere (Romain Duris) runs an acting troupe but sent to prison for debt. His debt is paid by Monsieur Jourdain (Fabrice Luchini) on the condition of helping him put on a small one-act play to woo beautiful widow Celimene (Ludivine Sagnier). In order to find her true feelings on his play, Jourdain hides within Celimene's Chamber Of Ladies while Moliere questions her. He's a bit matronly, but natural looking. A bit reminiscent of "Shakespeare In Love". TR:4.0

Mondo [Misc] Documentary. Oddities and bizarre events from around the globe.
Mondo Balardo (1964): A private house party where guys dress in feminine guise. A drag club in Berlin is shown that includes a backroom for lesbians.
Mondo Cane (1962): The Nepal Gurkha warriors celebrate a national holiday in which they perform dressed as women.
Mondo Cane 2 (1964): A nightclub in which the female impersonators live a double-life. A "normal" police station night where the guys dress up (badly) as girls to catch "perverts"... their words not mine.
Mondo Magic (1972): Shepherds return from the fields for a tribe ritual where they are dressed as women and beaten.

Money Pit (1986): Walter (Tom Hanks) and Anna (Shelley Long) are trying to turn a dilapidated house into their dream home. Walter is a lawyer for musical groups and one of them, Cheap Girls (Tom Filiault, Doug Plavin, Chris Tuttle, Ed Vadas), are guys dressed in drag. They approach him with a request to change their group name to Meryl Streep. We also see them again dressed as bridesmaids for a wedding. Overall, a cute movie I recommend. TR:3.5

Monkee's - Our Favorite Episodes (1997): Each of the Monkee's present their favorite episode.

Monty Python And The Holy Grail (1975): A movie not to be missed! Only one little drag sequence here... you're not missing anything when one of the guys play a peasant woman. TR:0.2

Monty Python's Life Of Brian (1979): Being born on Christmas, Brian is often mistaken for the Messiah. You're not missing too much with the laugh drag here. Terry Jones plays Brian's mother, Eric Idle plays transsexual Stan/Loretta, and the guys play women "stoners" disguised as men. TR:1.5

Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life (1983):

Moon Over Parador (1988): Actor Jack Noah (Richard Dreyfuss) is coerced into the role of a lifetime, impersonating dictator Alphonse Simms of Parador. Brief appearance of Simm's mother is played by director Paul Mazursky... those knobby gams could only be owned by a man! Dreyfuss also ends up in peasant drag when Jack needs to escape a rebel attack. TR:3.9

Moonlight (2002): A well-off girl (Laurien Broeck) takes care of a "left for dead" Afghan boy (Hunter Bussemaker) who was used for smuggling drugs. They run away together and join a Catholic school group as "sisters" to escape the drug dealers who are now looking for the boy. They both have to don cute white dresses for communion. After that, it starts really getting strange when they start taking drugs and continue on the run. TR:2.5

Motel Hell (1980): In this parody of slasher films, Farmer Vincent (Rory Calhoun) hides the secret incredient in his famous meat! A swinging wife (Elaine Joyce) awaits kinky sex with her mustached husband wearing an orange leotard, black bra, and plastic transparent skirt. TR:2.4

Moulin Rouge! (2001): I'll admit that I initially had not planned on seeing this movie, but urged by friends, I now am a *BIG* fan of the music... highly recommended! The beginning of movie finds actors and writers going over a storyline for a play and the main writer is Audrey (David Wenham). Also in the beginning dance when they first introduce the Moulin Rouge, there are some guys in petticoats and women in tuxedos. TR:2.3

Mouse That Roared (1959): The story of how the Duchy of Grand Fenwick waged war on the U.S. - and won. Peter Sellers plays three roles to include the Grand Duchess Gloriana. Pretty much what you would expect from a Sellers movie... I'm not saying that's good or bad. :) TR:3.7

Mr. Bean's Holiday (2007): Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) interrupts his holiday travel to reunite a boy (Max Baldry) with his father. Of course, the authorities think he has kidnapped the boy, so the two have to go undercover when they arrive at a checkpoint... as a granny and grandaughter. Max is kind of cute, but Rowan... well, you know! Actually, the movie has some really funny parts. TR:4.0

Mr. Deeds (2002): Sweet-natured Deeds (Adam Sandler) inherits 40 billion dollars from his late uncle's media conglomeration. To secretly gain video footage for a tacky television tabloid show, Marty (Allen Covert) adopts several disguises to include *very briefly* that of an ugly woman. Remake of 1936's Mr. Deeds Goes To Town. TR:2.1

Mr. Headmistress (1998): Harland Williams

Mr. Magoo (1997): Myopic millionaire Magoo (Leslie Nielsen) gets caught up in a jewel heist. In order too attend a wedding party unrecognized, he ends up in the bride's (Monique Rusu) wedding gown... and let me tell you, there is NO way Leslie would be able to squeeze into anything close her size! He continues to wear it through a series of mishaps afterwards. TR:3.4

Mr. Wise Guy (1942): The eighth movie in the East Side Kids series. Your not missing anything when Glimpy (Huntz Hall) puts on a white dress over his regular clothes to elude the police. It was so obvious and stupid, I'm not sure why the scene was there. TR:0.2

Mrs. Doubtfire (1993): After a bitter divorce, Daniel (Robin Williams) disguises himself as a female housekeeper, Euphegenia Doubtfire, to secretly spend time with his children who live with his ex (Sally Field). I'm not sure how believable it is that he could fool his own wife and kids, but they do a good job with the Oscar-winning makeup that took 4.5 hours each day to apply. TR:4.6

Mrs. Stone's Thing (1970): This softcore porn film revolves around George Stone (Victor Rich) taking his wife Martha (Karen Johnson) to one of his "business meeting" orgies... where she proceeds to have plenty of sex with everyone to include a lesbian drag king (Kay Foster). Yes, there is a little bit of everything at this orgy: straights, gays, lesbians, bondage, body-painting and skinny-dipping. Ed Wood (who appears tired and disoriented) is also upstairs dressing in lingerie. He is caught by a party dude who encourages him to continue and helps him into a dress. Then Ed's overweight cheating wife (Nancy Holliday), who knows about his hobby, finds him and drags him downstairs to meet a drag queen (Jerry Moore) who is also at the party. A perfect example of a sexploitation film of the era. AKA: The Sensuous Wife. TR:3.1

Ms. 45 (1981): A shy and mute seamstress (Zoe Lund) goes insane after being attacked and raped. You're not missing much when a guy dressed as a bride is shot at a Halloween party. TR:3.1

Mudge Boy (2003): After the death of his mother, Duncan Mudge (Emile Hirsch) takes an mourning interest in her clothing. His Dad notices and moves all her clothing to the storage shed. Later he and his only "friend" Perry (Tom Guiry) are hanging out at the storage shed and discover the clothing. Perry urges Duncan to try on his mother's wedding dress... then proceeds to rape him. No, it doesn't pretend to be a pleasant movie... it's a movie about a gentle boy who is too sensitive for harsh rural Vermont. TR:3.6

Mukti (1977): Kalish (Shashi Kapoor) gets wrongly imprisoned and dreams of the day he is released to rejoin his wife and daughter Pinky (Master Bittoo). Pinky has a major part in the first half of this film and is played by a talented boy actor who has played other girl parts (i.e. Kalicharan). He ends up wearing lots of cute outfits: nightgowns, school uniforms, and a very pretty white birthday party dress with lacy pantaloons and floppy hair bow. I'm not quite sure why a boy is playing the part, maybe cultural reasons? TR:5.0

Munich (2005): Steven Spielberg takes a look at the aftermath of 1972's Black September. During one of the hits, Avner (Eric Bana) and a couple others from his military strike team dress as woman so as to not draw undue attention when approaching some guards on the dark street. TR:2.6

Murder Me, Murder You (1983): This is a "Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer" television special. Great episode where Michael Andrews plays Isadora Shepperton, an executive for an all-female courier service. This completes my Michael Andrews collection and I must say this is my favorite of all his looks... very toned-down and passable. Along with Michael Andrews, you get plenty of cleavage, female mud-wrestling, and a sexy slim Delta Burke! TR:4.6
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My Favorite Broadway: The Leading Ladies (1999): Highlights of a concert given in September 1998 at Carnegie Hall with names such as Julie Andrews, Liza Minnelli, Jennifer Holliday, and Neil Carter. The opening act includes a song and dance number by Daphne (Robert Morse) and Josephine (Tony Roberts). Love the satin outfits, ladies! :) TR:4.0

My Fellow Americans (1996): Jack Lemmon, James Garner
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My Life In Pink (1997) Ludovic (Georges Du Fresne) is a small boy who crossdresses and generally acts like a girl, talks of marrying his neighbor's son and can't understand why everyone is so surprised about it. His actions lead to problems for him and his family. Generally a good movie, but the plot issues are left unresolved and leaves you with the notion that only lower-class people can accept the transgendered. AKA: Ma Vie En Rose. TR:4.3
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My Wife Maurice (2002) Georges (Philippe Chevallier) is cheating on his wife with married woman Emmanuelle (Alice Evans) but when their relationship turns sour, she intends to tell his wife about their affair. Somehow Georges convinces Maurice (Regis Laspales) to pose as his wife. However, Georges also gets in drag when Emmanuelle's husband Johnny (Gotz Otto) finds out and comes over to pummel him. Of course, Johnny falls for both "girls". It's all laugh drag though. AKA: Ma Femme... S'appelle Maurice. TR:3.8

Myra Breckinridge (1970): I just had to mention this film (even though there is no physical TG content) because it's so bizarre and it does involve the sex-change plot with Rex Reed and Raquel Welch in her prime! :) The frame grabs involve some rare footage of screen tests when they first auditioned for the Myra role and screened some actual trannsexuals and crossdressed actors. TR:n/a
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Mystery Of Alexina (1985): This melancholy film from Argentina is based on a true story circa 1850's France. Hermaphrodite Alexina Barbin (Philippe Vuillemin) is assigned to be raised as female, but after falling in love with Sara (Valerie Stroh) now finds that she has developed as a man. Alexina elects to live as male Camille and claim his lady, but finds that a difficult task in the religious Puritan society of the time. TR:4.0