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Nacho Libre (2006): From the makers of Napoleon Dynamite (Ugh!). In the deleted scenes, Nacho (Jack Black) must appease the Gypsy Emperor (Peter Stormare) by teaching his birds a new trick, so he becomes "Bird Lady" and is presented wearing a Mexican type wedding dress with a bunch of live birds attached to it. TR:2.0

Naked Truth (1992): Okay, this is a silly film with a bad IMDB rating, but it has lots of great drag action. It's your basic drag plot of two guys (Robert Coso, Kevin Schon) hiding from the meanies by disguising themselves as hairdressers for a beauty pageant. They are in drag for a good portion of the film and look pretty good. AKA: Glitch II. TR:4.6

Nancy Drew... Detective (1938): In order to find a wealthy dowager, Nancy Drew (Bonita Granville) persuades Ted Nickerson (Frankie Thomas) to dress up as a nurse to infiltrate a rest home... and he doesn't look too bad. For fun, I decided to colorize the photos. TR:3.9
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Nancy Drew And The Hidden Staircase (1939): Nancy (Bonita Granville) helps two aging spinsters fulfill a will and donate their house. As usual, she gets Ted Nickerson (Frankie Thomas) involved in helping find a secret door when his clothes are stolen... and the only thing he could find to wear was a Victorian bustle gown he found in the basement... but why did he also put on the matching hat? I guess he wanted to complete the outfit. For fun, I decided to colorize the photos. TR:3.7
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Nancy Drew... Reporter (1939): Nancy (Bonita Granville) attempts to clear a woman of a crime by enlisting the help of Sgt Entwhistle (Olin Howland). The Sergeant uses the disguise of an old lady to spy on and arrest the criminal who holds the evidence to clear her. TR:3.0

Never Look Back (1996): Jill (Nicole Cannon) leaves her hometown and fiance to persue a career in modeling. Once she arrives at South Beach, she befriends two drag queens (Candis Cayne, Girlina) who guide her along the way. Formulaic and a bit cheesy, but worth watching for the lovely Candis. AKA: Always Something Better. TR:4.0

Never Too Young To Die (1986): Van Ragnar (Gene Simmons) is an hermaphrodite gang leader who wants to poison the town's water system. However, (s)he needs a disc that is being protected by a secret agent's son, Lance Stargrove (John Stamos). I almost hate to admit that I liked some parts of this movie! Also stars Vanity as the love interest and Robert Englund as a gang member! TR:3.5

New Adventures Of Pinocchio (1999): A new chapter in the story of Pinocchio... with a good bit of drag! We see a lot of Madame Flabeau (Udo Kier) who is running a traveling carnival. Her elixer turns Geppeto (Martin Landau) into a puppet... however he enjoys being the star of her show which includes Pinocchio (Gabriel Thomson). At one point in their act, real-boy Pinocchio comes out dressed as a girl to draw the attention of all the male puppets... and he looks really cute. The carnival also includes (at least) one male clown who we always see dressed as a girl clown. TR:4.6

New Girl, The (1985): A quirky little movie with lots of stereotypical characters. After Chris (Duke Rightious, in his one and only role) wrote a scathing review on women's athletics, he is blackmailed onto the ladies basketball team as "Crystal". Standard drag situations apply. Crystal looks pretty cute, but not the ringer (x x) the rival basketball team had in the finals. TR:4.8 New Life, A (1988): Steve (Alan Alda) just got divorced and is looking for some action, so he stops at a trendy new club. He spots a good looking woman (Alec Mapa) sitting by herself and starts chatting her up. They end up leaving together when the woman reveals herself to be a reluctant crossdressing mugger! She also shows up for a brief glance at the end when Steve's best friend Mel (Hal Linden) starts hitting on her. A quick glance at Alec's credits show he plays many TG roles. TR:4.6
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Newlydeads (1987): The owner of a lakeside resort murders a transvestite (Scott Kaske). Fifteen years later, the transvestite's spirit comes back and starts killing honeymoon couples. Why honeymoon couples and why fifteen years later? We never really know. Okay, a little silly but an interesting movie. BTW, Scott is one of the Goldman Girls in Birdcage. TR:4.0
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Nic Smiesznego (1995): A Polish comedy that is intentionally depressing. Adam (Cezary Pazura) spends the whole movie showing us how bad his life is. There is a little clip from his childhood when his Mother (Agnieszka Wagner) dresses young Nic (Franciszek Barcis) up as a girl (since he is their second child and they wanted a girl) and gives him a dolly to hold. AKA: Nothing Funny. TR:3.0

Night Of The Living Babes (1987): This obscure film runs just under an hour. Chuck and Buck (Andy Nichols, Louie Bonanno) are looking for some action at a zombie brothel. The madame (Forrest Witt) is wanting more working girls so she chains them up in red tights and pink tutu's and is planning to use her sex-change ray gun on them. Looking for exciting action, decent acting, and good-looking transvestites? Well, you're not going to find it here. TR:2.4

Nighthawks (1981): Deke DaSilva (Sylvester Stallone) is a cop who must track down an international terrorist. The first scene sets up his no-nonsense style as he wears no-nonsense pantyhose... yes, he is dressed like a woman to catch a mugger. It's more believable than you think because he is all covered up with coat, head scarf, and female mask. *Spoiler alert*... we also see him again in minimal drag (blonde wig and robe) at the end of the movie. TR:3.5

Nightmare On Elm Street 4: Dream Master (1988): Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) continues terrorizing teens in their dreams. After a nasty bump on the head, Kristen (Tuesday Knight) awakes but doesn't realize the nurse (Joanna Lipari) has been replaced by Freddy in drag. TR:3.9

No Questions Asked (1951): Insurance lawyer Steve Keiver (Barry Sullivan) is refused a raise he needs to marry his girlfriend. However; he finds nice commissions when he arranges to become a "middle-man" between the insurance company and gangsters. The film's big heist occurs when the gangsters hire two female impersonators, Floyd (William Reynolds) and Roger (William Phipps), to steal ladies jewelry in the powder room at a high-society function. Both were "passable" and attractive in their formal gowns and furs, especially Reynolds in the brunette hair. TR:4.8
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No Way To Treat A Lady (1968): Christopher (Rod Steiger) Kim August.

Nobody's Perfect (1989): Steve (Chad Lowe) is a college freshman who falls so in love with Shelly (Gail O'Grady) that he can't do anything but think of her. His friends suggest the only way to get over her is to become close as possible to her... meaning that he joins the women's tennis team she is on, attend classes she is in (as a girl), and even becoming her female roommate. Standard drag situations apply. Highly improbable, and while Chad is not convincing as a girl, he does look quite cute as one! TR:4.5

Norbit (2007) A challenged guy (Eddie Murphy) marries fat bully Rasputia (also Eddie Murphy) but longs for his childhood sweetheart (hottie Thandie Newton). The Rasputia bodysuit is pretty amazing... and definitely there are some funny parts at the water park. Eddie also plays Mr. Wong, the orphange owner... a transformation so good that it fooled the entire cast. TR:4.0

Normal (2003): Roy (Tom Wilkinson) has two children and has been married to Irma (Jessica Lange) for 25 years, but decides the stress of being a woman trapped in a man's body has grown intolerable and pursues a sex-change operation. This is a difficult movie to watch and you often find yourself thinking... "why is he doing this?". However, it is portrayed in a very honest manner and it does have a high IMDB rating. It's worth a watch. TR:4.1

Nothing But Trouble (1991): My oh my, this is a bizarre film... which is part of its appeal. Chevy Chase and Demi Moore get caught speeding in a small backwoods town. One of the inhabitants is Eldona (one of the dual roles played by John Candy) who has her eyes set on Chevy for a husband. TR:3.3

Now You Know (2002): Jeremy (Jeremy Sisto) and Kerri (Rashida Jones) spend the length of the film trying to figure out why they have broken off their engagement. Transvestite KC (Bijoux Deluxe) gets hired for Jeremy's second bachelor party flop... and we find out she was also the rather tall girl at the lesbian club when Kerri was discussing her relationship problems. Wow, Bijoux is really skinny! TR:3.8

Nuns On The Run (1990): Brian and Charlie (Eric Idle, Robbie Coltrane) are good-hearted gangsters looking to get out of the mob. They decide to steal their latest heist and fly to Rio, but when it goes bad they end up hiding in a convent as two nuns. Trying to complete their trip, they end up as both nurses and flight attendants towards the end of the movie. It's a lot of good natured fun. TR:4.4

Nutty Professor (1996): Overweight professor Sherman Klump (Eddie Murphy) tests his experimental formula for weight loss to win the heart of Carla Purty (Jada Pinkett Smith). Eddie plays seven characters including Mama Klump and Grandma Klump. TR:3.3

Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000): Overweight professor Sherman Klump's (Eddie Murphy) alter ego Buddy keeps resurfacing to ruin his marriage plans with colleague Denise (Janet Jackson). Eddie plays seven characters including Mama Klump and Grandma Klump. TR:3.3

Oh, Susanna! (1936): Gene Autry is robbed and thrown off a moving train. He is rescued by two traveling actors who help him catch the thief. One of the actors, Frog (Smiley Burnette), dresses as a woman for their vaudeville act. He remains dressed when he comes out into the audience to watch the rest of the show and for the final knife-throwing act for which he is the target. TR:3.3

On Each Side (2005): Unexplained and boring stories are shown in this "documentary" centered on the making of a bridge in Argentina connecting Victoria and Rosario. A mysterious and silent engineer sneaks away for dates with a female impersonator. We really don't know much more than that. AKA: Cado Lado, A. TR:3.4

On Guard (1997): This is an enjoyable French swashbuckler movie. Lagardere (Daniel Auteuil) has taken custody of baby girl Aurore (Marie Gillain) whose father, Duke Nevers (Vincent Perez), was killed in a swordfight. Lagardere ends up raising her in a traveling theater troupe waiting one day to take revenge for the Duke. Years later, Aurore has grown up and has a comedy act with her boyfriend Marcello (James Thierree) where they are crossdressed on stage. After a show one night, they are invited to a party at the palace (for nefarious reasons) which they attend while still in costume. At the party they are separated and Marcello is dragged to a backroom and almost raped when its Aurore to the rescue! AKA: Le Bassu. TR:4.4

On The Avenue (a): Ritz Brothers

On The Town (1949): Three sailors (Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Jules Munshin) are on a 24-hour pass in New York City. In a search for Miss Turnstile (Vera-Ellen) they try to elude the cops in Coney Island by diguising themselves as harem girls. Yeah, they generously use the veils. Overall, an innocent and wonderful MGM musical. TR:3.6

Once Bitten (1985): Mark (Jim Carrey) goes out looking for a one-night stand and finds a female vampire needing his virgin blood. In the beginning of the movie, he and his friends are at a dating bar when they are summoned by a man in drag (Alan McRae) at table 17. TR:3.6
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Once In A Blue Moon (1995): Peter Piper (Cody Serpa) is a little boy who deals with the trials and tribulations of growing up in a somewhat poor family. His wardrobe consists of a pair of red bell-bottom pants and his sister's hand-me-down blouses. TR:1.5

One Of Our Aircraft Is Missing (1942): When the Nazi's shoot down a British bomber, its crew seeks help from the Dutch underground. To check Nazi activity, the crew attend a religious service (in disguises) with the Dutch... and one of them (Hugh Williams) elects to go dressed as a Dutch woman. TR:4.0

One, Two, Three (1961): From the director of "Some Like It Hot" comes a comedy about a Coca-Cola executive (James Cagney) who may be fired if the can't keep his American boss's daughter (Pamela Tiffin) from marrying communist Otto (Horst Buchholz). Dressed in a pretty polka-dot dress, Schlemmer (Hanns Lothar) is used as a decoy when Otto is kidnapped. For fun, I decided to colorize the photos. TR:3.5
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Onion Field, The (1979): True story about the shooting of a cop amongst the onion fields in Bakersfield California and the failings of the justice system. You're not missing much when the police bring in a drag queen (Rene La Vant) and his John for booking. TR:2.2

Operation Fred (1972): Fred (Danny La Rue) is entertaining the troops at a camp show in France when the Nazi's advance. They let him go thinking he is a "harmless" female. The fun ensues when he hides out with some randy English schoolgirls and at the same time helps out in the war cause. Fun movie and great retro costumes (think lots of maribou, feathers, and chiffon) and the runway fashion show is a real treat. AKA: Our Miss Fred. TR:5.0

Orlando (1992): This rather bizarre film follows Orlando (Tilda Swinton) through four centuries and two genders. The first half is her life as a male, although she is not very believable as one. We also find Queen Elizabeth (Quentin Crisp) being portrayed as an old man in a big dress... oh I forgot, Quentin *is* an old man. For completeness sake, we also see a short snippet of "Othello" with Lady Desdemona (Oleg Pogodin). TR:2.6

Other Voices Other Rooms (1995): Set in 1930's Alabama, young Joel (David Speck) is sent to see his father who left him and his mother nine years ago. He arrives at a deteriorating plantation house owned by eccentric artist Randolph (Lothaire Bluteau) and southern belle Amy (Anna Levine). Besides Randolph's colorful feminine pajamas (which he wears through 95% of the movie), he occasionally likes to dress up in his pink Victorian ball gown to relive his Mardi Gras experience and his wonderful night dancing with Pepe. Joel also befriends two neighboring sisters Idabell (Aubrey Dollar) and Florabell (Elizabeth Byler) who are complete opposites... one is always seen in feminine dresses while the other is always dressed as a boy. Filled with many offbeat characters, you'll have to see this to appreciate it. TR:4.0

Outrageous! (1977): Craig Russell

Pacifier, The (2005): Navy SEAL Shane Wolfe (Vin Diesel) is assigned to babysit and protect five kids. It's a cute movie, but one that I am tempted not to list. You're not missing anything when Murney (Brad Garrett) plays a Nun in a "Sound Of Music" production. TR:0.3

Pageant (2008): I was originally hoping this would be a documentary on "Pageant: The Play", but instead it's a portrait of five men (Victoria DePaula, Victoria Parker, Chantel Reshae, Coti Collins, Alina Malleti) competing in the Miss Gay America pageant. Nonetheless, it's quite compelling and interesting. TR:4.0

Palindromes (2004): This is a VERY bizarre and bleak movie about a young girl, Aviva, who desperately wants to have a baby to love. Aviva is played by a variety of different characters including a fat black woman, several white girls, and a boy (Will Denton). Will has the smallest screen time and only seen wearing a crop top and jeans. TR:1.0

Palmy Days (1931): Eddie Cantor stars in this politically-incorrect musical comedy. It's the standard "dressing for disguise" when Eddie is trying to escape henchmen from his previous employment. During a chase, he ends up being knocked out in a laundry basket containing the ladies' factory uniforms. A few seconds later, he wakes up in complete uniform, wig, and makeup... yeah right. With his slim figure and femme face, he looks really good! He ends up following the ladies into the locker room and has to decide how to strip for the mandatory nude swimming exercises. I guess swimsuits and modesty had not been invented yet. :) Also see: Ali Baba Goes To Town. TR:4.7

Paper Dolls (2006): Documentary about a small group of Filipinos (Giorgio, Chiqui, Cheska, Sally, Jan) living in Israel who perform in their off-time as the drag troupe "Paper Dolls". The film is as much about the tribulations relating to global immigration when Israel reverses its decision on allowing foreign workers and starts forcibly deporting them. AKA: Bubot Niyar. TR:3.2

Parental Guidance (1998): An offbeat comedy about relationships within a black suburban family. One of the family members has to decide if he is bringing his transsexual girlfriend (Marque D'Marco) to the family Christmas party. Involves a few sprinkled scenes with only a marginally convincing TS. AKA: Kinfolks. TR:2.2
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Paris Holiday (1958): A lot of things going on in the plot here, but suffice it to say that Bob Hope finds himself in a mental institution when his friend (Fernand "Fernandel" Contandin) shows up dressed as a woman to help him escape. TR:2.6
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Paris Is Burning (1990): Documentary on the New York gay "ball" circuit, explaining houses, voguing, and other terminology. Featuring Dorian Corey, Pepper/Candy LaBeija, Kim Pendavis, Angie/Brenda/Venus/Brooke/Carmen/Amy/Carla Xtravaganza, Octavia Saint Laurent, Willi Ninja, Tennille/Paris Kathy Dupree. Definitely a interesting period piece of bygone days. TR:3.3

Party Monster (2003): Michael Alig (Macaulay Culkin) doesn't quite fit in his Indiana hometown, so he moves to New York to become a "fabulous" club-kid and party organizer. He becomes quite successful with his own record label, magazine and Disco 2000 parties, until he spirals downward with massive drug-use, debt, and finally murder. The only one who seems to have any sense is his mentor James St. James (Seth Green) who ends up writing a book about the events, entitled "Disco Bloodbath", on which the movie is based. Marilyn Manson also appears as drag queen Christina, and showed up for filming with his own wig, breast forms, and butt padding! The drag here is highly flamboyant and not of the passable form. TR:3.9

Patchwork Girl Of Oz (1914): A munchkin boy (Violet MacMillan) and her guardian Nunkie (Frank Moore) are traveling to Oz for food. They stop and visit the magician and his wife Margolette (Leontine Dranet), who is making a patchwork girl to help with chores. However, Margolette and Nunkie accidentally get turned to stone when bringing the Patchwork Girl (Pierre Couderc) to life. The remaining cast head off on an adventure to get the ingredients for the antidote. Clearly the boy is played by a female and the patchwork girl is played by a male... why the gender reversal? We don't really know. TR:2.3

Pdei La-aw ()

Peacock (2010)An odd and slightly creepy movie starring Cillian Murphy. He plays John Skillpa, a young man apparently tormented by years of child abuse under the thumb of his Mother and suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder. On the weekends, he enjoys playing is own wife Emma... making his breakfast, doing the wash, and leaving shopping notes for her "husband". If you've seen Breakfast On Pluto (recommended), you will know that Cillian looks great, with my only complaint being the lack of padding and feminine under things. Lots of screen time for Emma! TR:4.0
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Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus (1938): The third and final installment of the Bill Peck movies. Bill (Tommy Kelly) has spent all his traveling money, but needs to get to the summer camp race. Eventually he is able to catch a ride with the traveling circus, but when the bareback riding girl hurts her leg, it's up to Bill to fill in for her... in curly wig and her "show" dress! There's no time to change clothes before arriving at camp and running the big race. TR:3.8

Pee Wee's Big Adventure (1985): Pee Wee Herman (Paul Reubens) sets out to find his stolen bike. He hitches a ride to Texas with wanted man Mickey (Judd Omen) and to get past a police checkpoint he dresses as Mickey's girlfriend. Pee Wee finds his bike being used on a set and dresses as a nun to get it back. I must admit this was much more entertaining than I originally thought and includes a neat chase that goes on throughout the Warner Brothers Lot. TR:2.7

People (2004): Party promoter John-John (Jose Garcia). Pilar (Rossy De Palma). TR: Date

Perfect Gift (1994): Randal (John McCafferty) plays a prank on his girlfriend Suzanne (Kim Dawson) by hitting on her at a bar while dressed up as a woman. He later uses the same outfit as a disguise. He doesn't look too bad, but we never find out where he got the wig, clothes, and shoes on the spur of the moment! TR:3.9

Perils Of Pauline (1947): Cute little movie starring Betty Hutton and John Lund. Julia is running late for a play so Timmy (Billy De Wolfe) has been volunteered to play her part. You're not missing much when he is forcefully strapped into a corset and is about to have his trademark mustache shaved before Julia shows up to save the day. TR:1.0

Personal Services (1987): This film stars Julie Walters (of Just Like A Woman) and is loosely based on the real experiences of "Madame" Cynthia Payne. Several of her clients indulge in different fetishes (bondage, transvestism) and such scenes are sprinkled throughout the movie. TR:3.7

Philadelphia (1993): Excellent movie about a man, Andrew Beckett (Tom Hanks), who gets fired from a conservative law firm because he has AIDS. He hires a lawyer, Joe (Denzel Washington), and sues the law firm. When trial preparations become too monotonous, he and his partner (Antonio Banderas) throw a costume party. One of the partygoers dresses as Mona Lisa (Peter Jacobs) and another comes as a goth bride. After the party, Andrew remarks to Joe, "looks like you survived your first gay party!". TR:2.0

Philadelphia Experiment (1984): Based loosely on an actual 1943 military experiment, two men are accidentally sent 40 years into the future. The military apprehend one of the men (Michael Pare) and place him in a small holding cell that has a very convincing transvestite (Clayton Wilcox), well... except for the voice. Unfortunately, it's a short scene. TR:3.9

Pigalle (1994): What can I say about this muddled mess of scenes in the sex-crazed and drug-ridden streets of Pigalle? Divine (Blanca Li) is a transsexual performer and the lover of a man named Fifi (Francis Renaud)... who is a street hustler and petty thief. Fifi, in turn, loves Divine but flirts with Vera (Vera Briole), a striptease dancer and peep show attraction. Divine is bullied into giving information to one drug dealer, but the opposition uses Vera as bait to enlist Fifi as a hitman. Fifi also is taking advantage of and being seduced by Fernande (Raymond Gil), an aging drag queen and owner of a small cabaret. Confused yet? Wait until you see the movie. TR:2.9

Pinero (2001): Autobiographical film based on the life of Miguel Pinero (played by Benjamin Bratt). Miguel was a notable poet-playwright, but never got past his life of crime and drug-dealing/using. At one point, he has a meeting with a drag queen (Al Rodriguez) who wants to hire him to write a play for her. TR:3.2

Pink Flamingos (1972): Bab's (Divine/Glen Milstead) family battles for the title of "The Filthiest People Alive"... and if what's in this film doesn't qualify as "filth", I don't know what does! It's all here folks: cradled egg-lusting Grandma (Edith Massey), a crossdressing butler (Channing Wilroy), enslaved female baby-makers, and even Babs performing fellatio on her son (Danny Mills). As an added treat, a male flasher comes across a beautiful girl (Elizabeth Coffey) in a polka-dot dress and after he flashes her, she lifts up her dress and shows she has a bigger one! Elizabeth was a pre-op TS and had the final surgery one week to the day after filming. TR:2.5

Pink Panther, Curse Of The (1983): Inspector Clouseau (Roger Moore, yes... that's right) has gone missing, so they employ the smartest computer in the world to pick a detective to find him. The pick is police detective Clifton Sleigh (Ted Wass), who is introduced on a case posing as a prostitute... curly blonde wig, red top, and red leather mini-skirt! TR:3.9 Pink Panther, Return Of The (1975): Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers) is put on the case when the Pink Panther diamond is stolen. You're not missing much when Cato (Burt Kwouk) launches a surprise attack as a Japanese waitress. TR:2.0

Pink Panther, Revenge Of The (1978): To prove his company is strong, Philippe Douvier (Robert Webber) decides to kill Chief Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers) as a show of strength. They kill the wrong person when armed crossdressing bank robber Claude/Claudine Russo (Sue Lloyd) forces Clouseau to switch outfits... heels, fur coat, wig and supposedly a dress. Clouseau continues to wear this (sans wig) in many scenes afterwards. TR:3.0

Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976): While investigating a kidnapping, Chief Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers) discovers butler Jarvis (Michael Robbins) is a female impersonator (with beard shadow). People want to see Clouseau taken out, so one big German assassin (Eddie Stacey) badly dresses as a dirndl bar maid and tries to give the inspector a big hug! TR:3.7

Pink Panther 2 (2009): Guess what? Yep... the Pink Panther diamond has been stolen (with other world treasures). A Dream Team of inspectors has been assembled to track down the thief, "Tornado". The team includes Inspector Clouseau (Steve Martin) and Pepperidge (Alfred Molina)... who agrees to wear a pink tutu dress and fluffy handbag if Clouseau finds the Pink Panther... and he does. TR:2.5 Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl (2003): Disney's action-packed pirate adventure. An undead pirate crew dresses up two crewmen (Lee Arenberg, Mackenzie Crook) in victorian dresses, hats, and parasols to provide a distraction as the rest of the crew secretly board a ship. Don't expect too much... remember, they are undead. TR:3.4
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Plajda (2008): I don't understand Turkish, but it's clear that two guys (Sarp Apak, Gurgen Oz) witness a mafia murder and decide to lay low at a resort disguised as women. Who knew that the mafia kingpin would pick that resort for his latest deal and fall in lust with one of the guys! Actually, they don't look *that* bad and stay in drag for the majority of the film. TR:4.5

Playboys, The (1992): A small traveling acting troupe arrive at a provincial Irish 1950's village. Timmy (Brian O'Leary) is the youngest male in the troupe and also the third can-can "girl". The leader Freddie (Milo O'Shea) decides to have the group act out "Gone With The Wind" with himself playing Mammy. Timmy plays Scarlett's sister in a beautiful southern belle gown and actually looks quite cute. TR:4.6

Playhouse, The (1921): In the opening dream sequence for this silent short (20 minutes), Buster Keaton plays every part (through multiple exposure in those days)... playhouse stagehands, band members, on-stage actors, and every audience member. Three playhouse boxseats are shown... the first with a dressed-up housewife and husband, second with a boy and his craggly nanny, and finally with a refined lady and her husband. With Buster's slim frame and feminine features, the female characters look great (especially the latter) and quite genuine. TR:4.4

Playing By Heart (1998): Star-studded movie about 11 articulate people working through affairs of the heart. Hugh (Dennis Quaid) is involved in an acting class and tests his creativity by ad-libbing sob stories to anyone who will listen. He is caught in the act when he goes to a drag club and tells his troubles to Lana (Alec Mapa). Alec looks quite natural and his filmography reveals mostly drag roles. In the background we have glimpses of drag queens David Ferguson and Worthie Meacham. Recommended. TR:4.4

Plug Lady (1999): A young man (Anthony Saladino) leaves the Midwest to find fame in his drag persona "The Plug Lady". He also finds love in a drug dealer named Skunk (J.P. Donahue) and therefore decides he needs to quickly finance his sex-change operation. To save money, he moves in with drag queen friend, Jaded (Jeffrey Middleton), who is also looking to get a sex-change. The whole situation comes to a head when his mother unexpectedly shows up two days before his surgery. I am unsure how to describe this film... it's amateurish, yet it does have a certain charm. TR:3.6

Police Academy 3: Back In Training (1986): Moses Hightower (Bubba Smith) briefly poses as a woman to catch a purse snatcher... of course, even from behind he looks nothing like a woman! Special features has Bubba talking about wearing a dress and the male stuntman Wink Roberts talks about his doing the stunts for all principal characters... to include the females. TR:1.1

Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach (1988): The police academy gang head to Miami for Commandant Lassard's retirement ceremony. Shortly after arriving at the Miami airport, they literally run into Lassard's nephew (Matt McCoy) who is chasing a thief (Arthur Edwards) dressed in drag... very bad drag. TR:2.0

Police Academy 7: Mission To Moscow (1994): The police academy gang are hired by the Russian government to help deal with the Mafia. Huh? Hang on... it gets worse. When needing to arrest the kingpin, they are refused entrance to the ballet without a ticket so Captain Harris (G.W. Bailey) sneaks in to become one of the ballerina's for Swan Lake... it's not a pretty picture. TR:3.4

Popcorn (1991): A rather uninspired cheesy slasher movie that involves a bunch of theater students staging an all-night horror film marathon. The shadowy murderer (Matt Falls) ends up dressing like many of his victims including one of the female students, Tina. Don't expect too much... it's all in the dark and we just see his hands and a small portion of his face. TR:1.0

Potluck (2002): Guy (Jason Mewes) and friend unknowingly enter a trans club. The singer, Edie (Christopher Kenney), and her transvestite friend (Rafaella) start flirting with them. Guy's roaming hands find her secret and after the initial shock of discovery, he decides to go with it... after all, she is a hot-looking "dude". I agree! Edie was voted best drag queen in NY in 2000 and performs regularly in Manhatten. He has more screen time out of drag because Kenney is also Frank's (Frank Adonis) gay son Anthony. His website is: Simply Edie. AKA: High Times Potluck. TR:4.0

Preaching To The Perverted (1997): A minister (Tom Bell) on a moral crusade employs young intern Peter (Christien Anholt) to infiltrate the London S&M scene to gather evidence. As part of his "initiation" into the scene, Peter is forced to be a ponygirl with stockings, high-heeled ankle boots, and um... inserted pony tail. A few androgynous slaves and transvestites (Wayne Avelinei, Peter Pleased, O'Malley Patrick) can be seen in the background. TR:2.0

Press For Time (1966): Norman (Norman Wisdom) unwillingly becomes the newest reporter at a small seaside town. Norman also plays his Prime Minister Grandfather, his gray-haired peasant mother Emily, and some flashbacks as his great grandmother. TR:2.0 14Feb12P> ime Suspect 3: Keeper Of Souls (1993): A UK crime series centered Prime Suspect 3: Keeper Of Souls (1993): A UK crime series centered around DCI Jane Tennison (Helen Mirren). This case involves the murder of a young male prostitute Connie/Colin (Greg Saunders) in the apartment of female impersonator Vera (Peter Capaldi). You will see many drag queens at the club where Vera performs including Red (Pearce Quigley). When the club needs to be investigated, officers Haskons and Lillie (Richard Hawley, Philip Wright) get into drag as it would draw less attention. As you can see... quite a lot of drag in this 2-disc set. TR:4.0

Princesa (2001): Fernando (Ingrid De Souza) is a 19-year-old Brazilian transsexual. He travels to Milan and becomes a prostitute to finance his sex-change operation. He dreams of becoming a "real" woman but is transformed instead into Princesa, a mysterious figure of allure. She then meets Gianni (Cesare Bocci), a straight-laced, married businessman who falls in love with her. It all seems to good to be true... and is. This has a fair IMDB rating, but I found it difficult.

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994): Two drag queens (Hugo Weaving, Guy Pearce) and a transsexual (Terence Stamp) contract to perform a drag show at Alice Springs, a resort town in the remote Australian desert. They head west from Sydney aboard their lavender bus, Priscilla. Where else do you get to see Elrond/Agent Smith in drag? TR:4.6

Prisoner Of Honor (1991): An HBO movie that documents the Dreyfus Affair that saw a French Captain sent to Devils Island for espionage. At one point they show a homosexual brothel which has guys paired up with other guys dressed in drag. We are lead in by a very cute boy prostitute (David Bamford) dressed in ladies nightwear. We also see him for a few seconds in the scene afterward in normal women's apparel. TR:4.1
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Private Parts (1997): The auto-biographical story of Howard Stern's rise to fame. Each of Howard's moves to a different station are introduced by a person off the street interview. His move to D.C. was introduced by two transvestites (Danna Bradley, Seth Silver) in front of the White House. TR:2.0

Private Popsicle (1982): Three guys (Yftach Katzur, Zachi Noy, Jonathan Sagall) join the army. They sneak out one night to meet girls, but spot their commanding sergeant at the club. They try to get away by donning showgirl disguises they find backstage, but then end up being forced on stage to perform. (Okay, they find three outfits/shoes of the right sizes, don them (to include pantyhose), and do their makeup within a few seconds... yeah RIGHT!). Two of them also end up dressing as dinner dates when the sergeant falls in love with Zachi. There is also another scene when the homosexual base doctor strips down for some loving with Zachi, and is found to be wearing a red bustier under his uniform. BTW, the boys look pretty good as girls. AKA: Lemon Popsicle IV. AKA: Sapihes. TR:4.5
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Private Resort (1985): Two teenage boys (Johnny Depp, Rob Morrow) chase girls for the weekend at a Florida resort. Rob's character spends the majority of the movie being chased by a jewel thief (Hector Elizondo) and hotel security. Towards the end, he ducks into a fashion show to elude them and ends up being chased the rest of the movie in a purple dress and heels as a busty brunette. Wow, it's weird seeing Johnny Depp so young. TR:3.7

Privates On Parade (1982): British comedy starring John Cleese and Denis Quilley. Members of a (gay) army song and dance troop entertain the soldiers on the front line. Many routines involve members of the group doing female impersonation. TR:3.8
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Producers, The (1968): Two producers (Zero Mostel, Gene Wilder) set out to make money producing the biggest flop to hit broadway, "Springtime For Hitler". They pay a visit to Lorenzo DuBois (Dick Shawn) and ask him to direct. He is first seen behind a privacy screen, but then walks out in a ball gown... claiming he is about to attend a costume party. Unfortunately, it's sans makeup and he doesn't put on the wig until the end of the scene. TR:3.3

Promises! Promises! (1963): The claim of fame for this film is that it's the only one in which Jayne Mansfield appears nude (sort of). I got this as part of my TC Jones collection. He plays Babette, a ships hairdresser, but unfortunately, there's no full dressing. During an onboard baby shower, he does a few short impersonations with different wigs on. TR:0.9 (for practically no TG content)
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Protector, The (2005): Young fighter Kham (Tony Jaa) must travel to Australia to retrieve his stolen elephant. He locates the baby elephant in a restaurant owned by the evil Madame Rose (Xing Jing), the leader of the international Thai mafia. Xing Jing is one of China's most famous modern dancers, a world class ballerina, actress... and also a transsexual. There are two documentaries about her life, Colonel Jin Xing: A Unique Destiny (2004) and Jin Xing: Shanghai Dancer (2008). There is also information on her Wikipedia page. TR:3.4 Psycho (1960): Alfred Hitchcock's psychological thriller masterpiece about the disappearance of an embezzling woman (Janet Leigh), creepy hotel owner Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins), and his mother. Spoiler: Norman keeps the memory of his dead mother alive by occasionally dressing up as her and killing people who become too involved in his mundane life. TR:1.8

Psycho Beach Party (2000): Charles Busch

Q & A (1990): A gritty crime drama starring Nick Nolte as a corrupt police detective. International Chrysis has a large role here in her one and only film credit. She probably would have gone on to many more if she had not died the same year. TR:4.0
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Queen, The (1968): Documentary following a 1967 national drag queen pageant from start (orientation) to finish (post-pageant bickering). Jack/Sabrina is the coordinator/hostess with opening musical number provided by Mario Montez! Contestants include gorgeous but sulky Harlow (Richard), sore-loser Miss Crystal, Miss Alfonzo, and if I'm not mistaken... International Chrysis and the origin of her boy footage used in "Split". A great (although poorly lit, hand-held) vintage piece and a must-see for those who like those "queens of yesteryear"... and I do... I really do! TR:4.8

Queens At Heart (1965): Short documentary (22 minutes) where four cute drag ball contestants (female impersonators Misty, Vickie, Sonya, Symone) are asked embarrassing questions about their love life and career. Included on the "Homo Promo" DVD which is a small grouping of vintage gay trailers. TR:4.0

Question Of Faith (2000): Monk Anselm (Martha Hackett, Seska of ST Voyager) gets visited by an angel who transforms him into a pregnant woman. Even with dubbed voice, I was not buying Martha as a man. Interesting movie though. TR:n/a.

Quiet Earth (1985): Zac (Bruno Lawrence) is a scientist that was involved in an experiment making him possibly the last human on earth. After a few days of trying to find other people, he becomes lonely and frustrated. Realizing he may never see or touch another woman, we find him in a full white slip looking at his reflection. The next scene we see him on a balcony, wrapped in a purple gown (still wearing the slip) and giving a speech to cardboard cutouts announcing he is president of the world. He continues wearing the slip in the following scenes as well. TR:1.5

Rafoo Chakkar (1975): The Indian version of "Some Like It Hot". Everything is here, starting right from the train station. Each of the roles are the same too, Dev (Rishi Kapoor) tries to woo a fellow band member (Neetu Singh) pretending to be a rich suitor, while Salim (Paintal) takes to his girl role a little too well! Being an Indian film, they have added additional and longer musical numbers and a twist with the guys being brothers and their mother and aunt playing roles. And if you don't remember the original ending... well, nobody's perfect. TR:5.0

Rage (2009): Rage is what I would be feeling if I had paid to sit through this plotless movie; which is composed soley of talking head interviews babbling on about the fashion industry. The most exciting part of this film was the color backgrounds for names such as Judi Dench, John Leguizamo, Eddie Izzard, and Jude Law (who plays Minx, a transgendered "model"). What were they thinking? The headshots on the box cover... *is* the movie. What some may call an "innovative concept", I call the most boring and dullest schlock I have ever fast-forwarded through. TR:1.0

Rage In Placid Lake (2003): Placid Lake (Ben Lee) is trying to find himself after his unconventional upbringing by hippie parents. Setting events in motion, young Placid (Jordan Brooking) is forced onto the playground by his Mother (Miranda Richardson) wearing a frilly sundress to challenge those "pre-conceived notions of sexuality". Clever movie, I recommend it. TR:2.0

Raggedy Rawney (1988): Dexter Fletcher plays an army deserter who ends up in woman's clothes and traveling with a band of gypsies to escape the army commander. He's in drag for the majority of the movie, but not a convincing female. The gypsies consider "her" sort of a crazed good luck charm. TR:3.5

Rat Race (2001): A bunch of high-rollers make a bet to see which of the randomly-selected teams of casino players can reach a distant locker containing two million dollars. One of the players, Owen (Cuba Gooding Jr), hijacks a tour bus full of Lucille Ball impersonators heading to an "I Love Lucy" convention. One of the Lucy impersonators (Christopher Peterson) is found to be a man... and he looks really good. There are also some questions as to if the casino bartender (Carrie Diamond) is a man or a woman. Christopher has a one-man show called Eyecons where he shows off several of his impersonations. TR:4.5
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Raw Deal (1986): Mark (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a policeman who goes undercover with the mob. He and his mob partner track a man down to a club with drag performers and follow him into the "ladies" dressing room and disturbs their primping. There are some pretty decent looking drag performers at the club. TR:3.8

Ready To Rumble (2000): Two wrestling fans (David Arquette, Scott Caan) are devasted by the ousting of the favorite wrestler Jimmy King (Oliver Platt) and vow to help him regain his title. After locating King, they find him hiding out in a RV park wearing a red muumuu dress, and pink robe, and wig... definitely laugh drag (if you want to call it that). TR:1.0

Ready To Wear (1994): It will take more than the star-studded cast of this movie to make it shine. One of the many minor stories involve very short clips that follow Louise (Teri Garr) shopping for clothes that are way too big for her. In the last 20 minutes of the movie, we find that she has been collecting goodies for her crossdressing husband (Danny Aiello) in preparation for a crossdressing event... where many other crossdressers abound. AKA: Pret-A-Porter. TR:3.6

Real Men (1986): CIA agent Nick (James Belushi) and insurance agent Bob (John Ritter) pair up to execute a deal with aliens. Nick's Dad is a transsexual, but played by a woman (Dyanne Thorne). TR:n/a

Reckless + Wild (1994): This star-vehicle for Claudia Schiffer has two very short scenes with David Shawn Michaels. Here he plays a drag queen named Sapphire who is friends with fun-loving and wild Frances (Paget Brewster). Unfortunately, less than a minute total screen time. AKA: Desperate But Not Serious. TR:3.5

Red (2010): Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) is an ex-spy who has been declared RED (Retired: Extremely Dangerous) and has to be taken out. The ending credits show a very small clip of his mission to Moldova... he is pushing "sidekick" Marvin (John Malkovich) in a cart who is wearing a peasant girl outfit. Nice action movie! TR:2.0

Red Heat (1988): A Russian detective (Arnold Schwarzeneggar) and a Chicago cop (James Belushi) team up to catch a Russian drug dealer. The drag scene here is a must-see when one of the meanies (Roger Callard) dresses up as a female nurse to kill a witness under police protection at the hospital. TR:4.8
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Red Spider (1988): This made-for-tv movie is an adaptation of the book One Police Plaza. It's about the investigation of murders where each victim has a spider cut into their stomach. Spoiler: It's eventually found out that the murderer is a former Special Forces soldier (Philip Casnoff) who was deserted by his squad and captured to become a sexually-abused POW. He exacts his revenge, luring each of his former squad members in by dressing as a female prostitute. TR:2.4
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Red Without Blue (2007): Touching documentary about identical twin brothers Mark and Alex Farley. Alex comes out as transgendered and fully transitions to Clair, while Mark comes out as gay. Clair is really attractive and I can't imagine her having any problems with passing. TR:4.0

Rent (2005):

Rent-A-Cop (1987): Della (Liza Minnelli) gets caught in the middle of a drug bust at a hotel where she was meeting a trick. When she goes undercover at a party, her muff (with gun) gets stolen by a transvestite (John Scott Ament). He doesn't look too bad, unlike the man dressed as Little Red Riding Hood she meets earlier. The guy who played the transvestite (Scott Ament) actually contacted me and gave me a little background info: “I was living in Rome, Italy just after finishing School at Loyola University. I was an actor and got the job because I was thinnish. The man who dressed me was a Hollywood old-timer who, among other things had done the costumes for “Rebel Without a Cause ”. He told me he padded me the same way he padded Natalie Wood saying “she had a boys’ body.” The transvestites in the background of that scene were real Italian transvestites who I would often see at night ‘working’ around the train station.” Thanks for the info Scott! TR:3.8
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Repo Man (1984): Frustrated with his supermarket job, Otto (Emilio Estevez) is recruited into the car repossession business. Look closely, and you just might catch Repo Wife #3 (beautiful Logan Carter) in the background of a party as one of the four repo wives. TR:1.0(for duration).

Return of the Living Dead 5: Rave to the Grave (2005): You're not missing much when two Russian Interpol agents steal Norse Women costumes to enter a high-school rave party. TR:1.0

Revenge of the Nerds (1984): It's the nerds versus the jocks. During the Homecoming competition, the football jocks dress up as cheerleaders and the cheerleaders dress up as the jocks. TR:3.0

Ricochet (1991): Attorney Nick Styles (Denzel Washington) is terrorized by criminal Earl Blake (John Lithgow), a guy that he put away years ago when he was a cop. Towards the end, Earl visits a seedy club with a few people in various stages of drag. The movie also mentions Nick's friend Farris (John Cothran) was murdered in drag, but I don't think knee-highs count. TR:1.0

Riders Of The Storm (1986): A group of Vietnam vets (led by Dennis Hopper) disrupts television programs from a B-29 airplane. Due to Mrs. Westinghouse's (Nigel Pegram) military-leaning political views, they intend to sabotage her campaign to become the first female president of the United States... the key to which is exposing her dark secret of being a man! It's a bizarre movie, but I love the bow blouses and conservative dresses he wears. TR:4.3
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Right To Remain Silent (1996): Follows the first day of a rookie cop (Lea Thompson) as she books varied criminals. There is a little bit of everything presented here such as euthanasia, drunk driving, AIDS, and racial discrimination. One of them is a heterosexual crossdresser (Fisher Stevens) who stole a pair of earrings. He talks about his first dressing experience and how society discriminates against crossdressers. It's all politically-correct and a bit melodramatic, but worth a watch. TR:3.5

Ringmaster (1998): Jerry Springer plays himself... the host of a raunchy, sensationalized talk show. One of the guests is Charlie/Claire (Maximilliana) who claims himself to be a guy by day and girl by night. Later that night at a club, he is not recognized in girl mode by one of the shows staff and they have a little trist in Claire's hotel room. Charlie reveals the seduction on Jerry's show the next day and proves he is Claire by taking his hair down from a ponytail and stripping down to red bra and panties! Maximilliana looks good and has a very natural appearance. TR:4.3

Rip Roarin' Buckaroo (1936): After losing in a fixed fight, Scotty (Tom Tyler) changes his career to ranch hand. However, his new boss is being swindled by the same meanies who fixed the fight. Scotty tries to help but gets thrown into jail. He is rescued by a fellow ranch hand (Sammy Cohen) who comes to the jail in a dress and hat claiming to be his wife. There's no time to change before they both run off to the big boxing match to save the day! TR:2.2

Risky Business (1983): Joel's (Tom Cruise) parents leave for a few days vacation entrusting him to take care of the house. Joel is straight-laced and worried about his entrance into college, but his friend Miles (Curtis Armstrong) urges him to have a little fun and calls an escort service. When the escort arrives, it ends up being a man (Bruce Young) in drag. TR:2.6

Ritz, The (1976): Based the Broadway play starring many of the actors who originally created the roles. Hiding from his mobster brother-in-law Carmine (Jerry Stiller), Geatano (Jack Weston) spends the whole movie hiding in a gay bath house. Resident Claude (Paul Prices) invites Geatano and Chris (Murray Abraham) to join him in the talent show as the Andrew Sisters. Just before them we see a "showgirl" (Tony De Santis) popping his balloons. After they catch Carmine, they dress him up in Ann-Margret drag that he has to wear to the police station. Nothing to get excited about though, it's all laugh drag. TR:3.0

River Made To Drown In (1993): Artist/hustler Allen (Michael Imperioli) deals with his dying friend Thaddeus (Richard Chamberlain) and complications with his girlfriend Eva (Ute Lemper). To add some color, street hustler Jaime (James Duval) very briefly runs into two transvestite prostitutes (Karen Dior and Jeffrey Drew). TR:1.5 (for duration)

Road To Rio (1947): The fifth in the Hope-Crosby-Lamour "Road" movies. Scat (Bing Crosby) and relunctant Barton (Bob Hope) attempt to help Lucia (Dorothy Lamour). You're not missing anything when Barton dresses up as sort of a peasant Carmen Miranda for a song and dance routine with Scat. TR:1.6

Robin Hood: Men In Tights (1993): Robin Hood's men Blinkin, Anchoo, Little John, and Will Scarlet O'Hara (Mark Blankfield, David Chappelle, Eric Kramer, Matthew Poretta) diguise themselves as "maidens" to attend an archery contest at the Faire. TR:3.9

Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975): Brad (Barry Bostwick) and Janet (Susan Sarandon) are newly engaged. One night, their car breaks down on a deserted road and they try to find help at the castle of Transylvanian transvestite Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Tim Curry). Lots of snappy songs follow and guys in black lingerie to include Frank, Brad, Rocky (Peter Hinwood), and Dr. Everett Scott (Jonathan Adams). TR:4.0

Romance Of Astree & Celadon (2007): The highly improbable (bordering on silly) romantic French drama between shephard Celadon (Andy Gillet) and shepherdess Astree (Stephanie Crayencour). Through a misconception, Astree wishes to never see Celadon and sends him away. Distraught, he flings himself into the river to be rescued and sequestered by nymphs. Leonide (Cecile Cassel) dresses Celadon as a girl to escape the nymph castle. Futile tedious efforts ensue to get Celadon to return to the living, until a Druid convinces him to dress as a girl to be near Astree. She discovers his ruse after they engage in passionate lesbian kissing. Yeah, sounds even sillier as I write this! Despite the lack of padding, he looks pretty good. AKA: Les Amours D'Astree Et De Celadon. TR:4.0

Rose, The (1979): The tragic life of a self-destructive female rock star, "The Rose" (Bette Midler). At one point, she returns to a drag club in which she grew up and singled out by the emcee (Michael Greer). At the end of his drag act, he removes his tear-away dress to reveal a white tux. He then announces a special act... a "Rose" impersonator who brings the real Rose up on stage to sing with her. They are shortly joined by the remaining female impersonators: Mae West, Barbra Streisand, and Supremes (in no particular order: Claude Sacha, Michael St.Laurent, Sylvester, Pearl Heart). TR:4.4

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (1990): This film comedically follows the previously untold story of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, two minor characters in Shakespeare's Hamlet. Throughout the movie we see an acting troupe, in which two actors play all the female parts. Alfred, the youngest, is always in female guise and quite pretty... love the shower scene! The other plays both male and female characters and is usually a queen or in a matronly role. Great film. TR:4.5

Roy Colt and Winchester Jack (1970): A Western from Italian Horror director Mario Bava. The bordello has a waiting room with a female shadow screen dancer, however when the Reverend (Teodoro Corra) is thrown through it, it turns out to be an old man tied to a cardboard cutout... ugh! TR:0.4

Run Fatboy Run (2007): Dennis (Simon Pegg) tries to complete a London marathon to show himself and his ex-fiancee Libby (Thandie Newton) that he can finish something he starts. A competitive drag queen (Gabriel Fleary) is seen a couple of times in the movie for laughs. TR:3.6

Running Out Of Time (1999): Andy Lau plays a thief with only four weeks to live. In one scene, he ends up dressing in drag to play the girlfriend of a guy who is delivering the goods to the meanies. He doesn't look too bad in his black skirt suit and does an excellent job with the cleavage! TR:4.0
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