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Saint, The (1997): Simon Templar (Val Kilmer) is a master thief for hire. He loves using disguises and one of those is a peasant maid (briefly). A perfect example of how a good-looking man doesn't always make a good-looking woman. TR:1.3

Saint Jack (1979): Jack (Ben Gazzara) helps tourists find "entertainment" in Singapore. One tourist is a voyeur who watches two Asian transsexuals "dance" together. The scene is short and quite chaste. After leaving the transsexual section of town, one of the clueless guys remark, "The women here are all so attractive" to which Jack responds, "They're all guys". TR:1.5(for small TG content)
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Salome's Last Dance (1988):

Saturday Night At The Baths (1975) Michael (Robert Aberdeen) starts a new job as a piano player at a gay club which raises questions about his own sexuality. Little performance clips are shown at the club to include Judy Garland (Caleb Stone), Diana Ross (Toyia), and Shirley Bassey (J.C. Gaynor). The whole movie is rather predictable and formulaic. TR:4.0

Savage Eye (1960) A rather bleak and depressing look at the human condition centered around Judith (Barbara Baxley). After recovering from a car wreck, she has visions from some type of street festival showing mostly drag participants. It's a bizarre movie that is mostly a 1950's documentary with almost no plot and full of dark emotions. I wouldn't recommend. TR:2.9

Saving Private Tootsie (2002): Inspired by a real-life event, this movie follows a group of Katoey LadyBoys caught in a border dispute after their plane crashes. A group of six straight soldiers reluctantly takes on a mission to save them, but first they must try and deal with their personal prejudices in order to tackle the task. Note: I put this film at the top of my NON-PC list! TR:3.5

Scared To Death (1947) Surprisingly in "natural" color, this confusing murder mystery stars Bela Lugosi as Professor Leonide. *Spoiler Alert*: It turns out the killer was Leonide's apprentice Rene (Lee Bennett) who is dressed in high drag as Mrs Williams (Dorothy Christy) for the reveal. He doesn't look too bad! TR:3.4 14Feb12

Scarlet Pimpernel (1934) You're not missing much when the Scarlet Pimpernel (Leslie Howard) dresses up as a peasant "hag" to help free French nobles from the guilotine. TR:0.3

School For Seduction (2004): Nope, this is not a porn movie... ha ha. Italian tempress Sophia (Kelly Brook) arrives in town offering a class in the art of seduction and a group of local ladies take it for kicks. One of the attendee's is drag queen Toni (Ben Porter) who is treated as just one of the girls. He looks pretty good and has actually has an integral part in the plot. It's all a bit contrived, but still a nice watch. TR:4.0

Scooby-Doo (2002): Mildy entertaining film as the Mystery Inc. gang investigates an island resort. To be able to get on the plane, Scooby-Doo ends up dressing as Shaggy's Grandma. I watched a lot of Scooby-Doo as a kid and I must say that Matthew Lillard's Shaggy impersonation is right on. I can't say that for the rest of the cast... especially Freddie Prinze who plays Fred. Scooby-Doo is done through low-quality CGI, but not too distracting. Spoiler: I've never been a Scrappy-Doo fan... but what they did to his character was just awful... Hanna & Barbera should file a lawsuit! TR:1.5

Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleased (2004): The original cast returns for more TG moments. Scooby-Doo dresses for success when he appears wearing Velma's orange sweater and Daphne's Purple go-go boots... but only because they wouldn't fit Shaggy. Mistaking magic potions for food, Shaggy (Matthew Lillard) ends up transforming from the neck down into a shapely woman (although it's only CGI body-pasting with pageant winner Nazanin Afshin-Jam). Spoiler: We discover the main meanie Jacobo (Tim Blake Nelson) has been dressing up the entire movie as the town's beautiful reporter Heather (Alicia Silverstone). TR:1.5

Scream Bloody Murder (2003): Cherry Mount Academy girls are on their way to a nearby dance when their van breaks down and they start getting killed one by one. Spoiler: Principal Burden (Michael McConnohie) is unmasked and found the be the new student (Anna Williams). Ugh... a fat guy in a schoolgirl uniform. I guess the only way to describe this movie is intentional camp. TR:1.9

Scream In The Streets, A (1973): This softcore 70's sexploitation film is really an excuse for a bunch of sex scenes loosely tied around the lives of two cops (Frank Bannon, John Kirkpatric). The killing rapist (Con Covert) apparently hates women and dresses up as one to lure in his female victims. Even though he looks like a man in a bad wig, not a soul realizes it! Con appears to be a forgotten queen of the past and has several transgender film credits. TR:3.5

Screwballs (1983): In this granddaddy of teen sex comedies, five guys scheme to see popular girl Purity Busch's (Linda Speciale) breasts. One of the schemes involves Tim (Jim Coburn) showing up as a substitute teacher on breast exam day. Beard cover could be better, but looks good and has a cute outfit. TR:4.4

Secret Pact (2001): For school initiation, three boys (Rider Strong, Adam Frost, Matthew Smiley) have to sneak over to the local girl's school and return with some locker room pictures. You're not missing too much when you see them in wigs and jumper dresses. AKA: The Pact. TR:2.5

Seed Of Chucky (2004): The fifth of the "Chucky" movies has Chucky (Brad Dourif) and Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) being resurrected by their new "son" (Billy Boyd) who has to decide whether he wants to be Glen or Glenda. Yeah, I know... it's a doll. TR:n/a

Service (2008): Just a horrible depressing slice of life from a Filipino family who runs a porn movie theater... mostly 90 minutes of this family climbing stairs and walking around. There are two crossdressers (Julia Taylor, Clarence Ayuyao) listed in the cast, but with all the gay and "faggot" references, I'm not quite sure who they are... probably the ugly flat-chested movie goer and the one who gives the projectionist a BJ. AKA: Serbis. TR:1.0 22Jul11

Seven Chances (1925): A comedy jewel from the silent era. James (Buster Keaton) needs to find a wife before 7PM to qualify for his inheritance. At one point he is asking girls on the street and sees a poster with Julian Eltinge on it (name obscurred by a box). He goes into the theater before the name is revealed and leaves looking a little battered. Unfortunately, we never see Julian. Apparently, he was so well-known as a female impersonator, no further information is needed or provided. There are literally hundreds of female extra's in the film and some of them look a little "suspect". TR:n/a.

Sex Of The Stars (1993): Camille dreams about seeing her father (Denis Mercier) who's living in New York. One day, she finds her mother arguing with a woman and recognizes the woman as her father who had a sex change. Refusing his transformation, she tries to convince him to become her father again. Denis does well with his transformation, but the entire movie is rather dark and depressing. AKA: Sexe des Etoiles. TR:3.5

Sexmission (1984): Scientists Albert (Olgierd Lukaszewicz) and Maks (Jerzy Stuhr) volunteer for a cryogenic freezing experiment. After war breaks out, they are not awaken until 50 years after to a world devoid of men. The remaining women are ruled by portly Her Excellency (Wieslaw Michnikowski) who we find out in the end is really a man! With the dubbed voice, they had me fooled... I just thought she was a stout woman. A bit reminiscent of Riders Of The Storm. The guys also take a stab at going undercover to break up the monopoly of women, but with no wig, makeup, or padding... are they even trying? TR:3.6

Sgt. Bilko (1996): Sgt. Bilko (Steve Martin) is in charge of the Army Motor Pool. After a past enemy (Dan Aykroyd) shows up to inspect his records and steal away his fiancee, he tries to make her jealous by dressing up one of his troops (Max Casella) as his dinner date. TR:3.2
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Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. (1991): Another film from the team at Troma. NYPD cop Harry Griswold (Rick Gianasi) becomes the masked superhero Kabukiman and saves the world. In the beginning, he is invited to a Kabuki play stating all he knew was that men played both the male and female roles... and they are... and definitely laugh drag. TR:1.0

Shadey (1985): Shadey (Antony Sher) is able to telepathically imprint his visions on film and offers this service to the government in exchange for financing his sex-change operation. The government ends up trying to cheat him, but realize they will have to concede to his demands to get him to cooperate. They eventually allow him to dress up like a woman and take him out for a night on the town. An event happens that night which allows him to eventually realize his dream of dining on a raft with a girlfriend (Leslie Ash) while wearing beautiful matching white dresses. We also see a male goth band earlier in the film with backup members wearing curly platinum wigs, gas masks, and mini-skirts. A rather off-beat/surreal British film. TR:4.4

Shadowboxer (2005): An interesting independent film where Mikey (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and Rose (Helen Mirren) play hired assassins who end up "adopting" a woman and her newborn. One hit involved Mikey satisfying a client's tastes for crossdressers... very badly I might add which is why we never really see a good view of him all dressed up. Another hit at a bar had a quick glance at M->F transsexual Jessie (listed as Jessica Hoskins). TR:2.0

Shakespeare In Love (1998): Besides Viola (cutie Gwyneth Paltrow) dressing as a man in order to be an actor (yeah, blah), members of the acting troupe play the female parts of Romeo and Juliette (Juliette (Daniel Brocklebank), her Mother, and the housemaid). Additionally, Will Shakespeare (Joseph Fiennes) dresses as a chamber maid to keep an eye on Viola. It's a good movie, highly recommended. TR:4.2

Shallow Grave (1994): Three roommates, Juliet (Kerry Fox), David (Christopher Eccleston) and Alex (Ewan McGregor), interview a new roommate for their flat in Glasgow. When the new roommate dies unexpectedly, they discover his suitcase is full of money and Juliet and Alex decide to go on a little spending spree. When David returns from work, he finds them playing with their new toys and Alex is wearing full makeup and a black sequined dress... which is never questioned or explored. This movie is quite a trip, I recommend it. Where else do you get to see young Obi-Wan Kenobi in drag? TR:2.5

Shallow Hal (2001): Hal (Jack Black) has been hypnotized into seeing the inner beauty of women. During a dinner date, hostess Tiffany (Mary Wigmore) directs him to a phone call which breaks the spell. When he returns, we see the outer beauty of the hostess (Rob Moran). It's a short clip. TR:1.5
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Sharky's Machine (1981): Burt Reynolds stars in this formulaic crime drama. Towards the beginning of the movie, we are introduced to the vice department while they are booking in the "scum of the streets". Included is a transvestite hooker named Rachel/Ralph (John Greenwell). TR:1.5

Sharpe's Enemy [4] (1994): Sharpe (Sean Bean) and the 60th Rifle troop help rescue two women captured by old enemies. Perkins (Lyndon Davies) is dressed as a woman (over his uniform) as a distraction for their rescue attempt. TR:1.5

Sharpe's Rifles [1] (1993): Sharpe (Sean Bean) is given a field promotion to lieutenant and commands of a ragtag group of sharpshooters. He is sent on a mission to locate overdue James Rothschild (Kerry Shale), who carries a bank loan to pay the British soldiers. Along the way, they encounter the Parkers, a Methodist missionary couple, whom they take under their protection. After freeing Torrecastro, Sharpe reports back and reveals that Mrs. Parker is actually James in disguise! Though matronly, he looks pretty natural. TR:3.8

She Kills He (2004): This is an independent short (20 minutes). A group of guys beat up transvestite Mimi (Henry Alberto), but one of them, Derrik (Junior Dominguez), falls in love with her. Mimi looks very nice and fair acting all around, but with poor dialog and practically no plot (and left unresolved at that), it's quite unfulfilling. TR:3.4

She-Man (1967): Dominique (Dorian Wayne) is a transvestite dominitrax who finds some incriminating evidence on soldier Albert (Leslie Marlowe). She uses this to blackmail him into becoming her maid (and dressing like one) for a period of one year. Dorian appeared in the Jewel Box/Club 82 shows and looks absolutely fantastic... it's great luck that she has been immortalized on film. She is definitely the best (or only) actor in the bunch... although her voice is a dead giveaway. Leslie on the other hand is a bit wooden and pudgy. Crystal Hans also appears in the party scene. TR:5.0 (for Dorian)

Shem (2004): This disjointed film follows arrogant Daniel (Ash Newman) as he embarks on a search across Europe to find his grandfathers grave. In one of the most out of place scenes I can recall, Daniel goes clubbing one night and goes home with a guy who he finds "does drag" from a picture on the wall. He then proceeds to dress Daniel up and they make out with each other... and he looks pretty good. The thing that bothers me about this film is that Daniel seems to be immediately intimate with everyone he runs across... it gives the film a wierd faux vibe. TR:2.4

Sherlock Holmes (1932): You're not missing much when Sherlock Holmes (Clive Brook) goes undercover as an old lady. This might be the only Sherlock Holmes movie in which he appears in drag! TR:1.3

Shoot Or Be Shot (2006): William Shatner stars as an escaped mental patient in this tedious comedy. While auditioning actors for an upcoming movie, a transvestite (Maximilliana) is among the applicants. It may be an IMDB error, but the part is credited to "Jeffrey Wayne", but Maximilliana has it listed as her credit. TR:3.0

Shortbus (2006): Sofia (Sook-Yin Lee) explores why she has not been able to orgasm in this softporn film written and directed by John Cameron Mitchell (of Hedwig and the Angry Inch). Justin Bond (AKA Kiki DuRane) is sort of our sex club host/hostess/singer with an androgynous look. Also, you'll find some additional TG's at the club. TR:3.2

Shrek 2 (2004): This computer-animated movie involves Shrek (Mike Myers) and Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz) visiting their royal parents. Quite a few TG elements here to include the gender-confused Big Bad Wolf, pink thong-wearing Pinocchio, and the ugly stepsister (Larry King) who has beard stubble and no cleavage. TR:4.0

Shut My Big Mouth (1942): Joe E Brown

Silence (1963): This is an artsy dark movie directed by Ingmar Bergman. It follows two sisters (which are really the dichotomy of a single character). The oldest, Ester (Ingrid Thulin), is a strict conservative who is ill while her sister, Anna (Gunnel Lindblom), is sexually loose and freewheeling. They are traveling with Anna's son, Johan (Jorgen Lindstrom). While curiously searching around their seemingly desolate hotel, Johan runs across an all-male performance group of dwarfs. They invite him into their room and suddenly put a dress on him... which Johan doesn't seem to mind. The dwarf group is seen two more times... one in performance while Anna is out searching for a one-night stand and the second in the hotel hallway when returning from their act. Notice that two of the dwarfs dress as girls for their act. AKA: Tystnaden. TR:3.8

Silence Of The Lambs (1991): Young FBI agent Clarice (Jodie Foster) has been assigned to find serial killer Buffalo Bill (Ted Levine) with the help of another serial killer Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins). Buffalo Bill has been labeled a TS wannabe. You're not missing much when Buffalo Bill applies makeup and dances in front of a mirror doing the "pushback leg tuck". TR:0.8

Silent Partner (1978): Miles (Elliot Gould) is at a dead-end job as a bank teller. He notices the bank is being watched for a robbery and hatches a plan in which he is able to keep the "stolen" money for himself. The plan goes off well, except for the cheated robber, Harry Reikle (Christopher Plummer), makes his life hell. Through a series of tragic events, Miles has agreed to give him the money which is currently in a safety deposit box at the bank. For a disguise, Reikle arrives at the bank dressed in a ladies skirt suit. He didn't hold back either... skirt suit, bow blouse, pantyhose, heels, purse, gloves (with painted fingernails), jewelry and makeup. Overall, the film is very clever, I highly recommend it. TR:4.6
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Silver Hawk (2004): A silver-costumed martial arts heroine Silver Hawk (Michelle Yeoh) works for the good of society outside the law. One of her childhood friends has become police chief (Richie Ren) and is ordered to catch her. Spoiler: He tricks her into saving a cowering girl, which ends up being him in drag! Despite his petite mustache, he doesn't look too bad as a girl and remembers to wear his flowing skirt for Kung Fu fighting! TR:3.9

Simon: El Gran Varon (1983): Andres (Alberto Estrella) lives out in the rough frontier with his beautiful wife (Alicia Encinas) and daughter, but wants a son to leave his inheritance to. His wife finally has a son, Simon (Roman Hdz Jr.), and Andres is intent on rearing him as a man's man. However, Simon has a penchant for playing with dolls and dressing up (which we only see once) like his sister. As a teenager, Simon (Gibran Gonzalez) can't live up to his fathers expectations, so he runs away to live in the city. He is able to get a "gopher" job at a club, but volunteers to fill in when the travesti performer (Mel Bataz) falls and hurts her leg. He is an instant success and eventually has an affair with the owners son. There is another interesting twist at the end that I will leave for the viewer. The only part I didn't like about the movie is they took 3/4 of the movie to set up the plot... it's like, "we get it already... Andre's only son is a puff!" TR:4.3

Ski Party (1965): Todd (Frankie Avalon) and Craig (Dwayne Hickman) pretend to be Jane and Nora during a school ski trip. Their reasons? To meet girls and learn to ski. Lesley Gore shows up on the bus to sing "Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows", and James Brown and the Fabulous Flames appear at the lodge to sing "I Feel Good". Truly, a movie from the 60's! And the boys look pretty good as girls! TR:4.8
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Sleepaway Camp (1983): TR:n/a

Sleepover (2004): Silly teen movie about four girls who plan a sleepover but break house rules by running off to compete in a scavenger hunt. Some boys "crash" the party after the girls have left, so when the Dad checks up on them, they pretend to be the girls dancing in leftover wigs and robes. Julie's (Alexa Vega) brother (Sam Huntington) is home and helps in covering for the girls by wearing her heels and tromping around. Finally, part of the scavenger hunt involves the girls dressing male mannequins in their clothes. TR:1.1

Smokin' Aces (2006): You're not missing much when they show a guy on satin sheets watching TV... he gets up to answer the phone and we see he is wearing a black strapless bra and panties. TR:1.4 (very short)

Snoopy Come Home (1972): In this full-length animated feature, Snoopy considers returning to his previous owner. During his travels he is caught by a girl and during a sequence resembling "Misery"... he is tied-up, renamed, bathed, and forced into a party dress for a tea party. Oh no... things are not looking well when tea is spilt on his dress. As an aside, Peppermint Patty is voiced by a male. TR:2.0

Small Kill (1992): Two cops are after a kidnapper (Gary Burghoff) who apparently lives part-time as a fortune teller named Lady Esmerelda. In the beginning of the movie, he kidnaps a little boy (Jesse Combs) in a department store. To sneak past the store guards, he ethers the boy in the restroom and dresses him like a little girl (wig, white dress, tights, frilly socks, and Mary Janes) and pretends "she" is asleep. TR:3.8
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Soap, En (2005): Charlotte (Trine Dyrholm) is a quirky bitch who enters into a bizarre intimate relationship with her downstairs neighbor, pre-op transsexual Veronica (David Dencik). By her own choice, Veronica is not convincing with 24-hour 5 o'clock shadow, no breastforms/padding, and a bad ill-fitting wig. TR:3.5

S.O.B. (1981): Felix (Richard Mulligan) decides to turn his box-office flop into a success by spicing it up with the lowest common denominator, "sex". This includes turning one of the characters into a transvestite which we see in the background. One bedroom scene involves David (Robert Vaughn) taking a call while wearing a red teddy, stockings, and maribou pumps. TR:3.5

Soldier's Girl (2003): The true story of soldier Barry Winchell (Troy Garity) beaten to death for falling in love with transgendered nightclub performer Calpernia Addams (Lee Pace). Great job to all involved in this movie (IMDB rating of 8/10)... especially Lee Pace who is not only believable, but looks absolutely beautiful. Be sure to catch the (too) short feature on the DVD where they discuss Lee's makeup regime. Although Calpernia is not listed in the credits nor appears in the movie (offered, but refused), she writes on her site that after two years of consideration she felt it was important to accept Showtime's offer to consult for the film. TR:5.0

Soloist, The (2009): LA journalist Steve Lopez (Robert Downey Jr.) tries to help homeless Julliard-trained musician Nathaniel Ayers (Jamie Foxx). Somewhere amongst the numerous homeless in front of the LAMP mission is a transvestite (Kevin Michael Key). Although pretty high in the credits, the character had no dialog and was not referenced as far as I could tell. TR:n/a

Some Girls: What It Takes To Be A Drag Queen (1993): A documentary about the drag queen group who call themselves "Some Girls" (Bang, Candi Barr, Bunny LeBlanc). Consists of interviews interspersed with their various drag acts and impersonations. TR:4.0

Some Like It Hot (1959): Joe (Tony Curtis) and Jerry (Jack Lemmon) witness a mob hit and are now on the lam. To hide, they decide to join an all female band (that includes Marilyn Monroe) disguised as Josephine and Daphne. Standard drag situations apply. Named the funniest movie of all time by the American Film Institute. What more needs to be said about this classic film? TR:5.0

Somebody To Love (1994): Mercedes (Rosie Perez) dreams about becoming a famous actress, but for now is working a "taxi dancer" where girls dance with guys for a ticket. One of her fellow dancers is transvestite Mickey (Steve Buscemi) who, and I am a bit surprised to say, looks very good as a girl! Occasionally in the club we see matronly Francine (Francesco Messina)... I am not sure if "she" is a dancer with the band, or just a patron enjoying the atmosphere. TR:4.5 28Dec11

Son In Law (1993): I'm not a Pauly Shore fan, but this comedy does have some laughs. We are introduced to Crawl (Pauly Shore) when Rebecca (cutie Carla Gugino) arrives at college. He throws a costume party at the dorm to start off the new school year and shows up wearing a Carmen Miranda getup. We also see a guy in a pink fairy outfit (Ryk O) and another guy in a little girl red polka-dot dress. TR3.3

Sometimes Aunt Martha Does Dreadful Things (1971):

Sordid Lives (2000): Three generations of Texans gather for a funeral in this funny "trailer trash" comedy. Brother Boy Earl (Leslie Jordan) is being "de-homosexualized" at the sanatorium and a major plot point involves breaking him out. He is always in drag and regularly performs for his fellow patients as Tammy Wynette. Two of his family members Noleta (Delta Burke) and LaVonda (Ann Walker) go on a Thelma & Louise rampage to humiliate the guys who locked him up by forcing them into makeup, various articles of female clothing, and taking polariods of them hugging and dancing. Olivia Newton-John gets first billing as Bitsy Mae and performs the title song. TR:4.0

Sorority Boys (2002): Three college boys (Barry Watson, Michael Rosenbaum, Harland Williams) are kicked out the dorm. They end up dressing up in drag to occupy spare rooms at the DOG sorority house. It has a middle of the road IMDB rating, but lots of drag and I must mention that Barry looks quite delicious as Daisy. An interesting note, all three actors have previously been in drag... check out Mr Headmistress and Sweet November. TR:5.0

Sorted (2000): Carl (Matthew Thys) gets more than he bargains for while investigating his brother's mysterious death. Seen throughout is his brothers friend Martin (Jason Donovan) who likes to party in drag. First as sort of a Liza, then sort of a Madonna, and then sort of Wonderwoman. The plot was a bit too improbable, but somewhat entertaining nonetheless. TR:3.0

Soul Plane (2004): You're not missing much when effeminate gay men, drag queens (uncredited), and priests run down the airplane aisle when "Gaeman" is asked to report to the cockpit. Don't blink or you'll miss it. TR:0.4

Soup To Nuts (1930): A highly outdated three stooges movie that is not about the three stooges! You're not missing much when Shemp Howard dresses up like a baby (sort of a floor length nightgown) for a costume party or a mute (Fred Sanborn) plays the xylophone in a Lord Fauntleroy suit. TR:2.0

South Pacific (2001): You're not missing much when Luther (Robert Pastorelli) does a comical hula girl at the Thanksgiving Show. TR:0.4

Southern Comfort (2001):

Southern Justice (2005): A former Military Sniper (M.D. Selig) must risk everything to save his teenage daughter (Krisi Wirz) from the religious underworld in a small southern town. You're not missing much when totally out of nowhere (and having nothing to do with the plot) we glimpse a spying drag queen (David Wilson) and later find her fixing a car and offering advice. AKA: Heavy Southern Nights. TR:2.0

Spaceballs (1987):

Shadows In An Empty Room (1976): Ottawa police captain Tony (Stuart Whitman) searches for the person who poisoned his sister. Looking for information, he walks into a room with three drag queens and they start a topless and wigless fight. There may be more drag scenes, I just got this from a youtube clip. I would love to get the whole movie if anyone out there has a copy. AKA: Special Magnum For Tony Saitta. AKA: .44 Special. AKA: Blazing Magnums. I've never seen so many alternate titles... 14 in total! TR:2.7


Speed Racer (2008): Speed Racer (Emile Hirsch) battles bad guys and wins races with his his trusty Mach 5. When Taejo (Jung Ji "Rain" Hun) gets injured, he and his sister Horuko (Yu Nan) exchange places to continue the race. Written and produced by the Wachowski brothers (Matrix trilogy). Being a childhood fan of the series... amazingly true to the original. TR:2.5

Split: William to Chrysis (1993): This documentary follows the transformation of International Chrysis with archived interviews and performance footage (to include some rare backstage clips of her as a boy) and interviews with her friends. TR:4.0
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Square Circle (1996): A Indian girl (Sonali Kulkarni) is kidnapped for a brothel, but escapes only to be raped by a group of guys on a motorcycle. She then meets up with a full-time transvestite (Nirmal Pandey) that tends to wax philosophical. To exact her revenge, he suggests she travel as a boy and cuts her hair short and gives her a fake mustache (that he just happens to have on-hand). After a few adventures and upon reaching her village, the girl changes back and automagically has all her long hair back... huh? ...did I miss something? In the end she has, of course, fallen in love with the transvestite and he decides he can change for her... but don't expect a happy ending here. AKA: Daayraa. TR:4.4

St. Trinian's (2007): The girls plan a heist to come up with money to keep the school open. Rupert Everett pulls double duty as headmistress Camilla Fritton (who does bear a remarkable resemblance to Camilla Parker Bowles) and her brother Carnaby. I shouldn't have dreaded watching this, it was quite entertaining and Rupert does a great job with the characters. Be sure to check out the deleted scenes for more Camilla. TR:4.7 (for bow blouses) Stage Beauty (2004): Set in 1660's theatre (when all stage roles were played by men), Ned Kynaston (Billy Crudup) is England's most celebrated leading lady. During the height of his career, the King rules that females will be allowed on the stage and to level the playing field, men are no longer allowed to play female roles. Billy does a wonderful job and looks great in his female guise. Definitely a must-see movie. TR:4.9

Stalag 17 (1953): You're not missing much when Shapiro (Harvey Lembeck) tries to get a dance partner among his fellow POWs by fixing himself up with some straw hair. TR:0.2

Star Wars Holiday Special (1978): A once-aired two-hour television special in which George Lucas once remarked, "If I had the time and a sledgehammer, I would track down every copy of that show and smash it." Although never officially released, an off-air taping is regularly sold on EBay, and is universally agreed that it's really, really bad. The story revolves around Chewbacca and Han Solo visiting Chewie's family for "Life Day" while being pursued by the Galactic Empire. Chewie's family includes his wife Malla (Mickey Morton), son Lumpy (Patty Maloney) and father Itchy... yes, I'm not kidding. Harvey Korman plays several different characters including an alien Julia Child, Gormaanda. TR:1.0

Starrbooty (2007): Supermodel agents Starrbooty (RuPaul Charles) and Pepper (Lahoma Van Zandt) go undercover as hookers to rescue Starrbooty's niece Cornisha (Jazmine Jimenez) from the evil Annaka (Candis Cayne). It's truly an indie/guerrilla film, but we do have the especially hot Candis and a cute girl I have not seen before playing T'Misha (Tim Wallis). "Wardrobe" must have been enormous, RuPaul and the "girls" wear enough outfits and wigs to fill a warehouse. Warning: Unfortunately, I revoke RuPaul's "Disney" drag queen status on this film which is both physically and verbally quite explicit. TR:3.8

Stay Tuned (1992): Roy and Helen Knable (John Ritter, Pam Dawber) have to survive being trapped inside dangerous television programs for 24 hours. In a story about the French Revolution "Off With His Head", the Marquis de Knable (John Ritter) tries to escape the guillotine by wearing a disguise. "It's an epic drama of love, danger, and crossdressing". TR:3.7

Stealing Harvard (2002): John (Jason Lee) needs to find some money to help his cousin with college expenses and ends up attempting to rob a house. He is caught by the owner and forced at gunpoint to "spoon" him (while dressed in one of the owner's dead wife's dresses and blonde wig). The evening ends with a polaroid of the event. Through various circumstances, Mr. Warner (Dennis Farina) and Duff (Tom Green) also end up being caught and into the same situation (and same dress/wig). This apparently happens a lot as the owner has an album full of previous spooners. Don't expect much, it's definitely "laugh drag". TR:1.3

Stella Street (2004): Three actors impersonate all residents of Stella Street. You're not missing much with the little old cleaning lady Mrs Huggett (John Sessions) or Eva Jagger. TR:1.0

Steptoe And Son (1972): Steptoe (Wilfrid Brambell) hits on female impersonator Arthur (Patrick Fyffe, Hilda Bracket of "Hinge and Bracket") at a stripshow. We see Arthur again (in male mode) later in the film at his apartment when he reveals some pertinent information about Zita (Carolyn Seymour). TR:3.5

Stir Crazy (1980): Grossberger (Erland Van Lidth)

Storyville (1992): Cray Fowler (James Spader) is running for the senate, but gets caught up in a murder. While investigating, he runs across a porn photographer and we see glimpses of his model Brandy (Bernard Zette) in a dominatrix type outfit. Thinking she may have witnessed the crime, he tries to find her for questioning. They do find "her" about to leave town and discover that he is a professional transgendered model. They persuade him to appear in court and he arrives in a nice white skirt suit to testify. He looks pretty good and might fool you at first glance. TR:4.5

Strip Search (1997): This movie is a disjointed mess. Robby (Michael Pare) is a vice cop who goes around shooting everyone while his partner Janette (Pam Grier) covers it up. His search for a stripper ends up at a joint where there might be a guy in black lingerie whipping a girl. We also find out that the main hottie (Heidi von Palleske) used to be a guy... which really doesn't have a thing to do with anything resembling a plot. TR:0.1

Stripped To Kill (1987): Ray (Norman Fell from Three's Company!) runs a strip club where murders are taking place. It's a slight spoiler to say that one of the club dancers is played by Pia Kamakahi (in his one and only film), and through some very clever foam prosthetics and a dubbed voice, he is totally undetectable (and hot) in girl mode, and I do mean "totally"! TR:5.0

Stuff Stephanie In The Incinerator (1989): Two lovers (William Dame, Catherine Dee) put "play" into their relationship. Spoiler: One of the games involve their friend Robert (M.R. Murphy) playing Roberta... an older matriarch type lady. AKA: In Deadly Heat. TR:3.8

Sueno Del Caiman, El (2000): Petty theif Inaki (Daniel Guzman) flees Spain to live with his deadbeat father. Upon arriving he falls in love with a girl (Karina Hurtado) who lives with her sister and Aunt Carmela (Roberto Espejo). The Carmela character is very much like a Spanish Edna Turnblad until her last scene which is strange and out of place. Trivia: Originally the role was cast to a woman, but when she disappeared, the director asked Roberto (who also plays one of the cops) to fill in. Peeking at his filmography, looks like the director also asked him to play "Lola Trevino" in two later movies. TR:2.9

Sugar and Spice (1995): This semi-documentary covers a wide spectrum of interspersed topics. Included are interviews with Sandie Crisp/Johnnie Baima (goddess Bunny) and her friend Kelly, performances by Lypsinka (John Epperson) and other drag queens, and backstage chatter with Gender and Chi Chi LaRue. There is also a very interesting section that follows Karen Dior through permanent makeup and face injections, backstage preparations (with just a glimpse of her "tucking" technique), and finally on-stage performance. Lastly are interviews with pre-op TS Tyrrell Morris, founder of the Lost Girls gender group in San Francisco. It's two hours long and parts are badly shot and fuzzy, but the content is really interesting. TR4.2
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Sugar Cookies (1973): Porno queen Alta Lee (Lynn Lowry) is murdered by her pornographer lover Max (George Shannon) in a game of sexual Russian roulette. When interviewing replacements for Alta, an obvious trannsexual (Allen Liffman) shows up for a very short audition. In a strange plot tie-in, Max gives a large sum of money to his nephew (Daniel Sador) and tells him to spend it frivolously. In a couple of scenes, he is wearing a gray wig, makeup, and a pink babydoll nightgown while banging a prostitute. Why the nightgown? We don't really know. Director Theodore Gershuny said he wrote this film with his wife in mind (Mary Woronov)... who plays a murderous lesbian. It was originally rated X and was co-written by Lloyd Kaufman (of Troma films) and produced by Oliver Stone. I get the feeling that Oliver would rather forget this credit. TR:2.3

Sukeban Boy (2006): Sukeban (Japanese porn-actress Asami) is a boy who has the face of a girl... so his father (Kentaro Kishi) sends him to school dressed as such. First of all... this movie is cute and really bad! No plot, the worst fake fighting I've seen, bad acting, etc... but at least there are lots of naked chicks. At one point, the father sends in a three hairy guys in school girl uniforms to help protect his "boy". AKA: Oira Sukeban. TR:1.9

Superhero Movie (2008): In this 'Airplane'-style parody, Rick Riker (Drake Bell) relunctantly becomes a superhero when bitten by a radioactive spider and gains superpowers. When looking for a seat on the school bus, a very cute girl (uncredited boy) scoots over and flashes him a flirty smile when he thinks "... and I'm not even sure that's a real girl!". Don't blink or you'll miss this cutie. TR:4.0

Superstar In A Housedress (2004): The life and legend of Jackie Curtis. This documentary lovingly chronicles the life of Jackie Curtis through pictures, archive footage, and interviews with many of her friends including Holly Woodlawn, Harvey Fierstein, Lily Tomlin, director Paul Morrissey, Alexis Del Lago, and many others. TR:4.5

Surrender (1987): Michael Caine plays a successful writer looking for love. I got this film as part of my Michael Andrews collection. In this film, he plays a transvestite hooker and thief. *sigh* TR:2.8

Surrender Dorothy (1998): This is a bizarre independent film. Trevor (Peter Pryor) is a bus-boy who takes in drug-addicted Lahn (Kevin DiNovis, who also wrote and directed the film). Trevor feeds Lahn's addiction, with the price of slowly turning him into his ideal "girlfriend" named Dorothy. TR:3.7

Sweet November (2001): Sara (Charlize Theron) is teaching Nelson (Keanu Reeves) how to appreciate the little things in life. One night they are invited to dinner by the gay couple downstairs, Chaz (Jason Isaacs) and Brandon (Michael Rosenbaum of Sorority Boys). When they arrive, they find the couple in drag for the evening. As expected, Michael is looking good! Prepare yourself, the movie has a sad ending. TR:4.4

Sweet Potato Pie (2004): Three guys attempt to lose their virginity. At a cookout, they almost hit on transvestite Geneva (Tamir Yardenne). This movie is horrible. I usually give movies a chance, but I had to fast-forward to get to the scene... only to find a hairy, flat-chested transvestite. TR:1.6

Sweet Savior (1971): Manson-like cult leader Moon (Troy Donahue) takes his "flock" to New York City, where they do drugs, participate in orgies, and kill people. Yeah, it's another bad movie about the 60's! I got this movie to see Tobi Marsh in his only IMDB credit. He plays gay hairdresser Fritzi and lures in a guy at an orgy by crossdressing. In real life, Tobi was part of the Jewel Box Revue and quite attractive in his impersonation... and he doesn't disappoint here. AKA: Love-Thrill Murders. TR:4.3
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Switch Killer (2005): Jamie (Cara Jo Basso) realizes she is a lesbian and drops her boyfriend Bobby (Eric Bishop). Bobby gets a sex-change and goes on a murderous rampage to win her back... not exactly your positive role model for the transgendered community. That being said, it pains me to say that although Bobby is not fooling anyone (which he does), he doesn't look *that* bad in drag... and the prosthetics were fairly interesting. Also a movie for those who like strippers, lots of nude girls, and bloody slasher scenes. AKA: Transamerican Killer. TR:4.0

Sylvia (1965): Sylvia (Carroll Baker) needs to find some fast cash for her best friend who's in the hospital. For this, she turns to Lola Diamond (Paul Gilbert), a female impersonator who owns and operates an escort club. It's a short clip. TR:3.2
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